What can be behind swollen fingers

Thickened, sore hands and swollen fingers are often a temporary, harmless thing. But they can also indicate more serious underlying diseases.

Many people complain about swollen fingers, especially on hot summer days. There is often a tingling sensation, a feeling of tension or numbness and restricted movement are also possible.

In the case of heat, the cause is usually an accumulation of fluid in the tissue (edema). The background: At high temperatures, the vessels dilate and the blood can circulate less well. This causes fluid to build up in the extremities.

First aid for swollen fingers

In the short term, it helps to move or massage your fingers to loosen the tissue fluid buildup. Gripping exercises can also relieve symptoms. Close your hands into a fist and open them again. Cool your hands – for example under running water. Avoid alcohol and cigarettes. If none of these measures help, there may be a serious illness behind the symptoms.

What diseases swollen fingers can indicate

If there are no visible injuries to the fingers, persistently swollen fingers can be an indication that individual body organs are not working properly. can be affected

the heart
the kidney or also
the liver.
Joint disease is also possible. In question about

gout or

Infections, allergies or diabetes can also be the cause. Swollen fingers are also common with hormone fluctuations, such as during pregnancy or menopause. And finally, some medications can also cause the symptoms, including the pill, cortisone, diuretics (water medication) or laxatives.

When to the doctor?

If the symptoms do not subside again in the short term despite the Este-Hilfe measures or if they recur again and again, you should consult a doctor. The first point of contact is the family doctor, who, after taking anamnesis, decides on further treatment by a specialist.

If the underlying diseases are not treated, permanent damage can occur, for example to the joints or the nerves in the fingers and hands.

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