Blue flag award: The cleanest beaches in Mallorca

23 beaches on Mallorca were awarded the “Blue Flag” environmental seal of approval this year – two more than last year. The internationally recognized seal stands, among other things, for high water quality and environmental protection on site.

On Wednesday, the Spanish organization Asociación de Educación Ambiental y del Consumidor (ADEAC) published its annual statistics on the cleanest and best-rated beaches in Spain. The Blue Flag was awarded to the various regions in Spain, including the Balearic Islands with Mallorca.

The following criteria play a role in the annual award for the award of the seal of quality:

The beach must provide information about the seal of approval and the associated protection program.
Environmental protection activities must be offered.
The water quality must be checked and the results presented on site.
They must be informed about the safety measures offered on site (e.g. lifeguards and beach supervision).
The cleanest beaches in Mallorca
23 beaches were awarded the seal of approval this year (source: Bandera Azul, 2022). The beaches at a glance:

Not all municipalities have applied for a Blue Flag

As the “Mallorca Zeitung” writes, the respective communities must apply for the Blue Flag in advance. However, not all would do this. This is partly because the application is subject to a fee. In this respect, it is not necessarily possible to say whether beaches that do not appear in the list have lower water quality, for example.

As the newspaper continues, the communities had applied for the Blue Flag this year for a total of 25 beaches in Mallorca. It is therefore not known which two did not receive the award and are therefore not among the cleanest beaches on Mallorca.

Government review as well

Every year, the beaches of Mallorca are also checked for cleanliness and water quality by the government. Among other things, it is tested for the coliform bacteria Escherichia Coli (E. Coli) and enterococci. These groups of bacteria are found in the human digestive tract and can cause gastrointestinal disease or infection. The results are published annually in a report.

In addition, environmentalists from “Ecologistas en acción”, an umbrella organization of around 300 regional environmental organizations based in Madrid, recently distributed the “Black Flag” to two beaches on Mallorca in 2019 for beaches with particularly poor water quality.

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