House dust mite allergy symptoms

Sneezing, runny nose, coughing: A house dust allergy has a strong effect on the respiratory tract.

But sometimes also on the skin. All symptoms at a glance.

Tiny arachnids, so-called mites, live in house dust. Their feces contain allergens, substances that trigger an immune response in some people. If those affected inhale dust or come into contact with it in their eyes, they usually have to contend with a number of annoying symptoms after a short time.

Common signs of a house dust allergy are:

a runny nose
itching in the eyes
red eyes
teary eyes
dry eyes
swollen eyelids
exhaustion and tiredness

Unlike pollen allergies, these symptoms do not only appear in spring and summer, but all year round – at least if the sufferers do not take countermeasures. For example, by carefully cleaning their apartment and seeking medical treatment for their allergy. This is important because otherwise the symptoms will get worse and can have a permanent impact on your health. Then there is a risk of what is known as allergic asthma.

Cough and asthma caused by house dust allergy

Like any other allergy that affects the airways, house dust mite allergy can lead to allergic asthma. The symptoms are no longer limited to the nose, paranasal sinuses and eyes, but also spread to the lower respiratory tract. These become permanently inflamed.

Typical signs of this are:

shortness of breath
tightness in the chest

In addition, asthma attacks can occur. The risk is particularly high when the airways are suddenly exposed to a lot of dust or are additionally irritated or stressed by other influences – for example smoke, physical exertion or cold air.

The main symptoms of an asthma attack are sudden shortness of breath, which can be so severe that those affected are afraid of suffocating. Other symptoms are

wheezing breath sounds,
dry cough and
a pronounced tightness in the chest.
The symptoms can subside after a few minutes, but can also last for several hours.

Important: A severe asthma attack can be life-threatening and is a case for emergency medical services, which can be reached on 112.

Does a house dust allergy also cause symptoms on the skin?
A skin rash is not one of the classic signs of a house dust allergy. Usually this mainly causes the mentioned respiratory problems. Skin reactions are still possible: House dust can trigger acute flare-ups in people who suffer from the chronic skin disease neurodermatitis. Then they develop skin inflammation, which is associated with an itchy rash.

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