The most beautiful beaches in Netherlands

Do you fancy a vacation at the beach? Unfortunately, your summer budget is not enough for the Caribbean this year? No problem! As is well known, our beautiful neighboring country Netherlands is located on the North Sea and it will probably not surprise you that you can also have a great beach holiday there.

You can often come to Holland for just a small thaler. You can arrive by car or alternatively by FlixBus or train. If you can’t wait and want to be there as soon as possible, you should of course fly. Amsterdam Schiphol is a good starting point. It is not far from the airport to the sea. For the onward journey, the FlixBus or the Dutch train are available. But you don’t know exactly where to go next? Here I show you the most beautiful beaches in Holland!

The most beautiful beaches in Holland at a glance


In the province of Zeeland you will find several of the most beautiful beaches in Holland. One of them is the beach of Zoutelande, a small village with just under 1500 inhabitants. Due to the high dunes, it is almost always pleasantly warm on the beach. Zoutlelande is known for its particularly high hours of sunshine and it is not surprising that Zoutlelande has become a popular holiday resort. On the beautiful beach promenade there are small cafes and a shopping center that invites you to stroll. I recommend you to take a walk on the beach at sunset, this sight is really unique and beautiful.


You’ve probably heard of Ameland, haven’t you? The Wadden Island is undoubtedly one of the most popular holiday regions in Holland. Ameland has several large and beautiful beaches that are worth a visit at any time of the year. If you don’t feel like lying on the beach surrounded by other holidaymakers, you can just go a little further. There is definitely enough beach for everyone on Ameland.

When you’ve had enough of the sun, you can grab a bite to eat or drink in one of the many beautiful beach pavilions. And what could be nicer than enjoying a cool drink in a beach chair on one of the most beautiful beaches in Holland? The quality of the beach depends heavily on whether it is high or low tide. By the way, when the tide changes, you can find the most beautiful shells and take long walks on the beach.


Another magical Wadden island is Texel. Texel consists of a number of beautiful nature reserves, of which the beaches make up only a small part. You should definitely take a walk to the Eierland dunes. The dune area consists of many hikers’ houses, which regularly lead to one of Texel’s beaches.

In addition, you are in the Eierlandse dunes near the Texel lighthouse, which offers a beautiful view of the island. On average, the wind blows stronger on the beaches of Texel than on the mainland beaches. That’s why the beaches of Texel, which are among the most beautiful beaches in Holland, are also very popular with surfers.

Bergen aan Zee

Another beach that cannot be missing from the list of the most beautiful beaches in Holland is the beach at Bergen aan Zee. The small village on the coast of the North Holland region is a true paradise for all water sports enthusiasts and bathing beauties. Sailing, surfing or swimming: you have the best conditions for all of this in the water of Bergen aan Zee. Those who are not so much into beach and swimming should explore the beach promenade and the island by bike. Here, too, there are cute beach pavilions that take care of your physical well-being.


The beach of Noordwijk is only about 12km away from Leiden and is therefore also ideal for a day trip on a Holland city break. The possibilities on Noordwijk seem endless. Extensive horseback rides along the beach are particularly popular.

The fine sandy beach also invites you to sunbathe and swim. If you want more excitement, you can also rent a kayak and discover the beach from a completely different perspective. This of the most beautiful beaches in Holland is also a perfect place for a nice barbecue with friends.

Egmond aan Zee

Another great beach in the province of Noord-Holland is that of Egmond aan Zee. Similar to Bergen aan Zee, Egmond aan Zee is a small town right by the sea. The beach is about 45 minutes by bike from Alkmaar and what would a holiday in Holland be without a bike ride or two?

This beach is also one of the most beautiful beaches in Holland, if only because the bathing water here is really good and clear. For those of you who rent a car or even drive to Holland by car, this beach is particularly suitable due to the many parking spaces near the beach.


The beautiful beach in Ouddorp is also perfect for a mix of city trips and beach holidays. The beach is less than an hour from Rotterdam. So how about an exciting party weekend in hip Rotterdam and then relaxing right on one of the most beautiful beaches in Holland, Ouddorp Beach? Also referred to as one of the islands of Zeeland, the cute village is equally popular with cyclists and sunbathers and water lovers.

Cadzand bath

If you can’t decide whether to go on holiday to Belgium or the Netherlands, I recommend a trip to Cadzand-Bad Beach. The national park Het Zwin not far from the 10 km long beautiful sandy beach is half in Holland and half in Belgium.

The national park and the beach are particularly known for being incredibly clean and well-kept. For this reason the beach is one of the most beautiful beaches in Holland and very popular with tourists and Dutch people alike!

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