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Best travel time Ireland. Which months are suitable for a holiday on the Emerald Isle? / Best Time To Visit Ireland

The best time to travel to Ireland is between May and September. At this time it hardly pours in rainy Ireland and the temperatures are at their warmest. Read on for more info on the best time to travel and Ireland’s climate by season.

The green island of Ireland is wild, rough and rainy. Nature lovers and passionate hikers, but also city travelers and TV series junkies, are always drawn to the evergreen velvet carpet.

Rightly so, because this beautiful country has an incomparable landscape, vibrant metropolises and rough coastal regions. And although there is a lot of rain on the Emerald Isle, there is a best time to travel to Ireland.

Destination Best travel time Air temperature

Dublin May – October up to 20 degrees
Galway May – October up to 19 degrees
Cork May – September up to 18 degrees
Dingle May – October up to 19 degrees

Climate in Ireland

Now you think it rains all the time in Ireland, so it’s also permanently cold? Not correct! Thanks to the warm Gulf Stream from Mexico, Ireland has a temperate climate, i.e. warm summers and mild winters.

Well, the maximum temperatures are around 25°C, but still. Ireland’s coastal regions are a bit milder and thanks to the maritime climate, greenery grows in abundance.

Snow is super rare in Ireland, as are freezing temperatures. Temperatures vary very little over the course of the year. Speaking of the course of the year: To give you a better picture of the climate in Ireland, a breakdown by season follows.

Month Temperature (°C) Hours of sunshine Rainy days
January 2 – 8 2 13
February 2 – 8 3 10
March 3 – 10 4 11
April 5 – 12 5 11
May 7 – 15 6 11
June 10 – 18 6 10
July 12 – 20 5 11
August 12 – 19 5 12
September 10 – 17 4 10
October 7 – 14 3 12
November 5 – 10 2 12
December 3 – 8 2 13

Spring in Ireland

Spring in Ireland is one of the most beautiful times of the year. The rainy winter is coming to an end and the sun is shining more often over the island. By the way, spring in Ireland begins on February 1st. Then the first hikers set out to explore the green island on their own.

Summer in Ireland

Summer in Ireland begins on May 1st. While temperatures aren’t particularly summery, it’s the most comfortable time of year to vacation in Ireland. Unfortunately, the thermometer rarely gets above the 20°C mark. Nonetheless, summer is the best time to visit Ireland as this is when there are loads of fun festivals taking place.

Autumn in Ireland

It’s early August and harvest time is about to begin. Autumn in Ireland starts as early as August 1st. The weather is still super nice, except that it rains a bit more every now and then. However, the temperatures are still in the warm range by Irish standards. So autumn is also a good time to travel to Ireland.

Winter in Ireland

The winter in Ireland is less cold than here, but very rainy. Snow falls, if at all, only in the far north of Ireland. So you can’t ski here. But what you can do is take a city break in Dublin. Because even in winter, the Irish capital does not lose its charm. And since there are fewer tourists in the country in winter, you have the capital all to yourself.

Your trip to Ireland at the best travel time

Now that you know the best time to travel to Ireland, you can start planning your vacation. In my travel search engine you will find current offers for a holiday in Ireland. Browse a bit and you will surely find a cheap offer for a trip to the Emerald Isle. And while you’re there, you can visit the must-see Game of Thrones filming locations in Ireland.

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