Tavşanburnu (Rabbit Nose) Nature Park

Located at the seafront, Tavşan Burnu Nature Park is one of the addresses where you can get away from the noise of the city, get rid of stress, read your book under the trees and have a picnic.

You can come to the park, which is 6 kilometers away from the center of Didim, as well as the opportunity to have a tent and caravan holiday. You can set up your own tent in the camping area or rent a tent daily.

You can easily do your shopping at the market in the camp where you can meet your toilet and shower needs. You can find the entrance and accommodation fees of Tavşan Burnu Nature Park, which offers a holiday in touch with nature.


With the approval of the Ministry Authority dated 11.07.2011 and numbered 903, the status of the Recreation Area was canceled and it was declared a Nature Park in accordance with Article 3 of the National Parks Law No. 2873. Its total area is 15.87 Ha.

While there were sparse and natural Juniper trees on the field, species such as Pistachio Pine, Eucalyptus, Cyprus Acacia, and Iron Tree, Catalpa, Ash Tree as individual individuals were brought to the field with the subsequent afforestation works. There is a shading environment in most of the areas suitable for camping and picnic use. As shrub and scrub flora; Species such as Sandalwood, Wild Olive, Akçakesme, Plum Oak and Kermes Oak, and Forest Ivy, Laden, Thyme and various meadow grasses are spread throughout the field.

Tavsanburnu Nature Park; Being located on the edge of a historical and touristic ancient city like Didim, being covered with different types of trees that create a shading environment; shallow, clean and beautiful sea; It has a high recreational potential with its unique landscape texture created at sunrise and sunset.

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