Beach vacation Bulgaria: The 10 most beautiful beaches

Bulgaria is bursting with wonderful natural landscapes and fascinating cultural sites – and its beaches are also amazing. We present you the 10 most beautiful among them!

Not only Bulgaria’s rolling hills, proud mountains, deep green forests and fascinating cities attract holidaymakers from near and far, but also the wonderful bathing resorts along the country’s Black Sea coast are always worth a visit. In our article we take a look at the 10 most beautiful beaches in Bulgaria!

1. Sunny Beach, Burgas district

Right at the beginning of our list of the most beautiful beaches in Bulgaria we will go to the most popular beach in the whole country: Sunny Beach near the town of Nessebar. A full eight kilometers of fine yellow beach awaits you here, peppered with everything a summer holidaymaker could wish for: sun loungers and umbrellas to relax in, bars and restaurants for a week’s refreshment, plenty of water sports to get active and a whole range of exciting beach and nightclubs to turn night into day too. If you prefer something a little quieter, you should head to the southern part of the beach, and if you want to do some traditional sightseeing between the sunbathing, splashing and partying sessions, you can do so directly in Nessebar.

2. Varna Beach, Varna District

We continue to the city beach of the largest city on the Bulgarian Black Sea coast: to the art and culture city of Varna. The beach boasts soft sand, great infrastructure and lots of things to do, while the proximity to the city itself also speaks for itself: Varna is therefore ideal for all those who want to combine sightseeing and beach holidays. Attention, however: During the high season in July and August, it can get quite crowded on the city beach of Varna – here it is advisable to switch to nearby alternatives such as the next beach in our list …

3. Pasha Dere beach, Varna district

Only a few kilometers south of Varna is Bulgaria’s next pearl of a beach: the beach of Pasha Dere. If you want to try a real insider tip among the Bulgarian beaches and, on top of that, want it to be as natural as possible, you should definitely make a detour here. The beach is only accessible via a road with little traffic and has almost no infrastructure – but it is not very busy even in summer and offers dreamlike silence with a perfect atmosphere. Just make sure to bring snacks and drinks with you for your visit!

4. Golden Sands (Golden Sands), Varna district

From the insider tip in the south of Varna, we continue to one of the most famous stretches of coast in the whole country: the Golden Sands, around 17 kilometers north of Varna. Similar to the sunny beach, the golden beach is also known for its lively atmosphere, its great infrastructure, which is completely convincing both during the bathing pleasure during the day and at the party celebrations in the evening, as well as – eponymous – the fine, actually golden sand of the coast section. In the immediate vicinity of the beach you will also find some beautifully furnished spas where you can relax in the warm thermal water, and if you are longing for some peace and quiet in nature, you can visit the nearby national park. And then of course there is Varna itself with all its fascinating sights and just a short hop away…

5. Beach of Vaya / Irakli, Burgas district

The next beach in our article about the most beautiful beaches in Bulgaria is actually a twin beach: Separated by the river Vaya, the double beach of Vaya and Irakli is located on the Bulgarian coast about halfway between Burgas and Varna and delights visitors with its two faces: While the northern stretch of beach at Vaya is more suited to the more traditional beach-goer and has a bar, restaurant and campsite, the southern stretch of Irakli is far wilder and is a popular spot for naturalists and those who prefer alternatives. Which part is better depends purely on your taste – in any case, the sand is fine and golden yellow on both sections and the sea is turquoise blue and clear.

6. Sozopol beach, Burgas district

In and around the historic town of Sozopol there are actually several gorgeous sandy beaches that deserve their place in this list, including Harmani Beach, Kavatsi Beach and the actual Sozopol City Beach, all of which are located within just a few kilometers of coastline Distribute Sozopol. The most popular of the city’s beaches is the city beach with its great view of the historic city center, which is also worth seeing in its own right. On all three beaches you will find atmospheric beach bars and restaurants where you can strengthen yourself or end the evening with cocktails, sun loungers and umbrellas to relax by the water, and also opportunities for water sports, such as diving, surfing or boating.

7. Bolata Beach (Cape Kaliakra), Dobrich District

The beautiful beach of Bolata, just north of Cape Kaliakra, is located in a small man-made bay and therefore offers particularly calm waters, making it the perfect beach holiday spot in Bulgaria for families with children. There is little infrastructure on the beach – a snack bar and a few sun loungers – but Bolata is hardly overcrowded even in summer and also boasts its proximity to the cape, which makes a wonderful excursion destination before or after swimming. To be on the safe side, take drinks and snacks with you when you visit here, as the beach bar is not open all the time.

8. Ahtopol beach, Burgas district

From the northern Dobrich district we come to the very south of Bulgaria, to the city of Ahtopol, whose city beach inspires with its natural, rough atmosphere. The city’s name goes back to its Greek roots and was originally called Agatopolis – the city of love. You can still fall in love there today, especially with the natural beauty of the region. On the beach itself you will find soft sand and clear water, which mostly falls flat and is therefore also ideal for holidays with children. In the immediate vicinity you will find beach bars and a café, and those who want to stay here for a longer period of time can also camp directly on the beach or book one of the apartments a few minutes’ walk away. In the western part of the beach there is also a nudist area.

9. Silistar beach, Burgas district

Even a little further south than Ahtopol is the penultimate beach on our list of the most beautiful beaches in Bulgaria: Silistar Beach. Surrounded by impressive, natural rock formations, Silistar not only offers fantastic views, but also crystal-clear, calm water, a gently sloping shore and golden-yellow, fine sand. Due to its rather secluded location and natural features, you can enjoy the heavenly tranquility in an untouched environment and also experience particularly beautiful beach adventures with the little ones. There are loungers for rent on Silistar beach, but you should bring your own drinks and snacks. Toilets are available at the nearby campsite.

10. Albena Beach, Dobrich District

And finally, it’s back to the north of the Black Sea coast of Bulgaria, directly to the beach of Albena in the Dobrich district. In a way, the beach represents the entertainment counterpart to Sunny Beach and Golden Sands in Bulgaria, offers perfect infrastructure, but is more quiet, shallow water and thus perfect conditions for a holiday with the whole family. On the beach you can rent sun loungers, engage in various water and land sports, go jet skiing and boating or use the beach’s own library. Plenty of bars, cafés and restaurants invite you to culinary adventures and there are also many a nightclub for adult guests to end the evening properly (or, alternatively, never end).

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