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Poros island in Greece. Tips on the beaches & sights / Poros Travel Guide: Poros Tips

Rest, recharge your batteries, be in harmony with nature… your vacation on the Greek islands of Poros could look something like this! It is our insider tip for everyone who wants to let the Greek sun shine on their stomach far away from the hustle and bustle.

Poros: Overview

The authentic, almost untouched Greece can only be felt in isolated places today. Poros is one of them – and what a kind! The island, which is just 23 square kilometers in size, allows for a break as it is written in books. Only separated from the Peloponnese by a canal about 300 meters wide, the island impresses with its nature at first sight. Picturesque bays, forested hills, pine forests and the rushing sea are the ingredients that make up the backdrop of Poros. But be careful, because the island should not be confused with the island of Paros, which has almost the same name.

Getting to Poros, which is of volcanic origin, is only possible by water. This seclusion alone promises a somewhat different holiday with lots of peace and serenity. You won’t find queues at the sights on Poros, nor will you find overcrowded beaches or excessive parties. This is where Athenians spend their weekends or vacations in the paradise of the Saronic Gulf, as there are only around 60 kilometers between the island and the Greek capital. In addition, there are actually two islands that make up Poros: Spheria and Kalavria, which were brought closer together by volcanic eruptions on the Greek mainland and are now connected by a bridge. Spheria is where most of the island life takes place with its hotels and eateries, while Kalavria is a favorite for nature lovers. Due to the small size of the island, you will surely be able to get to know all sides of Poros!

For whom is Poros suitable?

Classic sightseeing tours are hardly possible on the island, because there are only a few ancient sites. But the island scores across the board with all those seeking peace and quiet and nature lovers. Hiking is a popular pastime, and culinary delights are not neglected in the rustic taverns. Beach holidaymakers will love the picturesque beaches just as much as active people who can snorkel in the crystal-clear water. You decide if you give Poros a chance!

Sightseeing features

The must-sees in Poros are few and far between, but we find them all the more beautiful! Make sure to devote some time during your vacation to highlights such as the Clock Tower of Poros Town and the Archaeological Museum. That leaves enough for days at the beach.

Clock tower

The historic Clock Tower of Poros Town will inevitably catch the eye when visiting this part of the island. With her white robe, she towers magnificently over the roofs of houses. While the structure is worth seeing 24 hours a day, we love the contrast of colors at sunrise or sunset. The clock tower has shaped the image of Poros town since 1927 and is therefore an integral part of the scenery. In the early 21st century, the iconic clock, which is one of the island’s landmarks, was extensively restored.

Poseidon Sanctuary / Poros Travel Guide

The Poseidon sanctuary is said to date from the 6th century BC. It is a ruin site that consists more or less of smaller limestone remains. Since it is on a hill, the all-round view over Poros is super nice from there! In addition, the Poseidon sanctuary is ideal for a break during a tour of the island or as a destination for a walk.

Archaeological Museum

The Archaeological Museum exhibits various finds from Greece. While the Poseidon sanctuary was being excavated, other exhibits came to light, which found their way into the Poros City Museum. While it’s not particularly large, it has exhibits from ancient sites like Methana alongside local finds. Thanks to its manageable size, the museum can also be visited in its entirety in just a few hours.

Villa Galini

Poros Tips

Poros Tips

The Villa Galini is unfortunately not open to the public, but still offers a photo-worthy sight. Personalities such as Greta Garbo have lived in the villa, which was built in a neoclassical style. The building was built in the 19th century on a hill, which in turn offers a paradisiacal view. The locals simply call Villa Galini the “Red House”.

The best beaches in Poros

Visit one or more of Poros beaches, which enchant with their beauty and let your soul dangle. There are several possible bathing spots. The green pine forests often reach down to the beach and provide pleasant shade. Many hours or even whole days can be filled with wonderful doing nothing on the beach!

Russian Bay Beach

The Russian Bay is a former naval base, but today with its beach it is mainly a spot for bathing vacationers. The bay stretches out in front of a pine-clad plain and exudes a calming atmosphere. It’s completely different, of course, when happy music sounds and one of the beach concerts creates a good atmosphere. Aside from the occasional concerts, there are water sports options such as kayak tours or popular stand-up paddling. The vacationers are provided with culinary delights by a snack bar, whose offers are just the right thing in the mostly hot Greek sun. The view from Russian Bay is rewarded with smaller islands in the sea such as Daskalio Island.

Askeli Beach

The largest beach of Poros impresses with a water ski school, a beach volleyball field and many rest stops. It is much livelier than in other bays on the island, because there is a holiday resort here. So it is not surprising that there are many holidaymakers on site. The Greek taverns seduce with regional delicacies and typical Greek music on different occasions. Eucalyptus and pine trees also provide shade on Askeli Beach, so you don’t have to worry about sunburn.

Vagionia Beach / Poros Travel Guide

Vagionia Beach is loved by many travelers because the beach of pebbles and sand appeals to various target groups. Snorkelers and divers are amazed by the underwater world off the coast, which thanks to the clear water can be observed down to the smallest detail and sometimes down to the seabed. Alert adventurers will even discover the remains of an ancient settlement underwater. On land, on the other hand, those looking for peace and relaxation can read a book or sunbathe largely undisturbed. If you don’t rely on your own towel, you can borrow one of the sun loungers.

