Yoga vacation: 10 of the best destinations for yoga worldwide

Do you want pure relaxation on your next holiday? Then go on a yoga holiday in the most beautiful places in the world!

There is hardly anything that reduces stress as specifically as yoga – and do you know where yoga is particularly beautiful? In dreamy places like the white beaches of Thailand, the lush green palm forests of India or the impressive cliffs of Mexico. We introduce you to the 10 best yoga travel destinations worldwide!

1. Ko Samui & Koh Pha Ngan, Thailand

The Thai islands of Ko Samui and Koh Pha Ngan are in themselves the ideal place to leave everyday life behind on a relaxing holiday: dreamy white sandy beaches, azure blue sea, lush green forests and parks, fascinating temples and delicious food await you here – and if you also use the quietest spots on the islands for yoga exercises, then nothing stands in the way of the stress-away experience. Specialty spa resorts offer guided yoga classes here, but you can also seek out the most idyllic spots on the island on your own.

2. Goa, India

India is the cradle of yoga culture and as such, of course, the perfect place to devote yourself completely to meditation and calming down for a few days. Under the shady palm trees, you can take part in yoga courses by great masters and let yourself be pampered with massages in between. The cuisine here also fits the theme: Ayurvedic, mostly vegetarian dishes support the relaxation and healing process from within. And if, in addition to all the heavenly peace and quiet, you also feel like sun, sand and sea, then you can head to the coast, enjoy the great weather and cool waves or visit one of Goa’s cute fishing villages.

3. Bali, Indonesia

Apart from India itself, there is probably no other place in the world that is as dedicated to yoga as the Indonesian island of Bali. In a heavenly setting, you can learn from experienced yogis and find your inner balance in no time, regardless of your previous level of knowledge. In addition to traditional yoga classes with figures, you can also train here in various other meditation techniques, including pranayama breathing techniques, for example. Away from yoga, however, there are mysterious temples, wonderful coasts, but also unusual places like the Sacred Monkey Forest Sanctuary near Ubud.

4. Melbourne & Lorne, Australia

Anyone who thinks that a yoga vacation is only possible in places close to nature will be taught otherwise in Australia – there are also yoga teachers in the big cities of our world who will help you to go even deeper into yourself or during your vacation just to relax completely for a few days, for example in Melbourne. The exciting city is full of life, but still offers plenty of potential for peace and quiet. If you still want to completely escape the hustle and bustle of the big city, then just drive a little further to the coastal town of Lorne. Book a local yoga teacher and enjoy the tranquility on the beach. Not only great views of the sea await here, but also picturesque places like Sheoak Falls are in the immediate vicinity.

5. Tel Aviv & Dead Sea, Israel

Tel Aviv on the Mediterranean coast is primarily known as a young, open-minded party city, but if you don’t necessarily go to the overcrowded tourist areas, you will quickly find idyllic spots right on the coast that are perfect for one or the other yoga -Hour offer. In special hotels that offer yoga courses for all skill levels, or optionally with private teachers that you can book in the city, the aim is to bring you into harmony with yourself and your surroundings and to bring body and mind into one to merge into a perfect entity. And if you want your yoga sessions to take place in a very special atmosphere, you can drive to the nearby Dead Sea and float weightlessly in the salt water between meditations.

6. Yapahuwa & Koggala, Sri Lanka

If you are not only looking for harmony with yourself on your yoga trip, but also with the animal and plant world around you, you have come to the right place at our next destination. In the breathtakingly beautiful lagoon of Koggala you can practice your positions and posture on the beach, do relaxing breathing exercises and then simply relax in the warm sand – or you can visit the sea turtles in the local sanctuary. Around 250 kilometers further north you will also find the mysterious city of Yapahuwa in Sri Lanka, where you can practice yoga in front of fascinating temples or at the Yapahuwa Rock.

7. Aourir, Morocco

Located right on the coast and surrounded by banana plantations, the next fantastic yoga spot on our list is Aourir in Morocco. Here you can not only study various types of yoga in shalas with fantastic views over the coast and bring your body and mind into perfect harmony, but also transfer the inner balance you have achieved to your physical balance on the surfboard – or at least try it. In any case, the ideal mixture of meditative relaxation and exciting beach adventures awaits you here – culinary delights interspersed with excursions into the local cuisine.

8. Puerto Jimenez & Montezuma Region, Costa Rica

From Africa we continue to South America, to the two southwestern peninsulas of Costa Rica. In Puerto Jimenez on the Osa Peninsula and in Montezuma in Puntarenas there are fantastic yoga retreats with fantastic views of the untouched jungle or hourly training sessions, during which you can take your first steps in yoga or even develop from a practiced yogi to a true professional. Wonderfully quiet accommodation, delicious food that is often already included, and additional treatments such as massages or surfing lessons round off the experience and guarantee a holiday full of relaxation.

9. Maui & O’ahu, Hawaii, USA

Elsewhere in the Americas there are also perfect places to relax with yoga and find inner peace far away from any everyday stress – for example in the US state of Hawaii. The two paradisiacal islands of Maui and O’ahu offer their own yoga resorts where you can find yourselves together with others, as well as fantastic places where you can continue to practice what you have learned in heavenly peace and solitude. On Maui, for example, you can visit Haleakala National Park, while on O’ahu you should consider trips to the Makua Kea’au, Waianae Kai and other forest reserves.

10. Tulum, Mexico

And the last yoga destination that we want to recommend to you is in America, more precisely in Mexico. Tulum is part of the Caribbean and invites you to yoga classes between white, palm-studded beaches, crashing waves and fascinating ruins. Several yoga and spa resorts right on the coast offer scheduled excursions to high-energy sites such as the Gran Cenote Grotto, as well as workouts, and massages, baths, aromatherapy and other wellness treatments are also available for the perfect all-round treatment. Stress doesn’t stand a chance!

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