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Ancient sights, white limestone facades and azure seas – the Bodrum peninsula on Turkey’s Aegean coast has everything you need for the perfect summer holiday. In addition to all these advantages, a dazzling lifestyle awaits you in Bodrum, which has long since attracted more than just the rich and beautiful. In Bodrum, Greek ambience and Turkish hospitality combine to create an elegant seaside resort that is currently becoming one of Turkey’s most popular holiday resorts.

Welcome to Bodrum, the beautiful city on the peninsula of the same name. In addition to perhaps the most beautiful bays in Turkey, exciting sights, the finest food and the best holiday weather await you in Bodrum. With these Bodrum tips you are well prepared for your next vacation in Turkey.

Overview to Bodrum / Tips

The name Bodrum denotes both a peninsula and a place that lies on it. The area is surrounded by the Turkish Riviera and the Turkish Aegean Sea and the beautiful Taurus Mountains. Small groups of islands, hidden bays and idyllic peninsulas characterize the landscape and make Bodrum a place that entices you to spend a dream vacation. The once sleepy fishing village has been transformed into a popular holiday resort with interesting sights, beautiful beaches and a dazzling nightlife.

Bodrum is often compared to Saint-Tropez, as the place has long been considered an exclusive travel destination. However, first-class hotels, chic yachts and luxurious boutiques are no longer just seducing high society to spend an unforgettable holiday in south-west Turkey.

Getting to Bodrum is very easy. As usual, when traveling to Turkey, this works by air. Some airlines fly regularly to Bodrum from the largest German airports, so you can be on the beach within 3.5 hours.

The airport is about 36 kilometers from Bodrum. You can reach your destination in less than 40 minutes with the shuttle service. If you want to rent a car in Bodrum, you will find a lot of providers at the airport, such as Hertz.

Best Bodrum Hotels

If you like, you can also take the waterway. Since Bodrum is located directly on the sea and has its own port, this option is even obvious. So you can easily add a trip to Bodrum to a Kos holiday. The ferry from Kos takes you to Bodrum in just 45 minutes.

The best time to travel to Bodrum / Bodrum Travel Guide

The months from April to November count as the best travel time for Bodrum. During this period, the thermometer shows wonderful temperatures averaging 25°C. Beach mermaids and sun-seekers can chill on the beaches, especially in the summer months, without having to fear a single cloud of rain.

Bodrum Tips

Bodrum Tips

The best travel time for Turkey is generally only until October. This means that if you are still looking for pure sun in November, you should travel to Bodrum. Even at this time, the sun continues to smile tirelessly and brings Bodrum travelers temperatures around 20°C. Holiday feeling guaranteed!

Most beautiful beaches around Bodrum / Bodrum Tips

Okay, admittedly the city beach of Bodrum is not the prettiest. Nevertheless, the port city is located directly on the Aegean Sea, so there are some wonderful beaches in its vicinity. Therefore, these should not be missing from my Bodrum tips.

Lounge on the most beautiful beaches in Turkey and throw your worries overboard. The Turkish Aegean is a popular travel destination, especially for summer vacationers, because the sandy beaches are simply unbeatably beautiful and the temperatures are utopian. At the same time, Turkey is a comparatively cheap travel destination.

The beaches around Bodrum are considered to be particularly family-friendly. This is mainly due to the shallow entrance into the water and the shallow sea.

Almost every beach has lifeguards who provide extra security. The most beautiful beaches around Bodrum have everything that makes a perfect seaside holiday.

Top Sights in Bodrum

In general, Bodrum is considered a destination for pure beach holidays. The port city can score with super exciting sights. you don’t believe me? Then read on and let yourself be convinced.

The thermal spring on Kara Ada / Bodrum Travel Guide

One of the highlights of my Bodrum tips is definitely the thermal spring on Kara Ada. We’re talking about an island opposite Bodrum that houses a cave filled with thermal water. Convince yourself of the healing effects of the water and mud on a day trip.

The Mausoleum of Halicarnassus

Another top attraction in Bodrum was also one of the 7 wonders of the ancient world. This was the tomb of King Mausolus II. The mausoleum at Halicarnassus was reduced to rubble by an earthquake in 1304, so you can still see the remains of the tomb today.

Bodrum Castle / Bodrum Tips

The construction of the historic fortress began in 1402 and was only completed at the end of the 15th century. Bodrum Castle has four towers in total: the English, French, Italian and German towers. Anyone who loves castles and knights can make dreams come true in this palace.

Currency in Turkey

The official currency of Turkey is the Turkish Lira. During a stay you can often pay with euros in the tourist strongholds.

Nevertheless, it is always an advantage to have a free credit card with you. So you don’t suddenly find yourself without money or with increased fees. It is also worth comparing the different travel credit cards.

With these Bodrum tips you are more than well prepared for your next summer holiday in Turkey.

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