The 10 best burger restaurants in Germany

Lieferando users voted and chose the best burger shop in Germany. We present the ten best burger joints in the country.

There are two types of burgers. The ones where the bread is soggy, the ingredients were carelessly thrown on top of each other and the sauce only drips down one side. And then there are burgers that make your mouth water just looking at them. A crispy bun, fresh salad, juicy meat or even a delicious vegetarian alternative. So that you never end up with the first version again when ordering, we list the shops where you can find the best burgers in Germany.

The delivery service Leiferando honored the best burger shops in Germany as part of the “lieferando awards”. However, not all restaurants where you can order via the delivery service entered the race. After an application phase, Lieferando selected the candidates for which users could vote. The decision about the best burgers in Germany was ultimately made by the users of the service. At the annual awards at the end of 2021, they were not only able to vote for the best burger shops. Winners were also honored in categories such as “best vegetarian restaurant”, “best sushi shop” and “best restaurant in Germany”.

The best burger shops in Germany

Berlin, Burger Manufactory

According to a Lieferando survey, the best burger in Germany is in the capital. To be more precise: at the “Burger Manufaktur” on Weserstrasse in Neukölln. Lieferando users order the Manufaktur Burger with homemade sauce, roasted onions, Gouda cheese and cheddar most frequently there. The unique burger sauces are one of three factors that have particularly convinced users. In addition, the homemade burger buns and the “excellent service” may have been decisive for the placement.

The profit is also worthwhile for the customers of the “Burger Manufaktur”, which has now been awarded the title of the best burger shop in Germany. Because they now get free vouchers from Lieferando, as it says on their website. In addition, the visibility of the restaurant on the platform is now to be increased. So some Berliners are likely to stumble across the restaurant in the next few weeks.

The following nine shops are among the top 10 best burger shops in Germany. Since Lieferando did not rank them by popularity, we list the stores alphabetically by their hometown name.

Berlin, Bellami Burger

Rheinstraße 43, most popular dishes: Mufasa Cheesburger and Tweety Crispy Burger with crispy chicken

Dortmund, EatPrime

Iggelhorst 25, most popular dishes: Cheesburger and doner kebab

Goslar, Burger Express

Bahnhofstraße 40, most popular dishes: long chicken burger in an extra long bun and crunchy chicken wrap

Leipzig, Kenko Burger

Zweinaundorfer Straße 7, most popular dishes: Cheeseburger and White Smokehouse Burger with Black Angus beef, roasted onions and white barbecue sauce

Leinfelden-Echterdingen, Mr.Hotdog Burger

Bahnhofstraße 3, most popular dishes: chicken nuggets and Mr. Cheese Burger

Ottobrunn, Jeff’s Burger

Rosenheimer Landstraße 87, most popular dishes: Belgian fries and cheeseburgers

Pfronten, Meastros

Allgäuer Straße 17, most popular dishes: Baconburger and Steakhouse fries

Pluederhausen, Pit’s Burger,

Hauptstraße 39, most popular dishes: Classic Cheese Burger and Crispy Chicken Burger

Wetzlar, Burgerholic Best Burger in Town

Hermannsteiner Straße 64, most popular dishes: Crispy Chik n fingers (chicken nuggets in the shape of fish sticks) and Crispy Chicken Burger

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