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Are you planning your next vacation and not sure where to go yet? How about a trip to Morocco in North Africa?

The country is rich in customs, customs and culture. Above all, the modern port city of Agadir impresses with endless stretches of beach, endless sports facilities and fascinating sights. Convince yourself of the city of contrasts and be inspired by my Agadir tips.

Arrival to Agadir

Most tourists who start their vacation trip in the city land at Al Massira International Airport. Accordingly, getting to Agadir is relatively easy. Nevertheless, this should not be missing from my Agadir tips. You can fly direct to Morocco from the largest airports in Germany.

If you continue your journey to the city center, I recommend taking a taxi, which is a relatively inexpensive way of getting you from A to B. If you are planning your vacation in one of the top travel destinations for backpackers, then you should know that you can easily travel here by bus or train between the larger cities. The infrastructure is comparatively well developed and so it is possible to see a lot of the country in a relatively short time.

If you want to be independent on your journey in and around Agadir, then you should rent a car. Here it is important to get information in advance and to examine the car thoroughly for defects on site. Misunderstandings can often arise here.

Climate and weather in Agadir / Agadir Travel Guide

The coastal climate around Agadir is dry and mild all year round. A lot of Atlantic wind ensures that the heat is bearable in summer. The best travel time in Agadir differs slightly from the best travel time in Morocco. The bathing season in the holiday resort to the south begins at the end of May and ends in October. The warmest months are July, August and September. In these you can spend a perfect holiday by the sea with a water temperature of around 21 °C.

Nevertheless, Agadir can be described as a year-round destination. In the off-season you only have to reckon with the fact that bathing in the Atlantic is no longer so pleasant and there can be one or two rain showers.

Top sights in and around Agadir

The up-and-coming tourism region around Agadir is best known for its beautiful beaches. The bathing paradise impresses with a 9 km long beach promenade, which offers the best conditions for water sports enthusiasts in particular. The city, which was largely destroyed in an earthquake in 1960, hardly offers any magnificent buildings from earlier times, but will inspire you with its modernity.

Agadir Tips / Travel Guide

Agadir Tips / Travel Guide

Let yourself be enchanted by foreign sounds, extraordinary scents and a colorful culture. The most modern city in Morocco has a lot in store for you and will show you Morocco from a special side. Thus, the top sights in Agadir should not be missing from the list of Agadir tips. Enjoy your vacation in the open-minded city and explore the beautiful areas in southern Morocco.

City of Agadir

Agadir, the white city on the Atlantic, is a paradise for sun-seekers. The modern beach promenade offers you enough space for long walks. On site you have numerous opportunities to settle down in cafés and restaurants and taste one or the other Moroccan specialty.

The Kasbah of Agadir towers over the city’s highest point, which you can’t miss. This ruin bears witness to the city’s historical past and is one of the few historical structures that was not completely destroyed after the earthquake. The fortress offers unique views of the landscapes and is particularly suitable for enjoying a beautiful sunset.

In addition, the fishing port of Agadir is another highlight of the top sights in Agadir. In the morning, make your way along the promenade and watch the hustle and bustle on the beach. When you arrive at the port, you can watch the fishermen and port workers at work. Enjoy this unique atmosphere and be sure to try the freshly caught fish!

Are you after a long stroll through different shops? Then stroll along the boulevard of Mohammed Fifth in Agadir. You can immerse yourself in another world at the Souk El Had.

A souk is a bazaar selling everything from souvenirs to groceries. A visit to such a market is a must on your trip to Morocco, as it allows you to get to know the country with all your senses. In addition, the Souk El Had offers you a colorful contrast to your beach holiday. Here you will feel a bit like in 1001 Nights.

New Medina of Agadir

As a result of the earthquake in Agadir, the medina, the old town, was completely destroyed. As a result, just outside the city center, Agadir’s New Medina was recreated as the old one. On site you can experience what the old town looked like before the natural disaster.

The Moroccan architecture impresses with small alleys that let you escape from big city life. Enjoy the moment of tranquility and visit traditional Moroccan shops. The Medina of Agadir definitely belongs on the list of Agadir tips.

Souss Massa National Park / Agadir Travel Guide

About an hour south of Agadir is the Souss-Massa National Park, one of the last stretches of green before the desert begins. In this wonderful ecosystem, you can observe various endangered species, explore water lagoons, discover beautiful beaches and have an unforgettable day.

Extraordinary nature experiences await you in the diverse landscapes. Make your way to one of the Agadir tips, think of some provisions and pack a pair of binoculars.

City of Tafraoute

You can explore one of the most beautiful areas of Morocco on a day trip from Agadir in and around the town of Tafraoute. The drive to the city in the southwest of Morocco will inspire you with an impressive panorama. Enchanted granite landscapes, polished by wind and erosion, line the picture of the place lying on a high plateau in the Anti-Atlas.