Kanali Beach

The Best Beaches in Poros

The Best Beaches in Poros

Kanali Beach is adjacent to Askeli Beach and has a reputation for being well-kept and family-friendly. Splashing in the sea with the kids is one possible to-do, another is enjoying fresh fish and seafood in the surrounding taverns. The view of the water comes for free while you are served Greek delicacies.

Big & small Neorio Beach

Neorio Beach is divided into two sections. The “big” Neorio is known for sports activities such as water skiing. The soft sand of the beach can also convince without any special occupation and likes to attract families with children. The “little” Neorio, on the other hand, has less space, as the name suggests, but is also a beautiful backdrop for one or more days at the beach.


The sights on Poros are quickly dealt with, more time for the beach and other leisure activities is the advantage! The following tips reveal what else you can experience so excitingly on the island.

Hike / Poros Travel Guide

A natural destination like Poros unfolds its greatest assets in the form of the landscape. This is definitely suitable as a postcard motif! Since the island is of volcanic origin, there are still hilly mountain landscapes that can be pleasantly challenging. Walkers love places like the lemon forest with its unmistakable scent, but the pine forests are also a popular hiking backdrop. If you are not surrounded by densely packed trees, the view of the bays and the sea is an additional plus for day trips or short walks across the island.

Snorkeling in Poros

We have already briefly mentioned the beaches: Poros is a real snorkeling paradise! The water is mostly clear and even beginners can see the colorful marine flora and fauna well. In actually all bays the opportunity is favorable. However, if you want to specifically follow the traces of antiquity, dive off the coast of Vagionia Beach. The sunken ancient settlement there is easily recognized by cobbled streets and underwater ruins.

Celebrate Poros nightlife

Given the laid-back flair during the day, it’s hard to believe how varied nightlife on Poros can be. Traditional music is played in the taverns, beach parties are celebrated, especially on weekends, by the Athenians who then vacation here. If that’s too much for you, you could at least turn night into day in the open-air cinema.

Island hopping

Island hopping in the Saronic Gulf – this activity can be extended almost indefinitely. There are several top destinations in the vicinity of Poros. Depending on the desired destination, you will need a few minutes or hours by boat or ferry. The Peloponnese peninsula can be reached relatively quickly. The crossing takes about ten minutes. A top excursion destination there is the city of Epidauros, which offers sights from antiquity. Those who miss this aspect of a vacation on Poros could enjoy the largest ancient theater in all of Greece or the Asklepios temple of Epidaurus.

Visit Athens

Many Athenians use Poros as a holiday destination, but of course the whole thing also works the other way around! A two-day trip to the Greek capital can offer the desired contrast to the relaxing island life. Two days because the ferry crossing to the big city usually takes six hours. Since your flight back home will probably start from Athens, it is also worth departing from Poros a little earlier to visit Athens as a last stop.

The Acropolis as the city’s landmark, the associated museum and the Dionysus Theater are the things that you definitely shouldn’t miss. Antiquity also comes to life again right before your eyes in the National Archaeological Museum or at the Olympieion. If you arrive with a lavish travel budget, you can also spend the last few euros in the shopping centers or choose a few nice souvenirs to take home.

Poros Travel Info

Poros Travel Info

Poros Travel Info

Anyone who deals a little with Poros can basically no longer resist and puts the Greek island on their own list. So that everything goes smoothly during your holiday in Greece, you will find some final information about the destination in the Saronic Gulf here.

Travel time & duration

Poros is never very crowded and is therefore always a quiet destination, but it becomes a favorite destination for Athenians on weekends in the height of summer. Travelers experience the very original flair between March and May as well as in September and October. If you want to go swimming in a relaxed way, you should prefer July or August – but then during the week.

If you are already vacationing in Athens, you can visit Poros for two days and let yourself be captivated by the natural charm of the island. A complete stay is only worthwhile for four days or more due to the somewhat longer journey.

locomotion on site / Poros Travel Guide

The road network on the volcanic island is surprisingly well developed. A rental car is hardly worthwhile due to the small size of the island. Many vacationers switch to a bicycle that can be rented on the island. At a natural dream destination like Poros, the vehicles are also welcome to stop, because walks are always great!

Food & Specialties in Poros

In our opinion, Greek specialties should not be missing in a perfect holiday. There are also plenty of taverns and cafes on Poros. In addition to Greek highlights, some international dishes are offered. The focus, however, is on fish and seafood from the area. We recommend the Amigdalota dessert to all those with a sweet tooth. These are almond biscuits that are very popular in the region.

Hotels & Accommodation

Holidaymakers on Poros look in vain for tourist strongholds – and that’s a good thing, because the charm of the insider tip is largely retained. Nevertheless, nobody has to worry about a well-deserved night’s sleep. On the island there are family and cozy guesthouses as well as luxurious wellness hotels, which extend relaxation even further. Mid-range hotels that meet the usual standards are available for the small budget. You can also stay overnight in the neighboring Peloponnese, which has much more accommodation to offer and from which Poros is a good day trip destination.

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