The Best Flea Markets in Berlin

The 7 best flea and art markets in the capital / The Best Flea Markets in Berlin

Anyone who likes to while away their weekends browsing and haggling is in good hands at flea markets. / The Best Flea Markets in Berlin

Luckily for you, there are countless flea markets in Berlin for a relaxed Sunday stroll. No matter whether you are an absolute flea market junkie or a newbie, you can rummage, rummage and bargain to your heart’s content at these top flea markets in Berlin. The selection of junk, junk and vintage is more than huge. Off to the fray!

Mauerpark flea market

Our hunt for the top flea markets in Berlin begins in Mauerpark. The Mauerpark flea market that takes place there is no longer a secret, but it is undoubtedly one of the best in the city. In addition to second-hand items and clothing, a lot of homemade and handmade items are also sold at the flea market. Jewellery, bags, decorative items and useful gadgets.

he majority of the dealers in Mauerpark are artists, students and private individuals. In between you will find a great street food corner with around 30 stands where you can treat yourself to a few hunger-satisfying appetizers. The selection ranges from vegan gyros to Italian sandwiches and Japanese vegetable pancakes. Incidentally, the Mauerpark is located in the lively district of Prenzlauer Berg and has good public transport connections.

Flea market at Arkonaplatz

The nearest candidate for the top flea markets in Berlin is not even a 10-minute walk from Mauerpark. The flea market at Arkonaplatz is a somewhat smaller and manageable flea market in Berlin-Mitte. In contrast to the Mauerpark, the Kiez flea market is still an insider tip, even among Berliners.

That’s why Arkonaplatz isn’t overcrowded, even on sunny weekends, and you don’t have to push your way through the rows to get a glimpse of the bargains. Most traders and visitors come from the Kiez, which makes the flea market so familiar and warm. Besides the usual stuff sold at flea markets, the Arkonaplatz flea market surprises with heaps of products from the GDR era.

Art and flea market Fehrbelliner Platz

We continue to Fehrbelliner Platz, where the flea market on Fehrbelliner Platz takes place every Saturday and Sunday. You can see the market as soon as you step out of the subway station, directly in front of the Parkcafé. Rummage through the tables and boxes full of clothes, bags, books, pallets, CDs and find some real treasures.

What is special about this flea market? From April to November, countless artists and craftsmen lure visitors to the additional art mile. You can recognize the mile by the red unrolled carpet across from the park café. From paintings, ceramics and jewelry to furniture, everything is there.

Flea market Fesche Lotte

The next flea market for our list of top flea markets in Berlin is the Fesche Lotte. The main focus of this lifestyle market is primarily on clothing. Clothes as far as the eye can see, in all colors and cuts. And of course the right accessories should not be missing.

Designers showcase their handmade creations while collectors seek new homes for their vintage favourites. The selection is almost endless, so there should be something for everyone. All kinds of talented musicians on Kranoldplatz ensure a good mood and the right mood. There is a handicraft corner for the little market visitors, while the older ones can take part in a flower workshop.

Flea market at Boxhagener Platz

One of the most popular flea markets in Berlin is in the middle of the popular Simon-Dach-Kiez. The flea market at Boxhagener Platz is not only popular with Berliners themselves, but also with tourists to go bargain hunting. Classic clothes, books, art, vinyl, bags and second-hand treasures are for sale.

In addition to the food stands that provide you with snacks and thirst quenchers, there are also a large number of restaurants around Boxhagener Platz that should leave nothing to be desired. The district is particularly known for the wide range of vegan restaurants and bars.

Nowkoelln flow market

The market on Maybachufer, which recurs every two weeks, is also one of the top flea markets in Berlin. The Nowkölln Flowmarkt is purely a second-hand flea market, so you won’t be able to find new factory goods here.

Many Berlin designers also use the flea market on the Landwehr Canal to market their elaborately produced pieces of jewellery, t-shirts and accessories. But that’s not all: Tuesdays and Fridays from 11:00 to 18:00 you will find the BiOriental market at this location with an enormous selection of fresh fruit and vegetables. And on Saturdays, a motley fabric and textile market awaits you on the Maybachufer.

Indoor flea market at the Arena

Finally, an alternative for flea markets in Berlin when the weather is bad. Because just because it rains at the weekend doesn’t mean that you have to give up the treasure hunt. Luckily there is the covered flea market in the arena. Incidentally, Arena means the Treptower Arena in the Alt-Treptow district.

On almost 3,000 m² you will find all kinds of junk in the hall. Used electrical appliances, furniture, car tires, clocks, lamps and more odds and ends are just waiting to find a new home. Since the hall is not particularly sorted, you literally have to dig for treasures here. But in most cases the digging is worth it, mainly because of the fair prices and the sellers who are willing to negotiate.

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