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Between Italy and Austria you can visit an extraordinary outdoor destination – Slovenia. Diversity and uniqueness, that describes Slovenia quite aptly. Driving from the Mediterranean Sea to the Alps in two hours – sounds like a dream, right? And that will become reality for you on your round trip through Europe’s insider tip. On site, you can expect an excursion into untouched wilderness, coastal towns with the Italian sea, quaint mountain villages and exciting history. Everywhere in the country you will be greeted by a fascinating, indescribable beauty that promises an extraordinary interplay of tradition, nature, modernity and gastronomy. In the following, the virtual travel guide with Slovenia tips will take you to places, sights and natural spectacles that you should not miss during your holiday in Slovenia.

Facts about Slovenia

When planning your vacation, you probably already have an idea of ​​where Slovenia is, right? You will find the country in Central Europe surrounded by Austria, Hungary, Croatia and Italy.

The country has been independent since 1991 and is characterized above all by its short distances and incredible natural diversity. In the water-rich country, beaches alternate with ski resorts and you can discover cute villages, wild rivers, imposing waterfalls, magical caves or endless gorges.

The country is teeming with incredible flora and fauna and numerous protected areas aim to protect the unique biodiversity in the long term. Slovenia now also bears the title of “Green Travel Destination”, for which the country successfully fulfills numerous environmentally friendly criteria and strives for the goal of a sustainable travel destination. In short: a unique, pioneering country for sustainable tourism in the world.

Whether hiking in summer, on rafting tours or skiing in winter, you will fall in love immediately and declare Slovenia one of your longing destinations.

As you can probably already imagine, you pay in euros in the country. Nevertheless, you should get a travel credit card before your vacation.

Getting to Slovenia / By plane to Slovenia

Slovenia Travel Guide Ljubljana Airport

Slovenia Travel Guide Ljubljana Airport

Are you planning a short trip to Slovenia? Or do you want to save time on arrival and rent a car on site?

If you decide to fly to Slovenia, you can reach the capital Ljubljana in less than an hour by direct flight from Frankfurt am Main and Munich, depending on the month of travel. Alternatively, you can look for flights to Venice or Trieste, where the prices may be cheaper and you have the chance to combine your stay in Slovenia with a holiday in Italy.

Speaking of which, Venice is just under a two and a half hour drive from Ljubljana.

By car to Slovenia

For many of you, traveling to Slovenia by car will also be worthwhile. If you live in southern Germany (four and a half hours by car from Munich to Ljubljana) or are planning a round trip through Slovenia, you should definitely consider whether you should rent a car there or drive your own car.

Of course, you should compare current fuel costs and tolls with flight prices and rental car costs. In addition to Austria, you also have to buy a vignette for your car in Slovenia.

However, the prices are quite reasonable at around €15 for a week and €30 for a month. A road trip is definitely one of the most exciting Slovenia tips!

By train to Slovenia / Getting to Slovenia

Are you looking for a more environmentally friendly alternative? How about a trip to Slovenia by train?

For example, you can reach Ljubljana from Munich in just under seven hours or from Cologne in just under 12 hours. But changing included.

Via Vienna you have the opportunity to explore the picturesque university town of Maribor. When traveling by train within Slovenia, you can look forward to an extensive route network between the larger travel destinations.

Especially on the route from Ljubljana to Maribor, nature shows itself from its most beautiful side. If you want to travel from Munich, you should find out about possible night connections to Slovenia from the cooperation between EuroNight trains.

With a bit of luck you will find a suitable connection. If you want to observe the landscapes of Slovenia from a special perspective, you should definitely find out about the connection of the Slovenian museum train, the Wocheinerbahn.

From Jesenice to Trento in Italy you will make special discoveries, it’s worth it.

By bus to Slovenia / Getting to Slovenia

Do you want to save money when you arrive? There are some suitable long-distance bus connections that will take you to places like Ljubljana, Maribor, Bled, Novo mesto or Koper.

Camping in Slovenia

Are you planning a trip with your camper through Slovenia? This incredible feeling of freedom is unique.

Stopping spontaneously and living freely in the day sounds pretty tempting. First of all, you need to know that wild camping is strictly forbidden in Slovenia.

If you get caught somewhere, you have to expect high fines. But there are also numerous private pitches and campsites that promise you a special experience.

