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A holiday on one of the German Baltic Sea islands has become an integral part of many travelers’ annual holiday plans. No wonder, because you can also spend a great beach holiday in Germany, you don’t have to drive far for that. The holiday island of Usedom in the Pomeranian Bay is particularly popular, for example with families. It is also a great destination for a romantic getaway, wellness vacation or a weekend trip with your best friends, because the diverse island has a lot to offer. Holidaymakers can expect a total of 40 kilometers of sandy beaches to walk and relax in, hiking and biking trails, great excursion destinations and sights, endless hours of sunshine and much more. The island’s cross-border beach promenade, on which you can stroll from Germany to Poland, is particularly cool. In these Usedom tips you will receive the necessary information worth knowing so that you can plan your next Baltic Sea vacation on the sunny German island perfectly.

Getting to Usedom / By car to Usedom

As is the case with most German islands, Usedom can also be reached in various ways. Getting to Usedom by car is possible via two bridges that connect the mainland with the island.

Holidaymakers arriving from the west via Hamburg should best get to Usedom via the Peenebrücke Wolgaster. For those arriving from Berlin, on the other hand, the Zecherin Bridge is ideal.

If you would like to travel by rental car and explore the island flexibly, you will find a suitable offer here.

By train to Usedom

You can also get to the popular Baltic Sea island quickly by train. Various Deutsche Bahn train connections bring you easily to Usedom from many German cities.

Depending on where you start, you usually get to the train station in Züssow via Berlin. When you get there, all you have to do is hop on one of the regular Usedomer bathing trains (UBB). After a nice ride over the Wolgast bascule bridge, these will take you directly to the island. Bathing trains stop at various seaside resorts. One of the special Usedom tips.

You can find the right tickets for traveling by train to Usedom here on the DB.

By bus to Usedom

For all bargain hunters there is also the possibility to take the bus to Usedom. The long-distance bus company Flixbus, for example, offers connections from Hamburg, Berlin, Dresden and Leipzig. Most routes are served in the summer months from April to October.

By plane to Usedom

The island of Usedom can even be reached by plane. There is a regional airport in Heringsdorf. There are direct flights to Heringsdorf Airport from Frankfurt, Kassel, Luxembourg and Bern.

However, the flights to Usedom can be a bit expensive and are only available in the summer months, so that in most cases one of the other alternatives for the journey is more worthwhile.

Incidentally, aircraft enthusiasts will find an aircraft exhibition and adventure world in “Hangar 10” at Usedom Airport.

Best time to visit Usedom?

With an average of 1906 hours of sunshine a year, Usedom is the sunniest island in Germany and is therefore ideal for a beach holiday. If you want a summer and beach holiday with guaranteed sunshine, the best time to travel to Usedom is in the summer months of June, July, August and September.

But a trip to the island is already worthwhile from May. Only the very brave dare to go into the cold water here, but with up to 16 degrees and little precipitation it can be very nice here.

Even in autumn, the climate is still relatively mild, so that October on Usedom should also be attractive for many. If you want to avoid large crowds of tourists during the holiday season, you will have a great holiday on Usedom in both spring and autumn in addition to the summer months.

The best travel time for Usedom is, similar to the best travel time for the Baltic Sea, between May and October. In these months, the sun-drenched island also offers its holidaymakers the most hours of sunshine. Those are beautiful prospects!

Vacation spots on Usedom

You want to go to Usedom, but don’t know exactly where to go? The island has many beautiful places to offer, which are suitable for a holiday, depending on the type of holiday. Maybe our Usedom tips will help you with your decision.

The most famous vacation spots on Usedom include Ahlbeck, Heringsdorf and Bansin. The three imperial baths enchant with great spa architecture, beautiful villas, beach, piers, and much more. Here you are right in the middle of what is happening on the island and you have sights, shopping and activities right on your doorstep.

The four amber baths in Zempin, Koserow, Loddin and Ückeritz are also beautiful and popular. These are located at the narrowest point of Usedom in the middle of the island. With a bit of luck you can find amber here on the beach, because it is particularly common here on the island.

