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How much does a Thailand vacation cost? Have you always wanted to go to Thailand, but you don’t know if you have the wherewithal?

Today I will answer the question “How much does a holiday in Thailand cost?”. Of course, every trip is different and everyone has different ideas when it comes to travel. That’s why you can’t name a flat rate. Here you get an insight into the average costs in Thailand and at the end you get example costs for a Thailand trip.

1. Currency in Thailand

Before you get to know the general costs in Thailand, you should first know what the currency is in Thailand. The official currency is Thai Baht. One euro currently corresponds to about 35.69 baht.

You can either exchange money in exchange offices or simply withdraw it from an ATM. Each exchange office has its own exchange rate.

Accordingly, it is always important to be careful and not to be ripped off. You should also know that when withdrawing money, a decent third-party fee of almost 6 euros is usually charged.

2. Sample cost of a Thailand vacation

To illustrate the costs mentioned in Thailand, you will find example costs for a two-week Thailand vacation for two. The total cost of a holiday ranges from around €2,000.

But yes, depending on the type of travel and budget, you can of course also get by with less than €2,000 for a two-week holiday in Thailand. Of course, it is always more expensive, but that is entirely up to you and your ideas.

Cost item Price for 14 days
Flight from €600 per person
Accommodation from around €350
Food & drink from 120€
Transport costs around 90€
Activities 50-100€
Other 30 – 50€
Total cost €1,700 – €2,000

3. How much does accommodation cost in Thailand?

Accommodation prices in Thailand can vary greatly. They depend on the season and the location.

On Koh Phi Phi, for example, prices are significantly higher than on Chiang Mai. Nevertheless, I can give you an overview of the average costs of accommodation in Thailand.

However, keep in mind that prices can fluctuate wildly. In general, all accommodations in the off-season are significantly cheaper.

Accommodation type Ø price per night
Hostels from €10
Bungalows from €30
Apartment 20-300€
Airbnb from €30
Luxury villa from 500€

4. How much does food cost in Thailand?

In general, I can recommend you in almost every country to prefer the local food. Firstly, it just tastes best there and secondly, you usually save a lot of money.

It is the same with the cost of food in Thailand. You can get the famous Pad Thai, Tom Yam Kung and Saté skewers for one euro at the street stall and usually cost no more than two euros.

And you can also get great dishes from three euros in the country’s restaurants.

Western food such as pizza costs significantly more. You can buy a pizza for 5-10 euros. A menu at a fast food chain like McDonalds, Burger King or KFC costs around 3-4 euros.

For fresh fruit cups you pay between 50 cents and one euro and a scoop of ice cream is also one euro. You can get breakfast with fried eggs, juice and toast for two to four euros. Drinks in Thailand are also quite cheap.

A 0.5 liter bottle of cola costs around 50 cents and the popular Chang or Singha beer in the supermarket around 1.50 euros. You can get water for 30 cents.

5. How expensive is transportation in Thailand?

You should also plan the means of transport costs in Thailand for your trip. The best way to get around in Thailand is by scooter. Gasoline prices in Thailand are around 1.1 euros per liter.

means of transport price
Local public transport €0.25 – €6
Taxi or Tuk Tuk from 1€, mostly fixed prices
Rent a moped from €10 per day
Rent a car from €20 per day
Domestic flights 30 to 200€

6. How much do activities in Thailand cost?

If you want to estimate your costs in Thailand, you also have to clarify the question of how much activities in Thailand cost.

For this I give you some price examples. Temples are a popular destination in Thailand.

The national parks in Thailand are just as popular. However, most of the waterfalls that you can admire there do not cost you an entrance fee.

If you are in Thailand, you should not miss the pleasure of a Thai massage. You can experience a snorkeling trip in Thailand from 20 euros and a jungle safari for around 40 euros.

I can only recommend a trip to an elephant farm. You can book this all-day excursion, including transfer, meals and program, for around 60 euros.

cost price
Temple visit 3 – 6 €
National Park €8 – €14
Snorkeling excursion from €20
Massage from €7.50 per hour

7. Return airfare to Thailand

The price of your return flight depends on how far in advance you book it and how flexible you are with the date and departure airport. In addition, direct flights usually cost more.

I can only recommend booking a flight with a stopover. With up to 13 hours of pure flight time, it can be very exhausting just to sit in the long run.

So you can stretch your legs during the stopover, eat something and freshen up in the toilet. Or you plan a longer stopover and can still explore the area of your stopover.

In addition, flights with a stopover are often cheaper. It is usually best to choose Bangkok as the destination airport.

There are few flights that fly direct to Phuket or Koh Samui. The prices for flights to Thailand usually start from 600 euros. With my tricks for booking flights you can also save a few euros.

8. Other costs in Thailand

In addition to the topics mentioned, there are other things that you should take into account for your costs in Thailand. Because especially if you travel with a backpack, you will take your clothes to the laundry service more often.

It also makes sense, especially if you are in Thailand for a longer period of time, to get a mobile SIM card for your smartphone. So you always have access to Google Maps and have internet for emergency situations. You can get a card for 8 days with five GB of high-speed data volume from 12 euros.

You can find holiday souvenirs for you and your loved ones in Thailand for just a few euros. If you want to rent a lounger with an umbrella on the beach, you have to pay about three to five euros. The smokers among you can look forward to the cheap cigarette prices in Thailand. Because a pack of cigarettes costs from two to three euros.

cost price
Laundry service €5
SIM card 12€ for 8 days
Cooking course 30 – 50€
Cigarettes from 2-3€ per pack

9. Which credit card is the best for Thailand?

We recommend the Barclaycard Visa credit card because you can pay in Thai baht and withdraw cash free of charge.

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