The 10 most beautiful beaches on Crete

Crystal clear water, fine sand, hustle and bustle, heavenly peace or seclusion – Crete’s beaches are numerous and of remarkable beauty. We have compiled the ten best for you here:

Balos Beach

Bálos is like something that actually belongs in the South Seas or at least in the Caribbean. The water is sky blue, the sand almost white, the panorama looks so fake, as if the busy people from the tourist office beamed it to the horizon early in the morning, before the first guests arrived. To the left of the actual beach is a kind of natural paddling pool, a lagoon where the water is only ankle-high and where some visitors put their camping chairs.

Preveli Beach

The beautiful Preveli Beach is one of two Cretan beaches that even have palm trees. There is also soft sand and shallow, crystal-clear water. Crete’s notorious north winds don’t put a spanner in the works in such a sheltered bay. For children there are raft and sandcastle building opportunities on a small stream and also a group of geese.

Plakias Beach

Plakias Beach is a mile long and 30 meters wide, a mix of sand and shingle that slopes gently into the water (the surf can still get quite rough here when it’s windy). The further you walk towards Cape Kakomoúri at the end of the bay, the finer and softer the sand becomes. Incidentally, the cape with its almost vertical rock face is a hotspot for climbers.

Falassarna Beach

Falassarna Beach is so enchanting that it can sometimes get a bit busy on some parts of the beach. What do you do then? You just walk a few hundred meters north. To the small bays. The big boulders there look as if an angry Zeus threw them at some demigod in anger. Between them is a wonderful place to spread your towel and watch the hours of time pass by.

Malia Beach

On this beautiful piece of coast in the northeast of the island, every stretch of beach, no matter how small, has its own name: Potamos Beach, Small Beach, Tropical Beach, Sun Beach, Central Beach. But it doesn’t have to bother you: you simply enter “Malia Beach” in the navigation system, drive your rental car to one of the parking lots at the eastern end and then look for a suitable place: that’s it. Because there is a perfect spot for everyone on this beach, there are quiet sections as well as parts where entertainment is provided.

Georgioupolis Beach

Everyone who is traveling from Heraklion towards Chania passes by this beach. And it’s so long that nobody really seems to know where it ends. After a few kilometers, Georgioupolis Beach merges into the beaches of Episkopi and Petres. Because the beach is so long, even the big Cretan weekend crowds get lost in high season; if you come in the off-season, you have endless space for yourself. And sand. And sea…


Elafonisi clearly belongs in the dream beach category. Perfectly formed crescents, powder-fine sand, ankle-deep, large lagoon – it actually looks like the Caribbean here. Elafonisi is fantastic for families because of the many sandcastle building and splashing opportunities. On the beach you will find toilets, showers, stalls and small restaurants.

Analipsi Beach

Analipsi is the opposite of many other beaches on this island: the sand is not quite as fine and the sun lounger and parasol rental companies are not as numerous. In the immediate vicinity of loud and bustling Hersonissos, Analipsi has retained an endearingly original and slightly rugged charm – a beach ideal for families, individualists and anyone who doesn’t need a live DJ for lunch with souvlaki and fries.

Ammoudi Beach

This is one of those places where you can completely lose track of time. From Plakias it takes maybe ten minutes by rental car, parking is free, some visitors are nudists, but there are also many families. The water is crystal clear, but gets deep very quickly. And you will also find a small beach bar.

Rethymnon Beach

A great beach, several kilometers long and with fine, golden sand, especially on the first part, which begins to glow in the low evening sun. The westernmost section is within walking distance; if you want, you can go straight to swimming after strolling through the old town: the beach starts right next to the marina. Of course you will find everything you need for carefree bathing fun here: toilets, showers, lifeguards, water sports equipment rental.

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