Top rated campsites in Slovenia:

Camping Bled
Camping Sobec
Kekec Camping
Camp Soča
Camp Koren
River Camping Bled
Brajda Camping, Bed & Breakfast
Camping MENINA
Camping Plana & Bar 66
Liza camp
Camp Podgrad Vransko
Saksida Wine and Camping Resort

Best time to visit Slovenia / Slovenia Tips

Best Time to Visit Slovenia / Slovenia Tips

Best Time to Visit Slovenia / Slovenia Tips

Is Slovenia on your bucket list? As soon as you plan your trip, you naturally want to know when is the best time to travel to Slovenia.

First of all, it should be noted that this can differ depending on the travel plan. Due to its location between the Adriatic coast and the Julian Alps, you can observe different climatic conditions in a small area.

Especially towards the Mediterranean, there are Mediterranean atmospheres that promise you warm temperatures in summer. Cold winters with lots of snow and mild, pleasant summer months await you further towards the mountains.

All in all, it can be said that the summers are warm and the winters are cold. So if you want to combine a holiday by the sea with a road trip and sightseeing, the months from June to September are top Slovenia tips.

The months of May and June or September and October are particularly worthwhile for an active holiday with hikes. Then you can explore the wilderness of the country in pleasant temperatures and move far away from the tourist crowds.

Or are you more of a “winter person” and want to enjoy skiing and lots of snow? Then you should keep an eye on the travel time from December to the end of March.

Cities to visit in Slovenia / Ljubljana

Our journey to the most beautiful cities in Slovenia naturally starts in the Slovenian capital Ljubljana. You will find what is also the largest city in the center of the country.

You can look forward to a lively atmosphere on site, which is mainly shaped by the location as a university town. There are also picturesque parks (Tivoli Park) and a historic, car-free city center that is well worth seeing.

The cultural center is at the top of the list of top Slovenia tips and is mainly characterized by its location on the Ljubljanica River. Don’t miss the views from Ljubljana Castle (Ljubljana Castle), the charm of Ljubljana’s Central Market or the alternative bohemian district of Metelkova.

During your stay you will walk across numerous bridges, with the Dragon Bridge being one of the most famous Ljubljana sights.

And the best for last: you can reach everything in the romantic city perfectly on foot.

Maribor / Slovenia Travel Guide

We continue with the city of Maribor. Not far from the Austrian border, in the middle of the Pohorje Mountains and along the Drava River, you can visit the diverse city with its lush green vineyards.

Before you start your excursions into the surrounding nature, you should take a look at the magical old town of Maribor (Lent district). You can make exciting discoveries in the narrow, cobbled streets.

And once a year, the city traditionally turns into a winter sports stronghold. Because the Alpine Ski World Cup for women has been stopping in the Slovenian town since 1964.

Kranj / Slovenia Tips

Slovenia Travel Guide - Kranj

Slovenia Travel Guide – Kranj

Kranj is the third largest city in Slovenia and is halfway between Bled and Ljubljana. Now you’re probably wondering why a stopover in the city is worth it, right?

Due to its location in the Slovenian Alps alone, the town of Kranj is one of the top Slovenia tips. And the city is home to another special feature, because the medieval old town is located on the fascinating Kokra Gorge and gives Kranj a picturesque recognition value.

From numerous vantage points you have an incredible view over the rivers Sava and Kokra and can marvel at one of the most beautiful old towns in Slovenia. But the city also hides a mystical secret underground.

You can marvel at the subterranean passages of Kranj over a length of more than one kilometer. In short: you should definitely take the opportunity to visit the tunnels built for protection during the Second World War.

Celje / Slovenia Places to Visit

If you are traveling in the north-east of Slovenia, a stopover in the city of Celje is worthwhile. The views alone from Celje Castle will amaze you.

As you walk through the streets of the city, you can take a journey into the past at many corners and feel the influence of the Counts of Cilli up close.


An absolute must during your trip is a visit to the port city of Koper. Once there, you will immediately feel the proximity to Italy and fall in love with the medieval, Venetian architecture.

There are some beautiful buildings to admire, especially around Tito Square. Before going to the beach, you should let yourself drift through the streets of the “City of a Thousand Suns” and enjoy the ambience.

Ptuj / Slovenia Travel Guide

Now the journey takes us away from the Slovenian Mediterranean coast and into the east of the country. There you can visit the oldest town in Slovenia.

