Best Time to Visit Patagonia

Which months are best for a Patagonia trip? / Best Time to Visit Patagonia

The period from December to February forms the southern summer and is considered the best travel time for Patagonia. In the southern winter, many regions are closed due to the snow. However, the popular region in Argentina and Chile is quite large and there is plenty to discover and experience. So that you can estimate exactly what the weather will be like before your trip, I have put together all the important information about the weather and climate in Patagonia in this article.

How is the climate in Patagonia?

Patagonia is a truly unique region in the world with one natural spectacle after another: visitors rave about the crystal-clear glaciers, sharp mountain peaks, blue waters and the diverse animal world. Patagonia is located in the southernmost tip of South America, part of which is in Argentina and the other in Chile. Due to the massive expansion of this area, Patagonia does not have a uniform, but several different climate zones. We will focus on these climate zones in this article. Because depending on what you have planned and where you want to travel to, the best travel time for Patagonia varies a little.

Climate table for Patagonia

Month Temperature (°C) Hours of sunshine Rainy days
January 11 – 30 11 0
February 12 – 29 9 0
March 10 – 27 8 0
April 8 – 24 6 1
May 6 – 19 4 5
June 4 – 14 4 5
July 3 – 15 4 5
August 4 – 16 5 6
September 6 – 18 6 3
October 8 – 22 7 2
November 10 – 25 9 1
December 12 – 28 10 0

The best time to travel to Western Patagonia

Most of western Patagonia is part of Chile and is generally considered the cooler part of the region. In addition, in western Patagonia it rains much more east of the Andes. Nevertheless, this part of Patagonia is really beautiful and worth a visit. For example, the Patagonian Ice Sheet, the Towers of Paine and, in general, the Torres del Paine National Park are a source of wonder.

The best travel time for western Patagonia includes the months from December to March, i.e. the southern summer. This is the time when it rains the least on average and temperatures reach a comfortable 18°C. Perfect conditions for camping and boating in the huge national park.

The best time to travel to Eastern Patagonia (North)

We would have clarified the weather in western Patagonia. Let us now dedicate ourselves to the Argentine part of Patagonia. Eastern Patagonia is much warmer and drier than the west. In the far north of Eastern Patagonia, the thermometer can even rise to 30°C in some months. And because of its location in the rain shadow of the Andes, the region rarely rains.

Perfect travel weather for hiking through the trekking paradise of El Chaltén or for a glacier hike to the Perito Moreno glacier. The best time to travel to Eastern Patagonia is from October to April. January and February are the warmest months and the probability of rain is almost 0%. So nothing stands in the way of an exciting tour of discovery!

The best travel time for Tierra del Fuego

The Tierra del Fuego archipelago is located at the southern tip of South America and is also part of Patagonia. The region is one of the most popular travel destinations in Argentina, because it impresses with an incredible nature. Are you a real nature lover and long for impressive mountain and lake landscapes? Reason enough to take a look at the climate for this region as well.

Due to its location in the deepest south of South America, Tierra del Fuego has an oceanic climate, i.e. mild winters and fairly cool summers. Speaking of summer: This is also the best time to travel to Tierra del Fuego. The months from December to March have the longest days and the warmest temperatures. The average temperature here is 14°C, so you should definitely pack warm clothing.

Best time to go to things to do in Patagonia

Activities travel time

Fly fishing November – May
Trekking / Hiking

October – April

December – March

December – April
To ski

June – September
whale watching

June – December

So, that was my article on the best time to travel to Patagonia. Now you should be able to easily plan your next Patagonia trip. I recommend everyone who has not yet found the right offer to take a look at my travel search engine. There you will find cheap holiday bargains to suit your taste and budget at any time.

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