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Best travel time Panama. When is the trip to the southernmost country in South America most worthwhile? / Best Time To Visit Panama

The months from December to April are the best travel time for Panama. Due to the location between the Pacific and the Caribbean Sea, this recommendation is only very general. Planning a trip to Panama? Then you should definitely find out in advance about the best travel time in Panama as well as the dry and rainy seasons. Fortunately, I have put all this information together for you in this article.

The climate in Panama

Panama is located in Central America between Costa Rica and Colombia. The climate in Panama is tropical and hot all year round with temperatures between 25 and 30°C. This tropical climate is characterized by low temperature fluctuations between day and night and throughout the year. There are also clearly defined dry and rainy seasons.

The dry season in Panama starts in December and lasts until April. The rainy season falls in the remaining months of the year, i.e. May to November. During this period, it rains almost every day, but only for a comparatively short time. Nevertheless, the rainy season brings not only rain but also high humidity, making it an unsuitable time to travel.

Month Temperature (°C) Hours of sunshine Rainy days Water temperature
January 23 – 31 7 3 27
February 23 – 32 8 2 27
March 23 – 32 8 1 27
April 24 – 32 7 4 27
May 24 – 31 7 11 28
June 24 – 30 6 12 29
July 24 – 30 6 11 28
August 24 – 30 6 11 28
September 23 – 30 6 12 29
October 23 – 29 5 13 29
November 23 – 30 6 13 28
December 23 – 30 6 8 28

The best travel time for Panama’s northwest

In the northwest of Panama, on the border with Costa Rica, lies the province of Bocas del Toro. This area has an equatorial climate. In plain language, this means as much as hot temperatures and muggy air all year round. In the northwest it rains all year round, sometimes more sometimes less. The months in which it only rains moderately are January to April. These months are therefore the best travel time for Panama’s northwest.

Best time to visit Panama ‘s north

The north of Panama is a super popular destination for all travelers to South America. The reason for this is not least the Caribbean coast in the north of the country. However, this region is also considered to be very rainy and sometimes humid. So if you want to stay dry, you’d better travel further south. Everyone else who doesn’t have a problem with a few showers is best to travel between February and April. This is the rainiest time of the year and therefore the best travel time for Panama’s north.

The best travel time for Panama’s southwest

The southwest of the country is the tropical rainforest of Panama, volcanoes and coffee plantations. The perfect place for extensive hikes and exploration tours, don’t you agree? The southwest of Panama lies on the Gulf of Panama, which produces a warm ocean current that affects the vegetation. The thermometer here is always between 20 and 35°C, so really tropical. The best time to travel to Panama’s southwest is pretty much all year round, as it’s consistently warm and rarely rains.

Best time to visit Panama ‘s south

Let’s come to the last climate zone that I would like to introduce to you: the south of Panama. Panama’s capital, Panama City, is located there, directly on the Pacific coast. Anyone who would like to combine their city trip with a beach holiday has come to the right place. The south of Panama is a bit less rainy and a bit warmer. The temperatures here are always at least 22°C, usually even much higher with values ​​of up to 32°C.

In addition, the Pacific is quite warm and water temperatures are always above 27°C. In principle, the best travel time for the south of Panama is all year round, because it hardly rains and it is bathing weather all year round. However, if you want to be on the safe side, you can travel in the dry season from January to May. You hardly have to reckon with rain during this period.

Okay, that was all the information about the best travel time for Panama. Since you are now real experts, you can easily pack your suitcase and get on the next plane to Panama. If you are looking for the right bargain, you are welcome to browse through my travel search engine. By the way, you will also find cheap package tours to Panama there.

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