Those who prefer to live directly in the city and would like to learn and experience something about the history and culture of the region can visit cities such as Usedom (city), Swinemünde or Wolgast or stay here.

Those who prefer it quiet will find a suitable vacation spot in the beautiful Usedom Achterland. Untouched nature, diverse flora and fauna and idyllic villages invite you to a relaxing holiday, far away from the crowds of tourists.

Other well-known places on the island are Peenemünde, Karlshagen, Trassenheide and Zinnowitz in the north of the island.

Sights on Usedom

In addition to beautiful holiday resorts, beaches, delicious fish sandwiches and good weather, the island naturally has a lot more to offer, such as the great resort architecture. You can find out more about the sights on Usedom in the following section.

The Imperial Baths of Usedom

One of the top sights of Usedom are the three imperial baths of Ahlbeck, Heringsdorf and Bansin. Of course, the seaside resorts with their unique resort architecture should not be missing in our Usedom tips.

Directly on the coast of the island, the three imperial baths of Usedom attract numerous visitors. Magnificent villas and wellness hotels are lined up here. Of course, the white sandy beaches and the piers located here are popular.

At all three seaside resorts you will find numerous offers and opportunities for culture, sport and relaxation. There are also many shops, restaurants, cafés and bars here, so you can take a wonderful walk along the promenade and linger in between.

The amber baths of Usedom

The already mentioned amber baths of Zempin, Koserow, Loddin and Ückeritz are located at the narrowest point of Usedom in the middle of the island, between the Baltic Sea and the backwaters. The seaside resorts owe their name to the beautiful yellow gemstone that you can often find on the beaches here, especially after a stormy day.

In contrast to the magnificent villas of the imperial baths, you will find mainly thatched houses, idyllic nature, forests and tranquility far away from mass tourism. Of course, the amber baths can also shine with beautiful beaches, the largest beach of the four baths is in Koserow.

The amber, the gold of the sea, makes these places very special. If you were not lucky on the beach and accidentally found a small souvenir while walking along the beach, you can buy a handmade piece of amber jewelery in the numerous jewelery shops on the island.

Once a year, the amber baths even devote themselves entirely to the gemstone with programs and events at the “Usedom Amber Days”.

Usedom piers

The piers of Usedom are the landmarks of the island and are a popular photo motif. There are many piers on the island, the most famous being those of the popular imperial baths.

The Ahlbeck pier, for example, is the oldest pier in Germany, as it was opened in 1898.

The Heringsdorf pier also breaks records – at 508 meters it is the longest pier in Germany.

In addition, the Bansin pier and the Zinnowitz pier have long been popular destinations for excursions and photo opportunities.

The newest of the Usedom piers is the Koserow pier. It only reopened in June 2021 and follows two predecessors, both of which were destroyed by storms.

The new bridge is barrier-free, has an event platform and a bell tower at the end. In addition, it is not built straight like the other piers, but wave-shaped and is made to shine in the evening by LED lighting.

Usedom’s beach promenade

Europe’s longest beach promenade is located on Usedom. The approximately 12 km long promenade leads from Bansin to Świnoujście. It is therefore cross-border, so that you can stroll along the Baltic Sea from Germany to Poland.

Here you should definitely take the opportunity to visit the Polish coastal town. Swinemünde, which not only extends over the island of Usedom but also over Wollin and Kaseburg, has a lot to offer.

So you can discover a lot on a walk along the promenade, relax on the beach, shop or linger in a café or restaurant. It also connects the imperial baths of Usedom with each other.

Of course, the promenade is also suitable for sporting activities, such as a nice bike ride, inline skating or a round of jogging.

diving gondola Zinnowitz

There is a diving gondola at the end of the 315 meter long pier at Zinnowitz. The diving gondola Zinnowitz was opened in 2006 and is therefore the first diving gondola in the world. It is a pioneer of other diving gondolas, such as the one on the island of Rügen.