Above all, a visit to the colorful stones and hikes through the impressive landscapes are indispensable. An attraction that should not be missing from my Agadir tips.

City of Tiznit

The old fortified town of Tiznit is about 90 km from Agadir and boasts a long town wall. In the city itself you will find a small medina where you should definitely spend a few nice hours. On site you can make your way through winding streets, watch the market goings-on and marvel at the mosque with its impressive minaret.

In the small harbor you have the chance to watch the fishermen at work and to admire the cave dwellings carved into the rocky coast. The city of Tiznit should not be missing from my list of Agadir tips.

Oasis town of Taroudant / Agadir Travel Guide

In just over an hour east of Agadir you will reach the oasis town of Taroudant. The city is increasingly compared to Marrakech and is considered its “little sister”. The hustle and bustle of the Moroccan city lets you immerse yourself in the unique culture. Taroudant is surrounded by a city wall made of clay and on the central square Assarag you can taste Moroccan specialties in many restaurants and tea rooms.

You will love watching the street musicians and vendors at work. Follow the smells, let yourself be impressed by the oriental flair in the souks and take your time to explore the city.

City of Essaouira / Agadir Tips

If you are going on a road trip through Morocco or have the opportunity to take a trip to the romantic port city of Essaouira, then you should definitely take this opportunity. On the journey from Agadir to Essaouira you will drive on one of the most beautiful coastal roads on the Atlantic. Arrived in the city of winds, a dreamlike charm will fly towards you, which will inspire you especially in the medina.

Which of you also has the magnificent Moroccan courtyards in mind when you think of the African country? In the medina of Essaouira, the city’s World Heritage Site, you will immediately fall in love with the Arabic houses with their magnificent courtyards. Enter the labyrinth of alleys and look forward to colorful and oriental surprises. In addition, the warmth and serenity of the locals make Essaouira a very special place.

Leisure activities in Agadir

Modern Agadir is a city of contrasts. On site you can experience a holiday in a class of its own. You have the opportunity to create a varied program and not let boredom arise. Combine your beach holiday with culture and various activities. I promise you that the unique flair of the city will quickly impress you.

Sports activities in Agadir / Agadir Travel Guide

do you love the water? Then off to Agadir. Here you can pursue a variety of sports activities, throw yourself into the waves of the Atlantic and combine your bathing holiday with an active holiday. The majestic coast offers you the best conditions for surfing or kite surfing.

In addition to Agadir, I can also recommend the small fishing village of Taghazout, which is located about half an hour north of the city and should not be missing from my Agadir tips. Tranquil and authentic, Taghazout is one of the surfing hotspots on the Atlantic coast.

From Agadir you have a variety of options to make your vacation varied. Impressive mountains and valleys attract hikers and mountain bikers in particular. How about hiking in the High Atlas or Anti-Atlas? Here you can experience the true and original Morocco up close. On guided tours you will explore lonely and remote places and escape your everyday life for a few hours. You should also consider taking a trip to the Moroccan desert.

The most beautiful beaches in Agadir / Agadir Tips

The most beautiful beaches in Morocco form the contrast to the fantastic mountain landscapes. As already mentioned, in Agadir you will find the best conditions for your vacation by the sea. Agadir beach is particularly suitable for families with children, as the water is shallow and the waves are not too high. But water sports enthusiasts will also get their money’s worth here. In addition, the sunsets on the beach offer the best conditions for a romantic evening in togetherness.

In the village of Tamraght, about 15 km north of Agadir, you can spend a relaxing day at Banana Point and watch the surfers ride the waves or try it yourself. Furthermore, you have the chance to discover other beautiful natural beaches and original villages on your trip.

Eating and drinking in Agadir / Agadir Travel Guide

Moroccan cuisine is colorful and diverse. The spices with which the dishes are prepared form a large basis in Morocco. Coriander, cumin, saffron, cinnamon, fennel, thyme or black cumin are indispensable in this country’s cuisine. My tip: eat where the locals go and pay attention to the preparation, especially in street kitchens.

In Agadir you will find a variety of restaurants that conjure up typical Moroccan dishes on your table. Local products and great flavors make your heart beat faster. Try, among other things, the national dish of Morocco, the stew tagine, couscous or mechoui, a dish made from lamb. Try dishes in the restaurants Daffy, Le Jardin d’Eau or the Babakoul. In addition, for lovers of sea food, there are numerous restaurants that will serve you delicious dishes.

If you have the opportunity to take a look at the traditional production of argan oil, then you should use it. The women in Morocco are responsible for extracting the oil. However, the argan oil is very expensive because only a few trees grow in southern Morocco and the production is very time-consuming.

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