Gardaland Tips: All information about Italy’s largest amusement park

The next Lake Garda holiday is coming up and you are looking around for exciting excursion destinations? Gardaland Tips: All information about Italy’s largest amusement park

I have something for you: The Gardaland Resort in the south of Lake Garda. We are talking about the largest amusement park in Italy. Gardaland is highly recommended, especially for families with children who are looking for some action and adventure.

A colorful selection of rides and attractions awaits you on an area of 35 hectares. 33 in number, to be precise. Incidentally, the amusement park is not divided into theme worlds, but the attractions are assigned to the categories “Fantasy”, “Adventure” and “Adrenaline”. But more on that later. Before that we look at how to get there, as well as the prices and opening times for Gardaland. Well, is that what?

Gardaland tips

Before I spill the beans and tell you everything about Gardaland, we should take a look at how you get to the amusement park in the first place. Fortunately, several paths lead to Lake Garda and thus also to Gardaland. No matter which direction you are coming from or whether you have previously made a stopover in Milan or Venice, the road connections are great from all directions.

Another option would of course be to get to Gardaland by air. You can get cheap flights to Verona or Montichiari from most major German cities. From there it is only 33 or 25 km to the Italian adventure land, which you can travel by rental car or train. Speaking of trains: Of course you can also get to Gardaland by train. Especially if you also travel to southern Germany, you are usually faster and cheaper on the road.

Attractions in Gardaland

Gardaland Travel Tips

Gardaland Travel Tips

Enough talking about the bush, let’s devote ourselves to what is probably the most important part of these Gardaland tips: the attractions. As said, the attractions are sorted by categories. The first category we’ll take a closer look at is fantasy. The rides and attractions in this category are aimed primarily at little dreamers. In the Kung Fu Panda Academy, little adventurers can become real kung fu masters with the help of the panda and his friends. Or you venture into the enchanted forest and bring the magic stone to its destination before the Wicked Witch can lure you into one of her traps.

If you want to take it a little easier, try the Transgardaland Express. Grab a comfortable seat on the train and enjoy the wonderful view of Lake Garda and the journey through the fantasy world. Would you rather aim high? Then the panoramic small train Monorotaia might be something for you? Or you can make a detour to the Flying Island vantage point, with probably the best view of Lake Garda. The category alone has 19 fun rides and attractions to explore.

The Adventure category is aimed at all young and old adventurers who are looking for an absolute thrill. The 7 attractions from the adventure series are not for the faint of heart. For example, I Corsari: la Vendetta del Fantasma, in English, the revenge of the monster. Using authentic audiovisual in the form of 3D video mapping and sophisticated projection techniques, you will be catapulted into the underground world and have to fight for your life.

Or you dare to go to Ramses: Il Risveglio, where the angry pharaoh is already waiting for you and wants to curse you. All Dwayne Johnson fans will probably have seen the box office hit San Andreas. Well, in Gardaland you will find an attraction from the adventure area that is based exactly on this film. The San Andreas 4D Experience awaits those who are curious with a 15-minute 4D version of the disaster film. Let yourself be surprised!

Gardaland Tips: Adrenaline

Last but not least, Gardaland has 7 adrenaline attractions for all adrenaline junkies. Most of them are roller coasters with crazy loops and other funky features. Anyone who gets into the Raptor, for example, will immediately notice the outer seats on the sides. As you try to escape the raptor at the speed of light, you barely brush against the oncoming obstacles.

Or you can get on the Shaman roller coaster and take a journey into the world of the spirits of the Indians. Anyone who loves high speeds can dare to take a ride on the Blue Tornado. You fly through the air at supersonic speed and complete the upcoming course. Or you let yourself fall from 40 m in the Space Vertigo…provided you dare?

Overnight stays in Gardaland

I have good news for everyone who isn’t satisfied with a day trip. Gardaland Resort has its own 4-star hotel on the park grounds. From the outside, the Gardaland Hotel resembles a fairytale castle and has everything a holidaymaker’s heart desires. On the hotel grounds you will even find a 3,000 m² pool area, the “Blue Lagoon”. The 247 rooms are all themed and promise a relaxing stay before the action-packed program in the amusement park begins. And best of all: the hotel is just two kilometers from Lake Garda.

Your visit to Gardaland

So, now that you know all the information about Gardaland, you can continue to tinker with your holiday planning. There you will find cheap Lake Garda offers for every budget. With a little luck, you can save money.

Gardaland Ticket Prices

Gardaland Prices

Gardaland Prices

  • 1 Day Park: Online from 39 Euro (Have fun on more than 40 ridesA concentrate of Adrenaline, Adventure, Magic and many Shows, Children under 1 mt height go FREE)
  • 1 Day Park – 1 Day Aquarium: Online from 45 Euro (More than 40 fantastic rides of Gardaland and a breathtaking visit to SEA LIFE Aquarium to discover more than 5000 sea creatures, An unforgettable experience for the whole family, Children under 1 mt height go FREE)
  • 2 Days Park: Online From 47 Euro (Get thrilled on more than 40 rides and the next day the fun starts again, Multiply x 2 Adrenaline, Adventure, Fantasy and many Shows, Children under 1 mt height go FREE)
  • Season Pass: Online From 59 Euro (Visit Gardaland Park as many times as you want, Exclusive benefits for dining, shopping and hotel stays, with fast-track access to attractions)

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