Up to 24 visitors can dive 4 meters below the water surface in the gondola. Here, just above the sea floor, you can observe the underwater world and sea creatures of the Baltic Sea through the panoramic windows.

XXL beach chair in Heringsdorf

There are beach chairs on the beaches of Usedom like sand on the sea and they often serve as a popular photo motif on many holiday pictures. But one thing in particular stands out here and cannot be overlooked – the XXL beach chair in Heringsdorf.

With space for up to 90 people, it is the largest beach chair in the world. The 4 meter high and 6 meter wide beach chair is located directly at the pier in the Baltic Sea resort of Heringsdorf on the promenade.

It was made in 2014 by Germany’s oldest beach chair manufacturer in Heringsdorf. Today it is one of the most popular photo opportunities on the island.

Most beautiful beaches on Usedom

As befits an island, Usedom can of course also score with great beaches. The sunniest island in Germany offers the best conditions for a beautiful beach holiday and with over 40 kilometers of sandy beaches there is something for everyone on the island – whether families, people looking for peace or water sports enthusiasts.

Of course, the most beautiful beaches on Usedom also include those of the imperial baths, which we have already introduced to you. We will present more to you in the following section of our Usedom tips.

Zinnowitz beach is one of the most beautiful beaches in Usedom and, in addition to the white sandy beach, offers numerous activities and fun for the whole family. There are many sporting opportunities here, from water sports to volleyball, and the wide, shallow areas in the water are great for children.

If you prefer to relax, you can rent one of the beach chairs and enjoy the sun and the hustle and bustle on the popular beach. There are also separate nudist and dog sections. So everyone will find their place here.

The highlight of the beach is the Zinnowitz pier with the diving gondola. Furthermore, you will find shops and restaurants on the lively promenade, should you want to stroll around or be hungry.

The Zinnowitz concert shell is also located here on the promenade, where programs and events take place regularly. There is so much to do and discover at Zinnowitzer Strand that you can easily spend a whole day here.

Peenemuende Beach

Nature lovers will like the beach of Peenemünde. This is located directly on the Peenemünder Haken nature reserve and thus offers a very quiet and beautiful backdrop. Unspoilt nature awaits vacationers here and a white, spacious sandy beach that is not overcrowded.

But there are no offers, shops or other infrastructure here, so you have to bring everything yourself for a day at the beach. Because of this, you can also enjoy peace and quiet away from mass tourism and the otherwise very popular beaches on the island.

Parking is available a few hundred meters away, so it’s a short walk to the beach. Or you can visit him on a short bike tour.

Trassenheide beach

The Trassenheide beach is considered to be particularly family-friendly. There is a shallow water area as well as activities and facilities for children. Nevertheless, you can also relax and enjoy the peace and quiet in the seaside resort.

The almost four kilometer long beach with fine, white sand is divided into different sections and is therefore suitable for everyone – whether families with children, dog owners, athletes, couples or those looking for peace and quiet.

Events also take place here, in the concert shell, which is located directly behind the dunes of the beach. Because of its versatility, size and the beautiful sandy beach, the Trassenheide beach is one of the best beaches on Usedom for us.

Karlshagen beach

The Karlshagen beach offers a beautiful, wide sandy beach and is ideal for families as well as athletes. There is a sports beach here, which is great for water sports enthusiasts, and there are a total of seven volleyball facilities on the 1200 meter long beach.

Families with children should be happy about the shallow entry into the water and the children’s playground. There is also a nudist beach and a dog beach, as is usual on most beaches on Usedom. The blue flag on the beach speaks for the good quality of the water.

The promenade also offers numerous other entertainment options, such as a mini golf course and some dining options.

Beach Ueckeritz

A perhaps even more secret and hidden Usedom tip is the Ückeritz beach. The beach at the edge of the forest is a total of 7 kilometers long and offers holidaymakers not only plenty of space but also the best conditions for a beautiful day at the beach with fine, white sand.

