Where to Stay in Thassos / The Best Thassos Hotels

Located in the northern part of Greece, just opposite the city of Kavala, the island of Thassos is known as one of the country’s popular holiday destinations. / Where to Stay in Thassos It is possible to reach the island, also known as the island of Taşöz in Turkish, in half a day by car from Istanbul. Thassos, which draws attention with its uniquely beautiful sea, beaches and calm life, can be reached by a short ferry ride from Kavala. The Best Areas to Stay in Thassos There are different options for accommodation in Thassos, which promises its visitors not only a sea holiday, but also a cultural and city holiday with its historical ruins. If you wish, you can spend your holiday by the sea or in pleasant facilities that are alone with nature. We have reviewed the most popular accommodation areas in Thassos so that you can choose between them comfortably. Scale Potamias Limenaria Limenas On the map, the red box is Limenaria, the blue box is Skala Potamias, and the green box is Limenas, that is, the center of Thassos. Scale Potamias / Where to Stay in Thassos One of the most popular holiday resorts of the island, Skala Potamias is located very close to Limenas, which is considered the center of Thassos, where the ferry from Kavala also docks. On the west coast of the island, with a beach of approximately 2 kilometers, Skala Potamias is ideal for those who want to stay in a resort located by the sea. Originally … Continue reading Where to Stay in Thassos / The Best Thassos Hotels