The best travel tips for Tel Aviv: Beaches, nightlife

Tel Aviv is beach, vibrant nightlife, culture and indulgence. The Israeli metropolis is reminiscent of Berlin or New York in terms of feeling, only it is significantly smaller.

Perhaps it’s the mix of oriental and western that makes Israel’s second largest city so appealing.

In addition to a dazzling nightlife and a thriving art scene, the geographical advantages of the city cannot be denied: Located directly on the sea, the fine sandy beaches of Tel Aviv offer the opportunity to swim, sunbathe or stroll along the promenade. Tel Aviv also has a wide range of cultural offerings. What not to miss when vacationing in Tel Aviv:

What and where to eat in Tel Aviv?

Food plays an important role in Israeli culture, so it’s no wonder that cafes and restaurants are popular meeting places. There is a huge number of influences that shape the dishes: Arabic, Persian, Palestinian. And those approaches from all over the world that all the Jewish families who came to Israel in the last century brought with them.

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The global influences are reflected in the variety of restaurants, from traditional Jewish cuisine to Moroccan and Japanese fast food, everything is available here. Don’t miss the roasted cauliflower, hummus, falafel and shakshuka, which are eggs poached in a zesty tomato sauce.

My tip: If you want to enjoy authentic Israeli cuisine, you don’t have to go to restaurants. There are delicious street food spots around every corner, as well as numerous markets, such as Carmel Market. Traditional snacks and delicious baklava are available here for little money. Concentrated cuisine in one place is also available in the Sarona Market on Kalman Magen Street. More than 90 food stands and restaurants bustle about on 8700 square meters. The operators describe themselves as Israel’s largest culinary marketplace. Jaffa also has a bustling market with alleys full of stalls. There are delicious Ottoman and Turkish dishes here.

Tel Aviv nightlife

Tel Aviv’s legendary nightlife attracts DJs from all over the world. With the great location on the Mediterranean and the guaranteed feel-good climate, the night in the Israeli metropolis is full of life. In the traditional Mediterranean style, late dinners are served and nights are spent outdoors.

Especially recommended: the inner courtyard of the radio station There are few tourists here, delicious pizza, beer and arak, the name of the Israeli house liquor made from anise, at reasonable prices and often live music. An ideal start to the party night!

What is a must-see on a vacation to Tel Aviv?

Historic Jaffa and the White City. To be correct, Tel Aviv is actually called Tel Aviv-Jaffa – and the latter slot is definitely worth checking out. The oriental influenced Jaffa with its winding old town stands in contrast to the modern Tel Aviv. Aesthetically, this is shaped, among other things, by its White City, a district with more than 4,000 Bauhaus buildings from the 1930s.

You should also visit the Florentin and Neve Tzedek districts. Both quarters are south of downtown, relatively close to the beach and very artistic. However, hotels here are often very expensive. For those who want cheaper accommodation, I can recommend the Abraham Hostel. It’s only two minutes away from the famous Rothschild Avenue, the atmosphere is informal and relaxed and it’s easy to make friends.

The best beaches in Tel Aviv / Banana Beach

One kilometer north of the old town of Jaffa you will find the middle-aged people at Banana Beach. Families with young children and those over 30 seek tranquility and moderate entertainment at Banana Beach in Tel Aviv. In addition to relaxing on the beach, you can watch “Matkot”, a game that can’t really be decided between table tennis and tennis.

Sheraton Beach

If you want a lot of peace and quiet from the noisy party people on the beach in Tel Aviv, you will find it on Sheraton Beach in front of the hotel of the same name. But Sheraton is extremely popular with families with children. Playgrounds for the little ones, leisure and sports facilities for the grown-ups and access for wheelchair users characterize this section of the beach.

Hof Hatzuk Beach

Named after the hotel, Hof Hatzuk Beach is the only one in Tel Aviv that charges admission. Located in the far north, south of the port, this beach is characterized by cleanliness and comfort and a suitably serious crowd.

Hilton Beach

Swim without waves in the Mediterranean? That’s not a problem at the Hilton Beach in Tel Aviv. The two moles create an artificial, quiet bay for the marina. The only drawback: the surfers, sailboats, canoes and anyone else who dares to venture out onto the sea in motor-independent vehicles share the bay with the swimmers. From a surfer’s point of view, Hilton Beach in Tel Aviv is a top spot. The waves can’t be that bad when champion Arthur Rashkovan grew up on Hilton Beach.

Givat Aliya, Ajami

In the very south of Tel Aviv, still south of Old Jaffa and the port and at the end of the promenade, lies the beach of Ajami and Givat Aliya. This stretch of beach is for romantics who don’t necessarily want to go swimming: high waves and a rocky shore as well as little tourist infrastructure are good for sightseeing and sunbathing. There are sun loungers as well as parasols. There are Arabic snack bars and small restaurants on the promenade. And you can find free parking, a luxury in Tel Aviv.

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