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Best travel time Peru. The best travel weather for the Peruvian Andes, the rainforest and the coast / Best Time To Visit Peru

The months from June to September are generally the best time to travel to Peru. Unfortunately, it’s not that simple after all. Since Peru is super diverse in terms of landscape, there is not just one climate zone in the South American country. No, there are three climate zones that couldn’t be more different. Read on to find out when Peru’s rainforest is at its most beautiful, when to visit Machu Picchu or when a beach holiday is most worthwhile.

How is the climate in Peru?

The beautiful and rather inconspicuous country of Peru is located in western South America. In terms of landscape, Peru has a lot to offer. From mountains to rainforest to extensive coastal areas, everything is there. The climate in Peru can therefore be divided into these three climate zones.

As you can now imagine, all these regions do not have the same climate and therefore the best time to travel to Peru varies depending on the region. In the following I will introduce you to all three climate zones and their optimal travel time so that you know exactly when you can travel to Peru without any worries.

Month Temperature (°C) Hours of sunshine Water temperature
January 19 – 26 6 22
February 19 – 27 6 23
March 19 – 26 6 22
April 18 – 24 6 21
May 16 – 22 4 19
June 15 – 20 2 19
July 15 – 19 1 18
August 15 – 18 1 17
September 15 – 19 1 17
October 15 – 20 2 17
November 16 – 22 3 19
December 18 – 24 4 21

The best time to travel to Peru’s Andes region (Sierra)

The Andes region in Peru stretches from north to south, i.e. across the whole country. It clearly separates the coastal region from the country’s rainforest region. In the Andes region, the weather varies greatly depending on altitude and slope exposure. Incidentally, the Andes region is popular with hikers and mountaineers.

The most popular attraction in Peru is in the Andes: Machu Picchu. The best travel time for Peru’s Andes region is from April to September. At this time there is a dry season in the Andes and you can get on your feet without worry and marvel at the world-famous ruined city.

The best travel time for Peru’s coastal region (Costa)

Peru’s coastal region is considered one of the most beautiful regions in the country. A popular city on the Pacific coast is Peru’s capital Lima, among others. You can easily combine your city trip in Peru with a sunny beach holiday on the Pacific in Lima. The best travel time for Peru’s coastal region is from December to April, i.e. the Peruvian summer.

In general, you don’t have to worry about rain in Peru’s coastal regions, because it hardly ever rains. So the umbrella can safely stay at home. From December to April the sun shines the longest in Peru and the water temperatures also reach their maximum. So the best conditions for a holiday by the sea.

The best time to travel to Peru’s rainforest (Selva)

If you thought that mountains and sea are all Peru has to offer, then you are wrong. The unique Amazon rainforest stretches in the east of the country. Jungle fans and hobby biologists can go on hikes through the rainforest and observe great animals such as monkeys, giant otters and caimans in their natural environment.

The best travel time for Peru’s rainforest is in the Peruvian winter, i.e. from May to September. The reason why you should rather not arrive in the Peruvian summer time is the rainy season at this time. Heavy rainfall can occur in Peru’s rainforest, making paths and roads impassable.

So, we’ve come to the end and you should now be an expert on the best time to travel to Peru. If you’ve gotten the wanderlust and are still looking for cheap holiday bargains, then you should take a look at my travel search engine. There you will find the latest and, above all, cheap offers for package tours to Peru.

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