In the city of Ptuj, numerous historical buildings and colorful streets welcome you around the Ptuj Castle. With its location on the Drava River, proximity to Lake Ptuj, lush green vineyards and numerous leisure activities, the city is one of the most beautiful Slovenian tips.

Other cities in Slovenia:

Skofya Loka
Novo Mesto
Murska Sobota

Top places in Slovenia / Piran

One of the most popular vacation spots in Slovenia is the beautiful coastal town of Piran. The location alone, the historic buildings and the incomparable scenery speak for themselves.

In the old town on a peninsula, you can soak up the medieval ambience, enjoy a delicious drink at Tartini Square, walk along the historic city walls or visit the Piran salt pans. In addition, cute bays and other places like Portoroz are not far.

Izola / Slovenia Tips

Slovenia Tips - Izola

Slovenia Tips – Izola

About 20 minutes drive north of Piran you will find the small coastal town of Izola. If you’re looking for a quiet, dreamy vacation spot, you’ve come to the right place.

You will find cute cafés and restaurants between the small Venetian streets and you should definitely take a dip in the cool water along the surrounding stone beaches.

Velika Planina

Now our way leads us from the coast into the mountain range of the Steiner Alps. Between untouched landscapes and endless mountains you will find the high alpine pasture Velika planina.

At around 1,600 meters above sea level, you can discover traditional shepherds’ huts, which you don’t often find in large numbers in Europe. The high plateau is not only a beautiful photo spot, but is also ideal for extensive hikes or mountain bike tours. Finally, you must try the delicious Trnic cheese!

Bled / Slovenia Travel Guide

What do you have in mind when you think of Slovenia? Most of you probably know Ljubljana or the pictures of Lake Bled with the island of Blejski Otok.

Therefore, of course, the climatic health resort of Bled should not be missing from the list of Slovenia tips. If you are looking for a magical travel destination in the heart of the Alps, you have come to the right place.

The beautiful city on the lake of the same name is an absolute must during your trip and is considered the starting point for numerous outdoor activities, such as a visit to the fascinating Vintgar Gorge or the enchanting Postojna Caves.

Kranjska Gora

In the middle of the Slovenian Alps and not far from the beautiful Triglav National Park you will find the holiday resort of Kranjska Gora. Those of you who enjoy skiing or follow the Alpine Ski World Cup may already be familiar with the picturesque destination.

Whether in summer or winter, Kranjska Gora is always worth a visit and offers numerous activities in every season.

Planica / Slovenia Tips

Continue to the ski resort of Planica, about 15 minutes’ drive west of Kranjska Gora and not far from the Italian border. Before you start your hikes in the woods, you should visit the imposing ski jump in Slovenia.

Yes, you read that right – Slovenia has a long tradition of ski jumping and in Planica new superlatives are achieved every year.


Slovenia Travel Guide - Smartno

Slovenia Travel Guide – Smartno

Between the Mediterranean Sea and the Alps, you should definitely visit the Brda wine region. One of the most exciting Slovenia tips not only offers you delicious tastings, but also has a few other surprises in store for you, such as the town of Smartno.

In the village situated on a hill you can still feel medieval atmospheres, walk through narrow streets and discover remains of the past (towers & remains of walls).

Kanal ob Soci

North of Smartno you will find the picturesque village of Kanal ob Soci. Along the wild Soča River, more on that later, you can visit one of the most beautiful villages in Slovenia and take your exciting trips to the Soča Valley. In short: if you have enough time, you should definitely put the area at the top of your to-do list. A unique postcard motif.

Other places in Slovenia:

Most na Soci
Spa Podcetrtek
Pomurje region

Sights in Slovenia / Triglav National Park

If you want to discover untouched natural wonders and hike through unique landscapes with shimmering glacial lakes and deep forests during your trip through Slovenia, you should make a stopover in Triglav National Park. In the middle of the Julian Alps you will find highlights such as the mountain of the same name, almost 2,800 meters high Triglav, the paradisiacal Soča Valley or the sparkling Lake Bohinjsko jezero (Wocheneiner See) with the Seven Lakes Valley in Slovenia.

During your stay there are some sights that you cannot miss: Peričnik Waterfall, Savica Waterfall, Tolmin Gorge, Pokljuka Plateau, Big Soča Troughs Gorge or Zelenci Nature Reserve.

Natural spectacles in Slovenia / Places to Visit

First of all, Lake Bled is one of the top Slovenia tips. Especially in the summer months you should take a break on the shore of the lake and relax for a few hours or book a boat tour.

