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Alanya tips. Helpful information for the ultimate Turkey holiday / Alanya Travel Guide

Alanya is a very well-known seaside resort on the Turkish Mediterranean coast, which not only has a lot of history, but also promises great bathing fun with turquoise blue water and wide sandy beaches.

With more than 300 days of sunshine a year, Alanya is one of the most beautiful summer travel destinations in Europe. With my Alanya tips your Turkey vacation will be even better and you will find out why Alanya is called the city of caves. Read on and get inspired.

Arrival to Alanya

Before we plunge into sunny adventures, the journey to Alanya must first be clarified. Only a few German airports such as Munich, Frankfurt or Leipzig fly directly to Alanya airport. The prices for a return flight to Alanya at around 170€ are also much higher than flights to Antalya.

The airport in Antalya is 120km away from Alanya and very easy to reach by shuttle bus. A shuttle with several guests on board will cost you around 10€-15€ for one trip. The public buses are of course a lot cheaper but also take longer. You can decide which variant is best for you.

Top sights in Alanya

Let’s go further in the list of Alanya tips and dedicate ourselves to the top sights in Alanya. Since Alanya is so steeped in history, you will be rewarded with numerous ancient buildings and castles. If you want to have an unforgettable view of the city, you should definitely visit the IC Kale Fortress in Alanya on Castle Hill. Another great attraction is the city’s landmark, namely the Red Tower, also known as the Kizil Kule of Alanya. Furthermore, my next tip is an absolute must for you.

Once you are in Alanya, you should definitely visit the markets and bazaars in Alanya and be amazed by the colours, scents and variety. From fruit markets to food and clothing markets to souvenir markets, there is simply everything your heart desires. So plan enough space in your suitcase.

Since Alanya is considered the city of caves, you should definitely visit one or the other cave. Alanya Dim Cave is one of the largest and most beautiful limestone caves in the region. While you can listen to a man playing the flute in the long Dimcay Cave, you will find the small stalactite cave called Damlatas Cave on Cleopatra Beach.

The dolmus bus is probably not one of the top attractions in Alanya, but it is definitely worth trying. These buses are a special feature of Turkey and, according to the translation of the word, are also stuffed with many people, so that the journey is worthwhile. do you dare

Leisure activities in Alanya

Whether hiking, flying, diving or climbing, my Alanya travel tips have everything ready for you. The municipal cable car, which has been around since 2017, takes you directly from Cleopatra Beach to Castle Hill. Already during the journey you can enjoy a spectacular view of the city and the sea. The Sapadere Canyon in Alanya is an absolute insider tip and has a little surprise in store between the end of May and the beginning of July. Here you can find silkworms and cocoons while hiking.

If you like adventure and active holidays, you should take a trip to the Alara Valley and take a closer look at the Alara Castle. The castle can only be reached via a half-collapsed tunnel with bats hanging from the ceiling. Flashlight, proper shoes and a good sense of direction are mandatory here!

A little less exciting are the excursions to banana plantations, which are organized by many hotels. Another fascinating attraction is the Taurus Mountains, which are perfect for hiking and rock climbing. In addition, tandem paragliding flights are offered, which will bring you safely back to Cleopatra Beach from 2,000 meters above sea level.

If you need even more action, join rafting on the Alara River or try kite surfing or stand-up paddling. Excursions to Side or Antalya are ideal for those who want to get to know more of the country’s culture and history. You see, there are really enough leisure activities in and around Alanya.

The best beaches in Alanya

Last but not least I would like to complete my Alanya tips with the most beautiful beaches in Alanya. The word Cleopatra Beach in Alanya has been mentioned several times in this article and now the explanation why the beach is called that follows. Cleopatra is said to have owned the stretch of coast and also visited it once. According to legend, she used the beautiful turquoise water to swim.

Alanya Tips

Alanya Tips

Alanya’s Cleopatra Beach is the entire area between Castle Hill and the west end of the city centre. Another beautiful beach, which is still an insider tip, is below the harbor walls at the Red Tower. You’ll find mostly locals here.

Although Ulas Beach is a bit outside of Alanya, it can easily be reached by dolmus bus. The beach is deserted and is the destination of many excursion boats that want to show tourists the beauties of the Turkish Mediterranean coast.

A real picturesque beach is Antiochia ad Cragum, located near Gazipasa. This is a bathing bay that is separated from the sea by a rock arch. So have your cameras ready and take fantastic photos of the most beautiful beaches in Turkey.

Eating and drinking in Alanya

After all the talk of physical exertion and adrenaline, we definitely have to turn our attention to eating and drinking in Alanya. Everyone knows that Turkey is known for its kebap, right? And that’s exactly why you’ll find the kebap on site in all imaginable variants: Adana, Iskender, Patlican, Ankara or Erzerum kebap… they all exist.

Try your way through the kebap paradise and then spoil yourself with a delicious dessert. Baklava or Künefe, a pastry made from pistachios, pasta threads and sugar syrup, must be eaten by you in any case.

Another unforgettable highlight is waiting for you on stilts. So-called river restaurants in Alanya were built on the Dimcay River in a very typical Turkish style. From there you can, if you are too warm, jump into the cool water and then drink a delicious Cay tea and just enjoy life.

Nightlife in Alanya

What of course should not be missing in my Alanya tips is the nightlife of Alanya. Did you know that Alanya is one of the party strongholds in Turkey. Well, the center of the nightlife takes place around the harbor on the eastern castle hill. Here you will find streets full of bars, clubs and restaurants.

If that’s too boring for you, then book a ticket for a party ship and sail along the Mediterranean Sea to the sound of party sounds. Alcohol is of course already included in the price. There are also other cool open-air clubs at the port, which are particularly popular in the summer months. The Havana Club, for example, promises sensational music on 2 floors and also offers a great view of Alanya Castle.

Currency in Turkey

Can you also pay with euros during a holiday in Turkey? Yes. Nevertheless, you should also have the country’s official currency, the Turkish Lira, with you. It is always an advantage to have a travel credit card or to find out about free credit cards.

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