Hairstyle trends: the 5 cuts that we will see everywhere in the summer of 2022

Quick to style and above all not too strict, these 5 cuts are perfectly adapted to rising temperatures, and the desire to spend as little time as possible in the bathroom during the holidays.

1. The bucket hat

This is the ideal hairstyle to avoid heatstroke, the one that rejuvenates 5 years in a few scissor strokes, and in addition, quick to style: the bob is definitely the ideal cut for the summer. The right length? Below the ears, but above the shoulders. The novelty is that it is also adopted on curly hair. Our favorite: the fuzzy one, especially not over-done and embellished with Selena Gomez’s bangs, which wears it to perfection.

2. Wavy lengths

The hairstyle of the surfer par excellence, which we will never get tired of… The wavy lengths, sexy and wild at the same time, as if styled by the sea water and the wind, are still at the top of the hairstyle trends this summer. To reproduce this style from your bathroom: spray on the pre-dried lengths, and disentangled with a large comb, a salt spray, which will make a perfect illusion.

3. Baby braids

Spotted on Gigi Hadid at the Altuzarra spring-summer 2022 show, baby braids are now on everyone’s head: from Dua Lipa to Hailey Bieber via Ariana Grande, everyone has adopted this bohemian hairstyle. The idea? Braid only the two locks that frame the face. A style in the purest spirit of the 90s, a decade that has been inspiring hair trends for several months.

4. The fuzzy bun

Quick, simple, effective, the blurred bun has this cool side, falsely neglected, perfect for summer. But above all, it has the advantage of completely clearing the face and shoulders, a boon to avoid heatstroke for those with long hair. To achieve it, use your fingers (we forget the comb, which would give a too fixed appearance), and twist all of the hair high on the head. Don’t forget to release a few strands around the ears and the forehead, so that the result is not too strict.

5. The Birkin Bang

Very similar to the bottleneck bang, but nevertheless denser, the 70’s spirit Birkin Bang is the right fringe to adopt this season. The idea: a straight fringe whose locks start from the top of the skull and fall on the eyebrows, which are barely separated in the center to give a – very slight – curtain effect. Particularly flattering for large foreheads, this fringe has, in addition, the notable advantage of enlarging the look.

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