Akbük in Didim

Akbuk, which is one of the first places in the Aegean for those who want to have a holiday alone with nature, is 23 kilometers from Didim.

Akbük, which has three bays called Çukur, Yavan and Yarık, is one of the places where you can swim and rest your soul in Didim.

Akbük, which is one of the frequent destinations of Didim after Altınkum, welcomes thousands of visitors every year with its abundant oxygenated air. You can do all kinds of sea sports in Akbük Bay, which is a natural harbor, and the bay is also very suitable for fishing.

In addition to angling, you can taste the fish from Akbuk Bay, where net fishing is also carried out, in the nearby restaurants.

If you come to Akbuk in the spring, you can trek through the lush forests and witness the unique natural scenery.

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