Hurghada Weather / Best Time to Visit Hurghada

Weather in Hurghada. Which months are best for a holiday in the Red Sea? Hurghada Weather / Best Time to Visit Hurghada

The most important thing when planning a holiday is clearly the weather. I will explain the weather in Hurghada in detail so that you know exactly when you can go on your summer vacation without any worries. So you always know exactly what weather you can expect at what time of the year. There are also recommendations for the best travel time in Hurghada, graded according to travel activities. Well, is that what?

How is the climate in Hurghada?

The climate in Hurghada belongs to the subtropical desert climate category. In plain language, this means super long, dry and hot summers and short, mild and also dry winters. The best thing about the weather in Egypt: It hardly ever rains. In summer you don’t even need to think about an umbrella, because the probability of rain is 0%.

The weather in winter is cooler overall, but you don’t have to expect rain. The average annual rainfall in Hurghada is just 5 millimeters. For comparison: In Germany, the annual average is just under 746 milliliters, which is a lot more.

The optimal travel time for Hurghada is actually the same as the best travel time for Egypt and mainly includes the spring and autumn months. The temperatures are super summery and because it’s the off-season, the beaches and attractions aren’t a bit crowded. If you don’t have a problem with high temperatures of up to 40°C, you can also enjoy the beauty of Hurghada in summer.

Hurghada climate table:

Month Temperature (°C) Hours of Sunshine Water Temperature (°C)
January 11 – 22 9 22
February 11 – 23 10 21
March 14 – 25 9 22
April 18 – 29 10 23
May 22 – 33 10 26
June 25 – 35 12 29
July 26 – 36 11 30
August 26 – 36 10 30
Sep 24 – 34 9 29
October 21 – 31 9 26
November 17 – 27 9 25
December 13 – 23 8 24

The best travel weather in Hurghada by travel activities

The following table should help you to get an overview of the best travel time in Hurghada according to activities. Which months are suitable for a beach holiday in Hurghada, when is the best time to dive and snorkel in the Red Sea and when is sightseeing the most fun?

The optimal travel time according to activities

Travel activities Recommended travel time


May – November
beach holiday

April – November
desert safari

March – May & September – November

February – June & September – November

The weather in Hurghada at a glance

If the above was still not detailed enough for you, you will find a detailed overview of the weather in Hurghada for each month below. There is also a recommendation for each month on what you can do best at this time. In advance: There are basically only two seasons in Hurghada: summer and winter. Temperatures are warm to hot all year round and don’t worry about rain.

Weather Hurghada January

January is the best travel time for a cheap wellness holiday in Hurghada.

The weather in Hurghada in January can in no way be compared to our winter weather. During the day it will be a mild 22°C. At night it then cools down to a fresh 11°C. In rare cases there may be light rain showers.

Weather Hurghada February

February is the best Hurghada travel time for snorkeling and cheap wellness holidays.

The weather in Hurghada in February is actually the coldest time of the year. With maximum values ​​of 23°C, however, it cannot be said to be cold. Even at night the thermometer does not drop below 10°C, so you are well equipped with a sweater.

Weather Hurghada March

March is the best time for snorkeling and desert safari in Hurghada.

We are slowly moving towards spring and this can also be seen in the weather in Hurghada in March. The mercury tube rises up to 25°C, there are 9 hours of sunshine per day and the sky is clear of clouds.

Weather Hurghada April

April is the best travel time for desert safari and sightseeing in Hurghada.

Spring has fully arrived and the weather in Hurghada in April is impressive. More than 10 hours of sunshine per day and temperatures of almost 30°C invite you to a sunny holiday in Egypt.

Hurghada weather in May

May is the best travel time for desert safari, beach vacation, diving in Hurghada.

The weather in Hurghada in May is super summery. You can expect temperatures above 30°C. The water temperatures reach 26°C, so you can go into the sea without any problems.

Weather Hurghada June

June is the best travel time for sightseeing and beach holidays in Hurghada.

Insanely hot temperatures of 36°C and up to 12 hours of sun a day characterize the weather in June. The Red Sea reaches a water temperature of a whopping 29°C – perfect for a day at the beach!

Weather Hurghada July

July is the best travel month for beach holidays, dolphins and diving in Hurghada.

The weather in Hurghada in July looks similar to June. It gets super hot and the sea invites you to cool off. The first dolphins are also slowly appearing.

Hurghada weather August

August is the best travel time for beach holidays, dolphins and diving in Hurghada.

And how is the weather in Hurghada in August? Very simple: hot and dry. Not a single rain cloud and temperatures up to 36°C make for a perfect summer holiday.

Hurghada weather September

September is a top month for snorkeling and beach holidays in Hurghada.

In September the weather cools down slowly. Nevertheless, it will still easily be over 34°C and a bathing holiday with a water temperature of 29°C is perfect for all frostbite.

Weather Hurghada October

October is the best time to travel to Hurghada for beach holidays and budget hunters.

Even in October, the weather in Hurghada is still ideal for a beach holiday on the Red Sea. Since the off-season has arrived, bargain hunters can save a chunk of money.

Weather Hurghada November

In November you can swim, dive and snorkel cheaply in Hurghada.

Believe it or not, even in November it can still get up to 27°C during the day and the sun shines through for up to 9 hours. At this time you can still swim, dive and snorkel.

Weather Hurghada December

December is a top month for a Hurghada spa holiday and sightseeing.

And the weather in Hurghada in December is also impressive. The thermometer rises to 23°C during the day without any problems and the sun shines over Egypt for up to 8 hours.

So, that was quite a lot of information at once. The most important thing to remember: In Hurghada it is super warm all year round and rain is an absolute foreign word. I hope I was able to help you with your holiday planning and you now know exactly what belongs in the suitcase and what doesn’t.

Speaking of holiday planning: If you are still looking for a cheap holiday offer for Hurghada, then take a look at my travel search engine. There are daily package tours for Hurghada for every budget.

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