Lake Bafa in Didim

Lake Bafa, which is the largest lake in the Aegean Region, is located 16 kilometers from Didim.

Lake Bafa, a shallow lake nestled in the Menteşe Mountains, has a surface area of ​​60 square kilometers. Bafa Lake, which was filled with the alluviums carried by the Menderes River and cut off the connection of Latmos Bay with the sea, turned into an inland lake over time.

In 1989, Lake Bafa was declared as a Nature Park. It is possible to come across about 224 bird species in Lake Bafa, one of Turkey’s most important bird sanctuaries.

You can take a walk by the Bafa Lake, take lots of photos and stop by the delicious fish restaurants in the vicinity and try freshwater fish such as mullet and sea bass.

You can visit Bafa Lake in any season, where you can see the most beautiful state of nature in the spring. You can easily reach Bafa Lake with the minibuses departing from the center of Didim.

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