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Milos tips. Exciting Milos travel guide for your vacation on the Cyclades island

Do you long for a break from everyday life? Are you still missing the necessary inspiration? How about a holiday in Greece on the Greek Cyclades archipelago? You should keep an eye on the island of Milos. Like Santorini, the island is of volcanic origin and is characterized by a colorful spectacle of crystal-clear water, colorful villages, white tuff, hidden caves and red volcanic rock. It is not for nothing that Milos is also called the “Island of Colours”. Now imagine racing through the hilly landscapes of the island on a scooter, the wind blowing in your face, the sun making the water sparkle and you discover beautiful bays or hidden villages in many corners. Sounds like paradise, doesn’t it? With the Milos tips you will understand why the island will inspire you when you visit it. Here we go!

Milos island facts

The island in the southern Aegean is home to around 5,000 inhabitants. The special thing about Milos is the geological formation with a huge bay (where some places are located) and the already mentioned volcanic origin.

During your journey across the island you will immediately notice that the landscapes are eerily shaped. The minerals create the partly red color tones of the tufa, which, in combination with the white rocks, create a unique backdrop.

The romantic and magical island world presents you with parts that appear like lunar landscapes, bizarre cave worlds (caused by erosion), hot springs, beautiful fishing villages with small houses and fertile soil. The latter ensure that Greek wine is grown on the island.

In addition, you should not miss the so-called “Syrmata”, one of the top Milos tips. These are small, colorful rows of fishermen’s houses that were originally built directly on the rock walls to store boats.

Fantastic photo backdrops are created there and nowadays the huts are partly rented out – adventure included. When you start your round trip and get more information about Milos, you realize that some parts of the island are inaccessible by land and you can only reach certain bays and caves by boat.

The west and south-west of the island in particular are hardly developed. If you assumed before your trip that there would be numerous sights and a lot of culture on site, then you are wrong.

The island of the Cyclades is more characterized by diverse facets, untouched nature, picturesque beaches and delicious food. And how many days should you spend on Milos? In order to be able to relax and get to know the island at the same time, a stay of at least four days is worthwhile.

Arrival to Milos

As soon as you have decided on a holiday on Milos, the travel planning is already on the agenda. The first thing you will do is look around for flights.

But you can forget about direct connections. You must have thought so, right?

Your route is: book flights to Athens and from there get a connecting flight to Milos or take a ferry from Piraeus. Since you usually fly with Aegean Airlines or Olympic Air, you should either subscribe to the airlines’ newsletters or look out for certain discount campaigns. One of the Milos tips.

So you have the opportunity to get a good deal. Alternatively, you should compare the flight prices with the ferry trips.

For a direct connection by ferry to Milos, you currently pay from €45.50, depending on travel time, shipping company and travel time. The more expensive the trip, the faster you are usually on the island.

Routes with a duration of just under three or seven hours are currently being offered.

Getting around on Milos

What do you want to do during your vacation? Just relaxing on the beach or visiting small towns, exploring the island and planning things to do?

If you want to move around flexibly, you absolutely have to book a rental car in advance. Because some parts of the island are not particularly well developed, you have the advantage of being able to get around better when driving by car.

Or do you just want to reach the holiday resorts of Milos and be on the road in the north of the island? Then rent a scooter.

However, you need to know that you can only rent scooters with a displacement of up to 49 ccm without a special driver’s license, otherwise you need a class B or A1 driver’s license. And if there are two of you, each of you should get a vehicle, since the areas are hilly and you can progress faster and more relaxed.

In any case, another important note is that there are not too many gas stations on the island. So it makes sense to always calculate the journeys and possible fuel consumption.

Best time to visit Milos

It continues with answering the question about the best travel time for Milos. Before you start planning your annual vacation, you should be aware of when you want to travel and what kind of vacation you want.

Basically, if we go by the temperatures, the best time to travel is between May and October. You can expect the warmest average temperatures in the months of June, July and August.

Due to the prevailing Mediterranean climate, the climate is quite mild even in winter and precipitation is limited. Therefore, you should ideally travel to Milos in spring (May) or autumn (September, October).

This not only has the advantage that the prices are cheaper, there is also less hustle and bustle than in the holiday season. In addition, the island shows a colorful splendor of flowers in spring and in autumn the temperatures are much more pleasant than in the hot summer.

And even in May you can already take a dip in the sea. But of course you have to decide individually for yourself when you want to plan your vacation and spend time on Milos.

If you book your flights for the peak travel season, it is usually an advantage to rent your vehicle early and, if possible, to reserve a table when going out every day.

