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Skopelos tips. The guide to a unique holiday on the Greek island / Skopelos Travel Guide

Have you ever heard of Skopelos? But you must have seen the movie Mamma Mia, right? Then this pretty spot should definitely look familiar to you. This is a Greek island belonging to the Northern Sporades. With a few surrounding islands, it forms a municipality in the region of Thessaly. Since it is still one of the lesser known Greek islands and is therefore a real insider tip, I will now present the most important Skopelos tips to you.

The best Skopelos tips

Skopelos consists of two rock massifs that separate the island. The smaller part of it is very steep and therefore inaccessible. The island is also known for its green forests, which cover 80% of the island and are mostly made up of crops such as wine and plums.

It is not called the greenest Greek island for nothing. The white houses, scattered on hills facing the sea, form a beautiful backdrop that simply has to be seen.

Of course, the bright white sand and the crystal clear water should not be missing from my Skopelos tips. Because the island is also wonderful for a beach holiday.

Sights on Skopelos

On the trail of “Mamma Mia” a trip to Agios Ioannis Beach is an absolute must in my Skopelos tips. Here, however, the focus is not on the beach but on the monastery on the 100m high rock.

This unique backdrop was the filming location for the wedding scene and in general an absolutely worth seeing destination with a great view over the island.

The winding road leading to the monastery branches off from the hilltop village of Glossa in the north of the island. This small community is the next point in my Skopelos tips. Visit the Church of Panagia Eleutherotria and stroll through the sweet alleys.

Or how about a visit to the pottery workshop? Here you can revive the old tradition a bit.

There are also very good restaurants with breathtaking views. It’s best to watch the sunset from here, you’re sure to make big owl eyes!

The coast length of the island is over 66km and is a dream for every water sports enthusiast. The beaches in Greece are generally considered beautiful and Skopelos also has some breathtaking ones to offer. How about a trip to Milia Beach in the southwest of the island, for example? It is surrounded by white cliffs and is definitely one of the most beautiful beaches on Skopelos. The Panormos beach, also in the southwest, scores with its crystal clear, turquoise water.

Activities on Skopelos

The main attraction of Skopelos town is its beautiful whitewashed houses. Here you can stroll wonderfully through the streets and look at the flower-decorated balconies of the locals.

I can only try to recommend this unique flair to you in my Skopelos tips, you just have to absorb it.

The port of Loutraki is also something very special and a real Skopelos tip. It was built on the ruins of ancient Selinountas and forms a unique backdrop with numerous fishing boats.

Skopelos Tips

Skopelos Tips

For the active vacationers among you, a trip to Mount Delphi is also highly recommended. There are also around 30 hiking trails here. So you can explore the forests and mountains extensively.

If you want to bring something very special to your loved ones at home, you should definitely take a look at various workshops.

There you will find black and red vases, old ship models, brass lamps or hand-painted plates.

These family traditions are still carried on here by a few artisans.

Arrival to Skopelos

A building ban a few years ago ensured that the island has so far been spared from mass tourism. However, there is no airport here, which makes getting to Skopelos a little more difficult.

However, since it is definitely worth a trip, one is happy to accept the small detour. For example, you can arrive via the neighboring island of Skiathos or via Thessaloniki airport with a subsequent ferry ride.

Eat and drink

Of course you can enjoy the typical delicacies that you are used to from your vacation in Greece. Whether it’s seafood, eggplant, tzatziki, feta cheese or Greek wine. Your gourmet hearts will definitely beat faster here, dear owls.

In my Skopelos tips, I don’t want to withhold from you that three different types of plums are grown on the island. Each has its own charm. How about “Avgato”, the so-called dessert plum. Then there is “Sauer”, which is used to cook jam. The third variety is called “Agen”. This is a French variety used in the kitchen for desserts and as a dried plum.

With its diversity, Skopelos can definitely compete with the more famous Greek islands. With the small villages in the mountains, the fantastic beaches and the unique nature, which is just bursting with greenery, you are sure to have a great holiday here.

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