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Best travel time Myanmar. Which months are suitable for a holiday in the land of the Golden Pagodas? / Best Time To Visit Myanmar

The best travel time for Myanmar is the dry season from mid-October to the end of February. To save a bit of money, you can also travel to Myanmar during the rainy season. This is the low season and therefore much cheaper.

The optimal travel times vary depending on travel interests. Do you want to explore the temples of the mystical land or do you prefer a beach holiday in Myanmar? I’ll tell you when you can do which activity best.

Weather and climate in Myanmar

The climate in Myanmar belongs to the category tropical monsoon climate. These monsoons not only determine the weather and climate in Myanmar, but also the seasons. In general, it is super warm in Myanmar all year round with temperatures between 20 and 37°C.

However, it also rains quite frequently and the humidity in Myanmar reaches uncomfortable levels. The table below gives you a rough overview of the climate in Myanmar throughout the year.

Month Temperature (°C) Hours of sunshine Rainy days
January 18 – 32 10 0
February 19 – 35 10 0
March 22 – 36 9 0
April 24 – 37 10 2
May 25 – 33 6 13
June 25 – 30 3 25
July 24 – 30 2 26
August 24 – 30 3 26
September 24 – 30 3 20
October 24 – 32 7 12
November 22 – 32 9 5
December 19 – 32 9 0

Seasons in Myanmar / Best Time To Visit Myanmar

Unlike our spring, summer, autumn and winter, there are only 3 seasons in Myanmar: dry season, monsoon season and hot season. The dry season in Myanmar starts in October and lasts until the end of February. During this period of time there is almost no rain in the country and the warm temperatures are very bearable even for us Europeans. This is also the main reason why the dry season is the best time to travel to Myanmar.

After the dry season ends in February, the hot season in Myanmar begins in March. This lasts until the end of May and becomes unbearably hot, especially in April. If you don’t mind the heat, you can travel to Myanmar even in the hot season. The advantage: There are hardly any tourists in the country, so the prices are much cheaper and the sights are deserted.

The monsoon season in Myanmar then begins from June to October. Heavy rains determine the daily weather and it can rain up to 26 days a month! Crazy, right? However, this rain usually lasts only a few hours in the afternoon or evening. Before and after that you can usually devote yourself to your everyday vacation as normal. The advantages of traveling to Myanmar this season are definitely the cheaper off-season prices and the lush green nature nourished by the rain.

Destination Best travel time Air temperature
Bagan November – March up to 39 degrees
Yangon November – April up to 39 degrees
Inle Lake November – April up to 31 degrees
Mandalay November – March up to 38 degrees

Best time to go to Myanmar by travel interests

Beach vacation in Myanmar

If you are looking to explore the wonderful beaches of Myanmar, you should definitely come here during the dry season. From October to May there is almost no rain in the southern and western coastal areas. Temperatures are not at their peak during this period, but temperatures above 30°C should be enough for a beach holiday in Myanmar. Off to the amazing beaches of Myanmar!

Hiking vacation in Myanmar

If you want to explore the higher altitudes of Myanmar, you can arrive in the hot season from March. Although it is really hot in Myanmar during the hot season, the altitudes are not affected. So while it is unbearably hot in the lower levels, the temperatures in the highlands are super pleasant. Yes, almost perfect for extensive hikes in Myanmar!

Temple hopping in Myanmar / Best Time To Visit Myanmar

The Mrauk U temple complex is one, if not the most popular sight in Myanmar. It goes without saying that the majority of Myanmar travelers don’t want to miss the country’s landmark. The best time to go temple hopping in Myanmar is also the dry season from October to May. During the rainy season, heavy showers can flood the streets and it is difficult to get out of the temple city.

Well, who’s in the mood for an exciting vacation in Myanmar? As long as you follow the rules above for the best time to travel to Myanmar, the weather will definitely not thwart you.

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