Resorts on Milos

The holiday resorts on Milos are a permanent fixture on the list of Milos tips and shine with a magical ambience. The Cycladic villages promise relaxed atmospheres and offer you delicious restaurants and cute accommodations.

As soon as you set foot on the island, you will be greeted by a scene full of life, for which stress and hectic are foreign words. During your stay you should try to get involved with the mood, slow down and forget everything around you.

I promise, that will definitely be easy for you on the romantic island. The highlights of Milos are undoubtedly the whitewashed houses, beautiful alleyways and traditional “Syrmata” houses.

Villages on Milos

First of all you have to know the island capital Plaka. There is no way around the small village at almost 200 meters above sea level and it will literally be love at first sight.

If you don’t have your accommodation in the cute alleys of Plaka, you should head out in the early evening hours and plan a meal in one of the taverns. Before you take the opportunity in the car-free old town and enjoy the sunset from Kastro Hill, it is worth taking a look at the small shops and the ruins of Plaka Castle.

On the large bay is one of the tourist centers of the island, the coastal town of Adamas. Around the port of the village you will find traditional taverns and cafes.

The area is also the starting point for many excursions from Milos or ferry trips. Continue to the small fishing village of Klima, one of the highlights of the island.

From Trypiti (more on that in a moment) you can reach the picturesque town and fantastic photo spot via a single road. The Cyclades town is one of the must-see Milos tips and inspires with colorful fishermen’s houses that were built directly on the water and serve as shelter for boats. Some of these are now rented out.

It is definitely worth arriving early here. On the way back you can stop at Trypiti and enjoy the views from the old Greek windmills.

We continue with the holiday resort of Pollonia, also known as Apollonia. After spending a few hours on the beach in the northeast of the Cyclades island, you should visit one of the inviting taverns on the promenade of the port and end the evening relaxed.

Speaking of which, from here you can take tours to the nearby island of Kimolos – one of the top Milos tips.

Other resorts on Milos:

Triovasalos: small settlement in the interior of the island
Firopotamos: tiny fishing village with traditional houses and beautiful photo spot
Mandrakia: Settlement with a restaurant and typical, colorful fishermen’s houses
Beaches on Milos

Now we come to one of the top Milos tips, the beaches of the island. The coastal landscapes make the island a special destination and promise an unforgettable holiday by the sea.

Bizarre cliffs, hidden caves, secluded bays, sparkling water and an unreal spectacle of colors give Milos an incredible uniqueness. Basically, for every beach day on Milos, you should set off early.

Best beaches in Milos

We start with Tsigrado Beach, a secluded bay surrounded by rocky landscapes and with no infrastructure.

You can reach one of the top beaches on Milos on a “climbing tour” over ladders and narrow paths. You have to know that this adventurous tour is known to many travelers and that you have to be there early in the morning, especially during the main travel season, otherwise you can turn around straight away.

Surreal lunar landscapes and volcanic tufa greet you at Sarakiniko Beach. The small beach attracts numerous onlookers who only stop to take photos.

But you should definitely take your time, jump off the cliffs and swim through the clear blue. Action and adrenaline included!

A must-see is the paradisiacal bay of Kleftiko. You can only reach the crystal clear water with its unreal rock formations, caves and tunnels by boat.

We continue with the Fyriplaka Beach. Are you looking for a sandy beach with a beach bar, sunbeds and umbrellas?

Then you are exactly right. Here, too, the interplay of sea and volcanic rock will fascinate you.

But I recommend you to bring your own provisions, as the prices on site are a bit more expensive. One of the larger sandy beaches on the island is Agia Kiriaki Beach, which is particularly popular with families.

Speaking of family vacations. If you travel to Milos with young and old, you should also be familiar with the sandy beach Achivadolimni Beach.

In the very south of the island, the Paralia Paleochori welcomes you, which is characterized by a long sand and pebble beach and is bordered by colorful rocks. Hunger is also taken care of on site and you can feel a special feature of the island in the shore area, namely the hot springs of Milos. Here the volcanism of the island is omnipresent.

Other dream beaches on Milos:

Paralia Firopotamos: small bay with typical fishermen’s houses
Paralia Provatas: longer sandy beach with the option of booking loungers
Hockey Beach: small beach with a stunning cave
Plathiena: fairly quiet bathing area in the northwest of the island with a bar
Pollonia Beach: in the resort of the same name
Mytakas Beach: in the north of the island with peace and idyll
Paralia Papafragas: easiest to reach from the sea
Thiorichia Beach: Incredibly alluring as the stretch is on the site of an empty sulfur mine
Triades Beach: secluded sandy beach
Kastanas Beach: wild scenery and rocky area on the east coast
Ammoudaraki Beach: Approachable by jeep on a gravel road, but quiet

Places to visit Milos

Milos Tips

Milos Tips

As you have already learned, the island is not necessarily characterized by cultural attractions. Nevertheless, there are some sights on Milos that you should not miss.

