Best travel time for the Santorini

Should it be the world famous sunset on Santorini? It’s even more special with fewer people around you.

You’ll also find fewer people in the restaurants, bars, and attractions, and more importantly, the weather is a bit cooler, allowing for more pleasant hikes and less humid beach days. The well-known Red Beach with its red sand is probably a highlight, especially in autumn. And if we’re honest, our northern pale skin will thank us even if we’re not out and about in maximum sunlight.

Autumn weather in Santorini: With temperatures between 22-26°C, a dry climate and generous hours of sunshine, Santorini is very pleasant in autumn.

Getting to Santorini: Although there are fewer flight connections to Greece in autumn, Santorini is almost as easy to reach in early autumn as it is in summer. From November there are fewer direct flights from Germany.

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