The 10 most beautiful beaches in Sardinia

“It could also be in Sardinia,” say the Italians when they like a beach somewhere in the world. Almost all beaches here are wonderful, but we still show you our personal hit list. / most beautiful beaches in Sardinia

The most beautiful beaches in Sardinia

Cala Luna

The crescent-shaped sandy bay with its luxuriantly blooming oleander fringe can only be reached as part of a mountain tour or by sea (start in Cala Gonone). But it’s worth it! Cala Luna not only offers a beautiful beach and fantastic water colors, but also a breathtaking cliff. Since the bay is no longer considered an insider tip, it is unfortunately often overcrowded in the high season. Location: on the east coast, on the Gulf of Orosei.

Bay of Chia

This headland between warm lagoons and the open sea is protected by large dunes and juniper trees. Because of the ideal wind conditions, the region at the southwestern end of Sardinia is one of the hot spots for wind and kite surfers. Here in the Bay of Chia you will find a variety of dream beaches, which fortunately are not yet overcrowded. You can get food in a small supermarket and at the local dealers in the eponymous village. Location: west of Cagliari, south coast.

La Pelosa / Most beautiful beaches in Sardinia

Peloso, meaning “hairy,” is nothing at all about the snow-white stretch of sand across from the uninhabited island of Asinara. They are north of the fishing village of Stintino on the north coast of Sardinia and are a real holiday paradise for families with children. The offshore island protects the beaches from waves as far as possible, and otherwise there is no disturbance from noise from discos and bars, but rather cozy, family restaurants. Anyone who comes here is looking for peace and relaxation. Location: near Stintino on the north coast.

Spiaggia di Liscia Ruja

At 500 meters, Liscia Ruja Beach is the longest sandy beach on the Costa Smeralda. The turquoise and cobalt blue sea and the scent of myrtle and juniper make it a very popular destination. Protected by the Romazzino Peninsula, the sea on the gently sloping beach is calm and therefore ideal for families with children. Location: south of Cala di Volpe, east coast.

Capo Testa

This cape offers two, three very small sandy coves amidst a spectacular granite landscape that appears to have been built by imaginative giants. In the Valle di Luna, which is difficult to access, some dropouts still live between the bizarre rocks and impenetrable macchia bushes and do it like the hippies of the ’68s. The scenery is unforgettable, especially at sunset. Location: north coast, near Santa Teresa di Gallura.

Cala Sisine

On the Gulf of Orosei, hidden amidst oleander bushes and juniper trees, lies the dreamlike pebbly bay of Cala Sisine. Only those who take on a hike of at least half an hour can then relax on the beach or in the small restaurant. The path towards Cala Sisine always leads along the stream “Codula di Sisine” and is hard to miss. Where the hike begins is determined by your condition or the off-road capability of the vehicle with which you cover the unpaved path to the parking lot. Location: on the east coast, south of Cala Luna.

Spiaggia di Castelsardo

This small cove with cream-colored sand is in the middle of a region where the coast is rocky and few beaches invite you to swim. And the locals, who gather here in droves on hot summer days, know that too. You swim and sunbathe at the foot of the village of Castelsardo, where numerous pizzerias and cafés await hungry beachgoers. Location: in the north, directly at the place of the same name.

Capo Coda Cavallo / Most beautiful beaches in Sardinia

The “ponytail cape”, as the German translation of the natural paradise is, is rich in beautiful beaches, unique flora and fauna and is therefore protected from destruction by strict measures. Location: Just a few kilometers south of the busy port city of Olbia.

Is Arutas

This sandy coast with many bays is several kilometers long. Did we say “sand”? These are tiny grains of quartz in the colors of Italy: reddish, greenish and white. Here you can easily find space even in the high season. Apart from two wooden beach restaurants, there are no buildings on and behind the natural beach, and lifeguards are only on site in July and August. Location: On the Sinis Peninsula, West Coast.

Dune of Piscinas

The mighty shifting dunes of Piscinas extend for around nine kilometers. The wind whips the sea onto the shore here, a few surfers try their luck, otherwise there is not much going on. But you don’t have to do without food: Right behind the beach there are two beach bars with lounger service, a volleyball field and pedal boat rental. Location: On the west coast near Arbus, accessible via the abandoned mining town of Ingurtosu.

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