The numerous caves of Milos along the coast are a popular destination for boat tours. Due to geological conditions, many caves and passages have formed on the Cyclades island, which create breathtaking pictures.

The Papafragas Caves can be found in the north of the island. A descent from the mainland is not recommended due to the dangerous path, which is why you should come with a boat tour in the area.

The picturesque sea grotto Sikia Cave is also one of the top Milos tips. The easiest way to get here is by boat.

Another natural wonder are the springs of Milos. Depending on which beach you are on, you can feel the hot minerals in the sea.

An absolute must are the sunsets from the ruins of Plaka Castle or a visit to the Greek Orthodox Church of Panagia Thalassitra. Near Trypiti, you can walk in the footsteps of the Roman past at the ruins of the Amphitheater of Milos or visit the underworld of the island in the catacombs of Milos.

Activities in Milos

After you have got to know the top beaches and sights, the activities on Milos should not be missing from the list of Milos tips.

What do you fancy? Would you rather be active and go on kayak tours around the island or explore the island world on a boat trip?

If you have enough time, you should do both. A highlight are the tours to Kleftiko Bay. How I would like to relax on the deck of a boat and jump into the sea with a twill.

A trip to the untouched nature of the tiny neighboring island of Polyegos is also worthwhile. I get really wanderlust. And with the picture book backdrops of Milos, dreams are allowed.

Are you already looking for suitable providers? Then you should take a closer look at Delfinia Boat Tours, Zephyros Boat Tours Milos – Half Day, Milos Adventures or Sea Kayak Milos.

Did you know that mining on Milos, in the sulfur mines, has a long tradition? If you need some distance from the sea and want to learn more about it, you should visit the Milos Mines Museum.

You should also keep an eye out for small shops and boutiques, especially in the somewhat larger holiday resorts. There you can get handicrafts and buy one or two souvenirs.

Do you feel like watching the landscapes not only from the car or from the scooter? Then you should plan some hikes on Milos.

There are some hiking trails along the coast that offer you a beautiful panorama, especially in spring and autumn.

Excursions from Milos

How much time have you planned for your vacation? If you want to visit Milos, you should do a Cyclades island hopping and enjoy the beauty of the archipelago.

You definitely want to spend your next vacation in another country, so take the opportunity and plan further excursions from Milos. You should take a look at the ferry schedule before your trip, find out about the possible connections and check out the individual islands.

You can visit the neighboring island of Kimolos in one day, as you only need 40 minutes for the crossing. Other highlights nearby are Sifnos, Andros, Folegandros or Serifos.

A little further away and also better known are the islands of Santorini, Paros or Naxos. Island to island sounds like a dream right?

Eating and drinking in Milos

Of course, delicious Greek cuisine is also part of an unforgettable holiday. On the island you will find many high quality taverns that offer you numerous variations from freshly caught fish to dishes with typical pumpkin and cheese of the island.

In the evening, the streets and bars come alive and romantic scenes are created. Before you travel, you need to know that the locals usually only go out to eat around 9 p.m.

But especially in the tourist places you have the possibility to get a table from 7 p.m. And in the afternoon there is a break, then restaurants and shops are generally closed.

A special feature is the viticulture on Milos. You just have to keep in mind that there are definitely differences in quality.

For the ultimate experience, visit Kostantakis Winery and book a tasting.

Taverns and restaurants in Milos

O! Hamos! tavern
Micro’s Apoplous
Bakalikon Galanis
Astaka’s Cafe Restaurant
Restaurant OKTO Milos Island
Cafes on Milos
Deck Milos
Kipo’s cafe
Kivotos ton Gefseon
Garden The Juice Bar
Coffee time
Bars and Beach Bars on Milos
Utopia Cafe
Deepblue Beach Bar
Micro cafe bar
Cactus Cafe Bar
Hitana Milos
Fiki Cocktail & Wine Bar
Bacalico Cafe Bar
Tipping on Milos

And how does tipping work in Greece? One of the questions you will surely ask yourself upon arrival.

First of all, you should definitely have a travel credit card with you, even if you often need cash on the smaller islands. Then it is generally customary in Greece to give a tip of almost 10%.

Here you wait until the remaining money has been brought to you after payment and then give the corresponding amount to the staff.

Basically, the tap water in Greece is almost always drinkable. Of course, you should be careful when knowing about old Rohe or on small islands or remote villages.

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