Here you will find steep and flat coasts and an idyllic setting with beech forests. Beach chairs can be rented at the main entrance, there are also restaurants and a few shops here.

Nature lovers will like the location, because the beach offers the ideal starting point to discover the Usedom nature park with forests and hiking trails. The Wocknin Lake, for example, is not far from the forest behind the beach.

Zempin Beach

If you are looking for an idyll, you will find it in Zempin. Here in the quiet and small fishing village is the seaside resort of Zempin, which is the smallest on Usedom. It is located at the narrowest part of the island between the Baltic Sea and the backwaters, so you can walk from one body of water to the other.

The location right next to the forest also invites you to go for a walk, hike or bike ride before or after a day at the beach. In the small town of Zempin you will find rustic thatched houses and a few restaurants.

On the narrow, fine sandy beach there are some loungers as well as nudist and dog sections. The beach and the surrounding area offer ideal conditions for relaxation and active vacationers.

Active holiday on Usedom

Active vacationers get their money’s worth on Usedom. Whether cycling, hiking, walking or water sports – the versatile island offers the perfect conditions for numerous activities. So a holiday will certainly not be boring. Of course, the best Usedom tips for leisure activities on Usedom should not be neglected here either.

Cycling on Usedom

Since the island of Usedom is relatively flat and has a well-developed network of cycle paths, it is ideal for cycling trips. Overall, the cycle paths on the island are over 200km long.

There are numerous cycle paths along the coast, so you can enjoy a great scenery while cycling on Usedom. The seaside resorts are also super connected by cycle paths. A great way for a bike trip on the coast of Usedom, for example, is the twelve-kilometer Europa-Promenade.

If you don’t have your own bike with you, you will find numerous rental stations on Usedom. With the bicycle rental system UsedeomRad, for example, you can rent and return bicycles around the clock in many corners of the island.

Hiking on Usedom

Whether hiking, Nordic walking, walking or jogging – you can also explore the island of Usedom on foot. There are great hiking trails and many opportunities for hiking on Usedom – whether guided or alone, long or short, on the beach or through the forest.

If you want to go high while walking, you should visit the Usedom treetop path. This was only opened in June 2021 and leads up to 23 meters high along the treetops with various learning and experience stations and is one of the most exciting Usedom tips.

The highlight of the path is the 33 meter high lookout tower, from which you get a great view over the island. Because the tower is on a mountain, it is the highest point on the island.

If you want to take it easy, you can of course simply take a nice walk on the beach or stroll along the promenade and enjoy the beautiful island.

Water sports on Usedom

Of course, an island like Usedom also offers the perfect conditions for numerous water sports. Water sports on Usedom include sailing, windsurfing, kite surfing, but also quieter activities such as stand-up paddling.

There are numerous great spots for water sports fans along the long coast of Usedom. There are also various water sports schools that offer courses for both beginners and professionals.

Riding on Usedom

For you, happiness on earth lies on horseback? Horse and riding lovers will definitely be happy on Usedom. There are numerous riding stables on the island and with forests, meadows and untouched nature, it offers the ideal conditions for beautiful horseback riding.

Of course, the island also offers the best conditions for horseback riding on the beach. Here you can enjoy the fresh Baltic Sea air and a wonderful backdrop on a horseback ride on the white sandy beach. You should have done that!

(Family-friendly) excursion destinations on Usedom

In addition to the already presented beautiful holiday resorts, beaches, sights as well as cycling and hiking trails, there are other destinations on Usedom that are worth a short trip. These are suitable for families with children as well as for those interested in culture and history and are always worth a trip. In our Usedom tips we present a few of them.

Animal and plant world on Usedom

A visit to the zoo is always a good idea, especially with children. The TropenZoo Bansin is the smallest zoo in Germany and a popular destination on the island. Around 150 animals from 70 species have their home here and can be visited 365 days a year.

The Trassenheide butterfly farm is Europe’s largest butterfly farm. Here you can discover up to 2500 colorful butterflies in the tropical biotope with exotic plants, one more beautiful than the other.

