Playa de Los Cristianos in Tenerife

Just passing through? Some – mostly alternatively inclined individual travelers – only make a short emergency stop in Los Cristianos. / Playa de Los Cristianos in Tenerife

You wait on the beach of Los Cristianos or at the ferry terminal until the departure of the ferry to La Gomera, El Hierro or La Palma. And they like to gossip about how built up Los Christianos is, how chubby and mass-touristy. The others – often older travelers from Northern Europe – stay there all winter because it’s cheap and sunny in the port town and because the infrastructure is pretty perfect. The former fishing village in the south of the island has become one of the major tourist centers on Tenerife. And that’s why opinions differ on him.

But then everyone comes together again on the two beaches north and south of the harbor and there is little to complain about. Here we tested the beach south of the ferry terminal, which is protected by the harbor basin and is therefore also suitable for families with small children. It has fine, light sand and is closer to the center of Los Cristianos, in other words: right on a beach promenade with many restaurants, cafés and shops. The infrastructure is good – toilets, changing rooms, showers, lounger rental, volleyball fields and rescue posts – everything is available.

And otherwise?

The immediate proximity to the port awakens wanderlust! But you don’t have to take the ferry right away, you can just book one of the fishing, pirate or whale watching tours. When choosing dolphin and whale watching trips, pay attention to the “Blue Boat” seal, which is intended to guarantee tours that are gentler on Tenerife.

The special tip: Playa de Los Cristianos

If you want to eat good fish, we recommend Abordo (Paseo Juan Bariajo, 6), which is just behind the beach on the promenade (near the port). Lots of locals eat there too. Good value for money. El Cine (Paseo Juan Bariajo, 8) also has a good reputation among Spaniards.

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