Glowworm Cave in New Zealand: The living starry sky below ground

Have you ever heard of the glowworm caves in New Zealand? The subterranean Waitomo caves are teeming with the small, luminous animals that illuminate the otherwise pitch-dark caves with their blue shimmering light. / Glowworm Cave

The thousands and thousands of glowing dots almost look like a galaxy that you should definitely see with your own eyes. In this article I will explain exactly what the glowworm caves are all about, how you can visit the caves and what you should consider when going into the caves.

Basics of the Glowworm Cave in New Zealand

You must be wondering what the New Zealand Glowworm Cave is all about, right? Don’t worry, I’ll explain it to you. The Waitomo Caves are located in the Waitomo District of the same name on the North Island of New Zealand, about 200 km south of Auckland. There are three caves in total: The Aranui, Ruakuri and Waitomo Caves.

In the latter two you can marvel at the luminous natural spectacle. As soon as you tilt your head back you will see millions of Glowworms hanging from the ceiling looking like a glowing starry sky. The insects are bioluminescent and can generate their own light. The worm-shaped insects actually use their bluish light to attract prey.

To do this, they let glowing threads hang from the ceiling, which should then catch as many delicacies as possible. They definitely attract a bunch of curious visitors. Incidentally, the light is completely harmless to us. In English, the animals are called glowworms, but what is meant is a species of longhorn mosquitoes or their larvae, which has absolutely nothing to do with our glowworms.

Visit the Glowworm Cave in New Zealand

Would you like to see this natural spectacle with your own eyes? No problem at all, as there are several cave tours that are offered. You have the choice between classic tours or combination packages. You can either set out on foot or cruise through the caves by boat. Anyone who is still bored can try the Blackwater Rafting Tour.

You can plunge into the subterranean waters on rubber tires or rappel down into the darkness, which is a hundred meters deep. Tours run daily from 9am to 5pm on the hour and half hour. Adults have to reckon with around €28.50, for children there is a ticket for €12.50.

More about the Glowworm Cave in New Zealand

Let’s clear up a few final questions before you embark on your cave adventure. First of all, make sure you bring a flashlight as Waitomo Cave is naturally quite dark. Also, don’t wear your fanciest clothes because it’s usually a bit muddy. Waterproof shoes and rainproof clothing are also recommended so that you come out of the cave dry again. Since the tours usually last no longer than an hour, you have the rest of the day to explore the area around the caves. There would be e.g. nor the Marokopa Falls, the Pureora Forest and the limestone bridge of Mangapohue.

Now you know everything you need to know about the unique glowworm caves in New Zealand and you can start planning your holiday. Haven’t found the right bargain yet? Then take a look at my travel search engine. There you will find cheap New Zealand deals according to your taste and budget. Browse a little through the offers and with a little luck you will find your dream holiday at a bargain price.

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