Tourist activities in Abu Dhabi: Top 10

Jump into adventure in Abu Dhabi: 10 unforgettable experiences not to be missed / Tourist activities in Abu Dhabi: Top 10

Kick off 2023 and plan an exciting adventure in Abu Dhabi. With its stunning beaches, rolling desert dunes and exhilarating theme parks, there are countless ways to get your adrenaline pumping.

As the capital of the United Arab Emirates, Abu Dhabi has plenty to offer when it comes to getting physically active. Pamper yourself in great spa hotels or relax on the city’s long, white dream beaches. You can also explore world-class art galleries and embark on exciting desert adventures. According to our 2023 travel trend analysis, a particularly large number of people are longing for exciting outdoor experiences this year. Does that sound like you? Then here are some exciting activities that you can only experience in Abu Dhabi.

1. Visit the Al Wathba Salt Flats

Crystal clear water and lily-like rock formations make up the Al Wathba Salt Flats, one of Abu Dhabi’s most impressive natural attractions. The water has a very high salinity, just like in the Dead Sea. So if you feel like taking a dip, you’ll feel like you’re floating in the lakes. The salt flats are located in the desert, so how they formed in the first place is a real mystery – one of the many questions that arise as you take in these vast landscapes. Since the Al Wathba Conservation Area is in the desert, you should arrange a suitable 4×4 or SUV to visit in advance.

2. Ride the world’s fastest roller coaster at Ferrari World Abu Dhabi

If you have the urge for speed and are a passionate Formula 1 fan, a trip to Ferrari World Abu Dhabi should not be missing from your to-do list. Ferrari World is an exciting theme park on Yas Island. Rides include Formula Rossa – the world’s fastest roller coaster – and Flying Aces, the world’s tallest roller coaster loop. In addition to fast-paced rides, there are other options for an exciting adventure in Abu Dhabi. In addition to virtual rides, you can sign up for a ride in a real Ferrari as a passenger, or stroll the world-famous red roof of Ferrari World during an iconic “Roof Walk” and enjoy the spectacular view of Yas Island.

3. Plan a kayak trip

There are several ways to experience a kayaking adventure in Abu Dhabi. Jubail Mangrove Park on Jubail Island is perfect for nature lovers. Paddle through the lush mangrove forests while spotting herons, flamingos, and sea turtles in the wild. There are even night kayak tours in LED-lit kayaks. Architecture lovers, on the other hand, can book a kayak tour around Louvre Abu Dhabi, where they’ll paddle the Arabian Sea around the world-famous museum and learn about the building’s iconic, one-of-a-kind dome.

4. Go on safari at the Arabian Wildlife Park

Enjoy thrilling adventures in Abu Dhabi on a safari in the sprawling Arabian Wildlife Park. This vast nature reserve takes up over half of Sir Bani Yas Island and is home to more than 17,000 free-roaming animals including giraffes, ostriches and cheetahs. You will even see huge herds of Arabian Oryx. Once threatened with extinction, they are no longer endangered thanks to the park’s conservation efforts.

5. Try out various adventure sports at Circuit X

Adventure is king in Abu Dhabi, especially at Circuit X. This outdoor playground on Al Hudayriyat Island offers a variety of activities to get your adrenaline pumping. Practice your kickflips in the skate park with streetstyle walls, bowls, handrails and quarterpipes. Or hop on a BMX and speed down one of the largest paved pump tracks in the United Arab Emirates. The Dirt Trail is perfect for a good dose of thrills, with curves, ramps and hills to negotiate. If you love a challenge, head to the popular 3-level high ropes course. Here you can look forward to a total of 31 obstacles, a 100 m long zip line and a daring free fall jump. The 15 m high climbing wall should also be mentioned here.

6. Enjoy adventure and thrills at Warner Bros. World Abu Dhabi

The largest indoor theme park in the world, Warner Bros. World Abu Dhabi features numerous rides, attractions and shows based on Warner Brothers characters. Dynamite Gulch is home to crazy Looney Tunes-inspired rides like the Fast and Furry-ous roller coaster. Gotham City, on the other hand, has spooky Batman-themed roller coasters like The Riddler Revolution – a fast-paced, spinning ride set in an abandoned warehouse. Alternatively, take a fun cruise through the hometown of the Flintstones on the Bedrock River.

7. Immerse yourself in Yas Waterworld Abu Dhabi

It gets particularly wet and wild at Yas Waterworld in Abu Dhabi. With 45 rides, slides and attractions, as well as a range of seasonal shows and events, you certainly won’t get bored here. Grab five of your closest friends and head down the 6-seater Dawwama tornado waterslide, the largest of its kind in the world. For an adrenaline rush, we recommend the Jebel Drop freefall slide – an incredible freefall speed slide with the best vantage point throughout the park. Also notorious is the Liwa Loop, a slide construction that combines a trap door and a loop during the slide – the first of its kind in the Middle East. There are also numerous rides and activities for the kiddies, such as the Marah Fortress playground with various slides and water guns and of course the fun ride on the Al Raha River.

8. Sandboarding in the Al Ain desert

Sandboarding in Al Ain Desert is a truly unique adventure in Abu Dhabi. The towering dunes are a hotspot for pro surfers and X-gamers who want to try their hand at stunts in a completely different environment. However, you don’t have to be a pro to join a sandboarding tour. Everyone can learn to slide down the slope on a board and feel the thrill – whether you dare to try any stunts is entirely up to you!

Telal Resort, Al Ain is the perfect home base for a sandboarding adventure in Abu Dhabi. Located in the heart of the desert, this boutique resort can arrange travel arrangements and local activities such as camel riding and quad biking.

9. Hike and buggy through Jebel Hafit Desert Park

Perched at the foot of Abu Dhabi’s highest peak – Jebel Hafit Mountain – this popular desert park offers plenty of opportunities to explore the rugged natural world. Activities such as hiking, mountain biking and even camel riding make your stay extra eventful. Learn about the arid landscape and explore 5,000-year-old tombs and Neolithic remains. Plus, book a guided dune buggy tour and get an insider’s look at some of the most beautiful and unique spots in the area.

Extend your trip with a stay at Pura Eco Retreat. In the luxurious tents, you’ll feel like you’re sleeping in a desert camp under a sea of stars – without sacrificing private bathrooms or air conditioning.

10. Learn about the ancient art of falconry at Qasr Al Sarab

On the outskirts of Abu Dhabi, the largest sandy desert in the world lures – the Liwa Desert with the so-called “Empty Quarter”. Here you can learn about one of the oldest Emirati traditions – falconry. While today it is only practiced as a sport, in the past it was an important part of desert life and is still one of the region’s most well-known activities. Falconers are still admired for their skills, and the raptors are valued for their power. Anantara Qasr Al Sarab Desert Resort has an experienced falconer who can take guests on an excursion and introduce them to the 2,000 year history of the sport.

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