Alternatively, you can look for the most beautiful vantage points and plan smaller hikes. You can capture unique moods over the lake with the island of Blejski Otok from the Ojstrica mountain.

If you are already at Lake Bled, you must definitely continue to Vintgar Gorge. Unbelievable color spectacles await you on site and it’s worth getting there early.

In contrast, the Postojna Caves offer a fantastic journey into the mystical underworld of Slovenia in a more than 24 km long cave system. One of the top Slovenia tips is one of the world’s largest developed stalactite caves.

Action and outdoor fun are well catered for in the Soča Valley. The river of the same name is characterized by crystal clear water and untouched landscapes that are ideal for rafting, fishing, kayaking or hiking.

Locally you will find the spectacular Tolmin Gorges, the Great Soča Troughs and the Kozjak or Boka waterfalls. As you have probably already noticed, you can discover numerous sights in Slovenia and make many discoveries within short distances.

The journey continues in the Bohinj Valley. There, lush green landscapes await you around Lake Wocheiner and the roaring Mostnica Gorge with waterfalls worth seeing.

In addition, hikes around the small lakes in the Zelenci nature reserve are particularly recommended. A little further south, the original Vipava Valley welcomes you.

If you are in the mood for delicious wine tastings, you should put the region on your bucket list.

Historical buildings in Slovenia

One of the most exciting and unusual sights in Slovenia is the Predjama Cave Castle. Along a vertical cliff and a cave you can find the castle near the town of Postojna.

The top Slovenia tip is over 800 years old and hides a dense world of caves that you cannot see at first glance. There is an exciting story hidden here, which you can find out about in the on-site museum.

If you are interested in Slovenia’s past, you should also take a look at Ljubljana Castle, Celje Castle or Bled Castle. But squares such as Tartini Square or Preseren Square also present themselves from their most beautiful side and bring you closer to the splendor of Slovenian architecture.

Top beaches in Slovenia / Slovenia Tips

Slovenia Beaches

Slovenia Beaches

The Slovenian coast is approximately 46 kilometers long and is home to beautiful stretches of beach where you can spend a relaxing day under the Adriatic sun. You have already got to know some magical places along the Slovenian Riviera and now we continue with the most beautiful beaches in Slovenia.

First of all, you should know that it makes sense to pack bathing shoes, since the beaches are mainly made of stones. The Moon Bay of Slovenia can be reached via a 20-minute walk and promises a breathtaking backdrop.

Along towering cliffs you can reach Bele Skale Beach. The untouched natural landscapes promise tranquility and idyll far away from the lively coastal towns.

In contrast, Plaža Izola beach is perfect for a stay with your entire family. Here you will find sanitary facilities and small snack bars in the immediate vicinity.

Finally, the beach Svetilnik Beach Izola in the holiday resort of the same name Izola is one of the most popular stretches of beach in the region. Due to the short length of the Slovenian Riviera, you can drive along the coast in a matter of hours. Whether by bike or car – you are spoiled for choice.

Other sights in Slovenia:

Škocjan Caves
Pokljuka plateau
Strunjan nature reserve
Salt production in the Sečovlje Salt Pans Landscape Park
river Kupa
Tivoli Park
Logar valley with Rinka waterfall
Cross Cave Cave
Karst landscapes in Slovenia

Activities in Slovenia / Hiking in Slovenia

How do you want to spend your vacation? Hiking in Slovenia is one of the must-do’s during your stay.

As soon as you start planning your trip, you have to inform yourself about the fascinating alpine world of the country. In the middle of the mountains of the Julian Alps you will find the Triglav National Park.

The emerald green colors of the Soča River alone make for unforgettable hikes, with the Soča Trail being considered one of Slovenia’s highlights. As part of the Alpe-Adria-Trail long-distance hiking trail, you can discover the most beautiful nature in the region here.

But also walks through the Seven Lakes Valley will inspire you immediately. Still not enough?

The Slovenian Karawanken mountains inspire with their unbelievable originality and diverse possibilities. In the immediate vicinity are the Steiner Alps with the mountain village of Jezersko.

Around the well-known holiday resort of Bled, you can hike through the Vintgar Gorge or enjoy the beautiful views of Lake Bled from Mount Ojstrica.

A stopover in the Logar Valley with hikes through idyllic and lush green nature is particularly worthwhile, or you can drive towards the Pokljuka plateau.

