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Best travel time Venezuela. All information about the weather and climate in Venezuela can be found here! / Best Time To Visit Venezuela

The best travel time for Venezuela is in principle from December to April and thus falls exactly in the dry season. Unfortunately, due to the nature of the country and the different altitudes, this general recommendation is not entirely correct for all regions. However, so that you know when you can best travel to Venezuela, I have summarized all the important climate and weather information in this article.

How is the climate in Venezuela?

Most of Venezuela has a tropical climate with warm temperatures all year round. In total, however, there are four climate zones in Venezuela. These range from tropical to temperate to alpine and promise a variety of landscapes. However, what is the same in all regions is the rainy season. This occurs nationwide from May to November, with June and August being the rainiest months. In order to be able to explain the best travel time for Venezuela, we will go into the individual regions of the country in the next sections.

Month Temperature (°C) Hours of sunshine Rainy days Water temperature
January 23 – 32 9 0 26
February 23 – 32 9 0 25
March 23 – 33 8 1 26
April 24 – 44 6 2 26
May 25 – 34 6 5 27
June 25 – 34 7 4 27
July 25 – 34 8 5 27
August 25 – 34 8 6 28
September 25 – 34 7 8 28
October 24 – 33 6 6 29
November 24 – 33 7 6 28
December 24 – 33 8 1 27

Best time to visit Venezuela’s coastal region

Venezuela is a wonderful destination for anyone looking for a cheaper alternative to the Caribbean? Why are you wondering now? Well, Venezuela has 2,800 kilometers of Caribbean coastline. And there you will find hundreds of beaches that look like you landed in the Bahamas. Isla Margarita is particularly popular, a dream island in Venezuela with 50 beaches alone! Crazy, right?

Best of all, Venezuela’s coastal regions are blessed with year-round hot temperatures. However, the east is considered to be quite rainy, which is why a large part of the area is also covered with mangroves and rainforest. The best travel time for Venezuela’s coastal region is therefore the dry period from December to April, but especially the months of February and March.

The best travel time for Venezuela’s mountain region

In addition to Caribbean-like dream beaches, there are a lot of mountains in Venezuela. There are two mountain ranges in the north of the country: the Cordillera de la Costa and the Cordillera de Mérida. Venezuela’s capital Caracas is also located in a valley of the Codillera de la Costa. A little further west of the capital is Pico Bolívar, Venezuela’s highest mountain.

If you want to explore one of the many national parks in the region, the capital or the highest peak, you should arrive from January to April. This is the best time to travel to Venezuela’s mountainous region. It’s the dry season at this time, so feel free to leave your umbrella at home. In addition, the sun shines for up to 8 hours and gives you unforgettable days.

Best time to visit Venezuela ‘s savannah

A little below the capital lies a large, flat region called El Llano. Most of the area is covered by savanna and boasts an incomparable wildlife. Visit exciting cities like San Fernando and the surrounding small national parks. Venezuela’s savannah is inland, far from the sea and quite flat. This is why it is quite hot in this region.

The temperatures are around 30°C all year round and there are clear dry and rainy periods. As in the rest of the country, the rainy season is from May to November. The best travel time for Venezuela’s savannah is therefore in the dry season from December to April. The sun shines an average of 9 to 10 hours a day at this time.

Hurricane season in Venezuela

Unfortunately, Venezuela is in the hurricane danger zone. The highest north of Venezuela and the region around the capital are particularly affected. Tropical cyclones from the Atlantic can hit these regions, wreaking havoc and havoc. The hurricane season in Venezuela runs from June to November and is therefore in the rainy season. However, the highest probability is between August and October. So keep an eye on the weather forecast if you have planned a trip to Venezuela at that time.

Now that you know the best time to travel to Venezuela, you can start planning your dream vacation to South America. For everyone who is still looking for suitable deals, I have a lot of cheap offers in my travel search engine. Stop by and find a suitable holiday bargain to suit your taste and budget!

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