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Best travel time Cambodia. Which months are suitable for a holiday in the country of the Khmer? / Best Time To Visit Cambodia

The months from December to mid-February are the best time to travel to Cambodia. Although this is the coolest, it is also the driest and sunniest time in Cambodia. However, this recommendation varies by region. In this article, I will not only tell you about the best time to travel, but also give you all the information about the dry and rainy seasons in Cambodia. Well, is that what? Here we go!

The weather and climate in Cambodia

The Kingdom of Cambodia is located on the Gulf of Thailand between Thailand, Laos and Vietnam. There are basically only two seasons in the land of the Khmer: the dry season and the wet season

You have decided on a holiday in Cambodia and are now wondering when you can visit the country of the Khmer without any worries? The weather and climate in Cambodia is considered tropical and therefore differs enormously from the European weather and climate. It is warm all year round with constant temperatures above 20°C.

You’re now wondering why I’m still writing about the best travel time in Cambodia? Well, although it is tropically warm all year round, it also rains quite frequently in the Southeast Asian kingdom.

Climate table for Cambodia

Month Temperature (°C) Hours of sunshine Rainy days
January 21 – 31 8 1
February 22 – 31 8 2
March 23 – 32 9 5
April 25 – 32 8 5
May 25 – 32 7 5
June 24 – 31 6 12
July 23 – 31 5 16
August 24 – 30 6 16
September 23 – 30 4 12
October 23 – 31 7 12
November 23 – 30 7 9
December 22 – 30 8 3

The dry season in Cambodia

The dry season in Cambodia is great for a holiday in the kingdom due to the ideal weather conditions. Cambodia’s dry season begins in November and ends in May. At this time, the northern monsoon brings cool and dry air to the country.

At the same time, it hardly rains at all. Compared to the Cambodian summer, it is not quite as hot in winter. With temperatures around 30°C, however, it is still significantly hotter than our European winter. That is why Cambodia is also a great long-distance travel destination for the winter.

The rainy season in Cambodia / Best Time To Visit Cambodia

In June, the rainy season replaces the dry season. At this time it is pouring rain and the humidity reaches an unbelievable 90%. Since the rainy season in Cambodia lasts from June to October, I would advise against a holiday during this period. Due to the heavy rains, some roads are flooded and therefore impassable.

In addition, the unusually high humidity is really giving us Europeans a hard time. However, the rainforest around the Angkor Wat landmark shines in lush green at this time. So if you don’t mind a little more rain, you can put on a rain cape and enjoy the view.

Great travel tips for Cambodia

Okay, enough chattering about sun, clouds and rain. What is there to see in Cambodia? These travel tips are the crème de la crème for the Southeast Asian country.

Irrawaddy river dolphins in the Mekong

The Mekong River is near Kratie Province. At 4,350 kilometers, the river is one of the 12 longest rivers in the world. As if that weren’t enough, the river is also home to the last remaining Irrawaddy river dolphins. Rent a fishing boat and marvel at these wonderful animals up close.

Largest temple complex in the world

The largest temple complex in the world is an artistically designed sandstone temple. The UNSECO World Heritage Site is located in the city of Siem Reap and is the symbol of Cambodia. If you have to see something in the kingdom, it’s this temple!

Beach vacation in Sihanoukville

The dry season is also the best travel time for a beach holiday in Cambodia. On one of the 64 Cambodian islands you can bury your feet in the sand, spread out the beach towel and simply enjoy the sun. This works great on the beach on the island of Koh Rong, for example.

Hiking in Ratanakiri / Best Time To Visit Cambodia

Welcome to Ratanakiri, a province in northeast Cambodia aka the hiker’s paradise. Besides ethnic minority villages, you can hike to incredible waterfalls and the crater lake Yeak Laom and get flashed by the Cambodian nature.

That was all the information about the best travel time for Cambodia. Now you should be prepared for any eventuality and you also know which sights in Cambodia you have to see. For a trip that is as uncomplicated as possible and stress-free vacation planning, I recommend a package tour to Cambodia.

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