Care Tips for Dry Skin in Winter

All the details you need to care for the dry skin in winter against the sharp cold of winter are here. / Care Tips for Dry Skin in Winter

During the winter months, as our skin comes into contact with cold air, it shows reactions such as drying, redness, sensitization and cracking. For this reason, it is of great importance to take care of our skin during the winter, to apply special care for the winter season and to apply skin care for dry skin.

Intense humidification for winter

Since cold weather causes dryness on the skin during the winter, one of the indispensable rules of dry skin care in winter is intense moisturizing. Since the loss of water in the skin with the cooling in the air causes the skin to dry, external support is essential.

Instead of the water-based moisturizing creams we use in the summer, the answer to the question of what to do with dry skin is that it is necessary to prefer moisturizers with high oil content and restorative properties. Moisturizers, which are specially produced for the winter season and have a high effect on dry skin care in the winter months, have a structure that shows its effect from the moment it is applied.

All-day maintenance is essential in winter

Although humidification is done twice, in the morning and evening, in other seasons of the year, this is not the case for the winter season. In this case, it should not be forgotten that the answer to the question of how dry skin care should be is as long as the skin needs it. It will be appropriate to apply moisturizer even when the slightest stretching is felt on the skin, so that conditions such as stretching, tenderness, redness and even cracking do not occur on the skin.

skin cleansing in winter

One of the main items of how to care for skin in winter is choosing products suitable for the skin. Although we have chosen a moisturizing cream with a high moisturizing effect, it is difficult to achieve the desired result if we do not achieve the same moisturizing rate in products such as skin cleansers. When choosing care products for dry skin in winter, be sure to choose products that do not contain acid and alcohol. When cleaning your face, be careful to choose products with vitamin E or Shea content.

Pay attention to skin contact / Care Tips for Dry Skin in Winter

Conditions such as the fact that the thick clothes we wear in the winter do not breathe, and the direct contact of woolen clothes with the skin are among the approaches that damage the skin. Considering the products that come into contact with the skin, which is among the top recommendations for dry skin in winter, also applies to synthetic products. It will be beneficial to dress in layers in winter, to make sure that the clothes that will come into contact with the skin are selected from cotton products, and to use products developed against irritation in cases such as redness and irritation.

Don’t forget your hands and feet

Although our face comes to mind when we think of skin care in winter, it is not only our face that gets its share of cold weather during the winter. When caring for dry skin in winter, it’s not just your skin and lips; Remember that your hands and feet also need attention. Since your hands are the areas that are in direct contact with the cold, it is essential to use a moisturizing cream.

Likewise, feet will need care that you apply in the morning and evening, as they are trapped in thick socks and boots throughout the day.

Adequate sleep and adequate bathing / Care Tips for Dry Skin in Winter

The word “enough” is very important especially in winter; so no more or less… For example, a hot bath is one of the greatest pleasures for all of us in winter. But for our dry skin, it is healthier to take a short, daily and warm water bath rather than a long and extremely hot bath. Sleep is also very important for the skin.

Therefore, it is very important that we get enough sleep. Because our skin, which is exposed to negative external factors during the day, can only rest at night while we sleep. In addition, cell renewal at night is 3 times more than during the day, so regeneration is easy.

Special care for lips

One of our sensitive areas that dries out and gets damaged the most during the cold winter months is our lips. We should not neglect this sensitivity of the lips, which is one of the most sensitive organs of our body, due to the very thin skin structure, the very little melanin content, and the lack of adipose tissue. This skin, which is already thin, needs more care when it comes to climate changes, sun rays, lip licking habits, drugs used and lipsticks. Therefore, do not forget to keep lip moisturizers with moisturizing and healing properties in your bag throughout the season.

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