Water sports in Slovenia / Slovenia Travel Guide

Slovenia Travel Guide - Activities

Slovenia Travel Guide – Activities

Do you like thrills and action? Then rafting or canyoning tours in the Soča Valley are among the absolute highlights of your trip. Between rapids, shallow water and sparkling colors you can experience an unforgettable excursion – you will remember it for years to come, I promise.

In short: the Bovec region is one of the outdoor paradises of Slovenia and offers you a wealth of leisure activities. And kayaking on one of the numerous rivers in Slovenia is also a specialty.

Skiing in Slovenia Tips

If you want to travel to Slovenia in winter and like to go skiing, you should inform yourself about the numerous small ski areas in Slovenia.

The Kranjska Gora ski area is not only one of the best-known leisure areas, but also one of the most popular winter sports resorts in the country. You can spend a varied day in the winter wonderland on over 20 kilometers of slopes.

The largest ski area in Slovenia is the Maribor Pohorje ski area. Here you have the chance to combine cultural influences of the city of Maribor with exercise in nature. Almost 25 runs make your heart beat faster.

Or do you prefer cross-country skiing? The Pokljuka plateau with its cross-country skiing and biathlon center is a welcome destination.

Finally, you should be familiar with the Vogel ski area. In the middle of the Triglav National Park, you are greeted not only by picturesque nature, but also by varied skiing fun. One of the most beautiful Slovenia tips!

Other activities in Slovenia:

With the museum train through Slovenia
Bike tours along the Slovenian coast
Drive along the Vršič Pass
Visit to the Lipica stud farm
Zipline in the Soča Valley
Paragliding in Bovec
Get to know thermal baths and medicinal baths in Slovenia
Visit the Biathlon World Cup in Pokljuka
Discover the Slovenian National Museum

Excursions from Slovenia Tips

If you are going to Slovenia by car, there are a few stops you can make on the way to or from Slovenia. For a week’s holiday you should focus entirely on Slovenia, but if you have more days available, it’s worth taking a look at the exciting excursion destinations from Slovenia.

For many travellers, Slovenia is a transit for a holiday in Croatia. But as you have now realized, the country is so much more than just a transit country.

After exploring Slovenia, you could plan an onward journey to the Croatian peninsula of Istria. Or you can take a break in the Austrian state of Carinthia or stop at one of Austria’s numerous lakes.

The proximity to Italy with the port city of Trieste or the lagoon city of Venice also leaves room for more imagination.

Eating & drinking in Slovenia / Slovenia Travel Guide

Fresh vegetables, regional and hearty dishes characterize the cuisine of Slovenia, whereby the influence of the location between the Alps, the Mediterranean and the Balkans cannot be denied. On your journey you will find rustic Slovenia with its delicious, unusual dishes in regional inns or on old farms.

The national dish of Slovenia is called Matevž and consists of beans and potatoes. In addition, the air-dried Karst ham is one of the top specialties in the country and the Carniolan sausage can be found on many menus.

But delicious desserts are also part of the Slovenia tips. Štruklji are pasta filled with cottage cheese. The Prekmurska gibanica pastry consists of poppy seeds, walnuts, raisins and quark – sounds delicious, doesn’t it?

The typical Slovenian nut rolls are called potica. Delicious as well!

And did you know that you should definitely buy Slovenian wine when you are there? In the small country you should visit some of the wineries during your round trip and buy one or two souvenirs.

Top wineries in Slovenia:

Slovenia Tips - Wineries

Slovenia Tips – Wineries

Wine Gross
VINAKOPER – Vinski Boutique
Dveri Pax
KLET BRDA, z.o.o. Dobrovo
Vino Marc
Batic Winery

Questions about holidays in Slovenia / Where is Slovenia most beautiful?

Due to the uniqueness of Slovenia you will find beautiful places everywhere. It all depends on the type of vacation.

Is a trip to Slovenia worth it?

Yes absolutely. In a small area you will find picturesque coastal towns, mystical mountains and cities worth seeing. Variety is guaranteed.

Which Slovenia sights do you absolutely have to see?

Ljubljana, Maribor, Piran, Triglav National Park, Lake Bled & Soča Valley

What is the usual tip in Slovenia?

In Slovenia, tips are up to 10%.

Do you have to pay tolls in Slovenia?

You have to pay tolls for motorways and expressways in Slovenia.

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