Anyone who likes colorful plants and flowers of all kinds or is looking for a beautiful backdrop for a walk will like the botanical garden on Usedom. There are mainly native plant species and colorful flowers on 60,000 square meters, divided into different individual gardens and themed areas. A really good Usedom tip!

Museums in Usedom

A visit to a museum on Usedom is also a good idea when looking for an excursion destination or an activity. There are many different museums on Usedom that should be interesting for young and old.

In the Historical Technical Museum in Peenemünde, visitors can learn about the history of German space and aviation. The museum is located in a former research facility, which was once home to Europe’s largest military research center.

Usedom Tips

Usedom Tips

Rocket and air force technology was researched and developed here during the Second World War. On the large grounds you will find exhibits such as airplanes and even a rocket ship.

In addition to the Historical-Technical Museum, the island has numerous other exciting museums to offer. Other history museums are the GDR Museum in Dargen and the U-Boat Museum in Peenemünde Harbour, the largest U-Boat Museum in the world.

Other museums for a nice trip are, for example, the Museum of Illusions in Ückeritz, the Toy Museum in Peenemünde, the Dutch Mill in Benz and many more.

Wellness in Usedom

Even on the sunniest island there are days when the weather doesn’t quite play along and the rain throws the planned day off. The weather can change quickly, especially on the coast.

If the weather outside is uncomfortable, you can really have a good time with wellness, for example. Usedom offers numerous wellness hotels, but also great thermal baths and spas where you can relax and which I don’t want to withhold from you in my Usedom tips.

The Ostseetherme Usedom is centrally located in the imperial baths of Ahlbeck, Heringsdorf and Bansin and offers its guests a large bathing and sauna world. Perfect for bathing fun with the whole family or a relaxing wellness day.

The Bernstein-Therme Zinnowitz is also ideal for a relaxing wellness day. Highlights here are the bathing paradise with seawater pool with fresh Baltic Sea water and the sauna area with beach sauna and direct access to the Baltic Sea. So you can jump from the sauna directly into the cool sea! A special Baltic Sea tip.

Eating & drinking in Usedom

Oh yes, such a holiday by the sea in Germany … for many, a delicious fish sandwich is simply part of it! This is of course no different on Usedom, numerous stalls on the promenades offer the typical snack. The perfect refreshment for in-between strolls along the coast.

For gourmets, the freshly caught fish in the numerous restaurants is of course not neglected. Whole fish, fillets, smoked, fried, fried – every fish lover will be happy here.

But in addition to fish, the island also has other culinary delicacies to offer, which we do not want to withhold from you in our Usedom tips.

The kitchen of Usedom is generally rather hearty and characterized by middle-class home cooking. Potatoes, stew and the like are often served here. But also international cuisine as well as upscale star cuisine can be found on the island.

In addition, you can explore the culinary art of the island of Usedom at gourmet events, for example, in addition to the herring and game weeks, there is the Grand Schlemm, a culinary beach hike.

Furthermore, there is the Inselkäserei on Usedom, which prepares delicious cheese according to old tradition and sells it in the rustic farm shop. Beers and various spirits are also brewed on the island. All great ideas for a souvenir to take home.

Nightlife in Usedom

Unlike the German North Sea island of Sylt, for example, Usedom is not necessarily known as a party island, but attracts with sun, peace and relaxation. Nevertheless, you can end the evening with a cocktail or wine on the popular island.

There are numerous pubs and bars on the coast in the seaside resorts such as Heringsdorf, Ahlbeck and Bansin. Of course, the beach promenade is also suitable for a nice evening.

Once a year, however, an event really stirs up the quiet island. In the summer, the Baltic Spring Break Festival takes place, a kind of huge beach party on the Baltic Sea. On the border beach of the seaside resort of Ahlbeck, there will be two days of partying, there are several stages and various DJs, acts and events. A Usedom tip for everyone who has always wanted to experience Spring Break on the beach!

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