How dangerous is cold sweat?

Sweat is usually associated with a hot body feeling. But what does sweat on cold skin indicate? It can be a warning sign of serious illnesses.

Sweat is used to regulate the temperature of the body. If it gets too warm for him, we sweat to lower the temperature. Cold sweat, on the other hand, occurs on cold skin and can be a warning sign of a serious medical condition. Basically, there are many possible causes of cold sweats.

Everyday causes of cold sweats

Mental stress is often a trigger, for example fear of exams, fear of flying or fear of heights or stage fright. The body then switches to escape mode and wants to cool down. If anxiety disorders recur, therapeutic help should be sought.

Cold sweats can also occur in people who are sea or travel sick. Women going through the menopause also often suffer from flushes of cold sweats. Certain medications can also trigger it.

Serious illnesses and emergencies as the cause

But more serious situations and illnesses can also be behind cold sweats. These include:

circulatory problems (often with dizziness, low blood pressure and nausea)

Viral infections (e.g. flu) or allergic shocks
Shock as a result of extreme physical stress, for example through acute circulatory failure, but also through severe mental shock
circulatory problems (often with dizziness, low blood pressure and nausea)
heart attack (associated with chest tightness)
Hypoglycaemia in diabetics
Pulmonary edema (usually associated with cardiac insufficiency)
Most of these situations are emergencies that require the intervention of an (emergency) doctor.

Cold sweats can also be a warning sign in children. If it is accompanied by a loud cough, a so-called pseudocroup can be behind it. There is a risk of shortness of breath here, so you better get a doctor.

What helps in acute situations?

If there is a serious illness behind the sweating, it must of course be treated. Depending on the cause identified by the doctor, the therapies are very different.

If “only” circulatory problems are behind the outbreak of cold sweat, it helps to sit or lie down and put your legs up. Drinking or eating something can also help.

Cold sweat should be removed in an acute situation to prevent the body from cooling down.

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