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Best time to travel to Colombia. Which months are suitable for a holiday in South America? / Best Time To Visit Colombia

The best travel time for Colombia is generally from December to March and July to August. As you may know, Colombia is a super diverse country in terms of landscape. On the one hand there are the Andes and the Amazon rainforest and on the other hand the Pacific and Caribbean coasts. It is logical that the climate in all these regions is not the same. So that you still know what absolutely needs to be in your suitcase for your next vacation in Colombia, I will explain the climatic differences in the different Colombian regions.

How is the climate in Colombia?

The climate in Colombia is basically in the tropical climate zone, but varies depending on the region and altitude. In principle, there are only two seasons in Colombia: summer and winter. There is also a rainy and dry season that you should be aware of.

The dry season coincides with the best travel time for Colombia, i.e. December to March and July to August. The rest of the year falls in the Colombian rainy season. In order to give you a good overview of the climatic conditions in Colombia, I will introduce you to the individual regions in detail.

Month Temperature (°C) Hours of sunshine Rainy days
January 17 – 28 5 12
February 18 – 28 5 13
March 18 – 28 5 17
April 18 – 28 5 22
May 18 – 28 5 23
June 17 – 28 5 19
July 17 – 28 6 17
August 17 – 28 6 19
September 17 – 28 5 22
October 17 – 27 5 24
November 17 – 27 5 21
December 17 – 27 5 15

Best time to visit Colombia ‘s Andes region

The Colombian Andes are a super popular travel destination in South America. One of the reasons for this is Colombia’s capital, Bogotá. The popular South American metropolis has the typical Andean climate, i.e. a moderate tropical climate. In principle, it is warm all year round and there are hardly any fluctuations over the course of the year.

The best travel time for Colombia’s Andes region is from December to March, because this is the time when it is warmest and there are rarely a few raindrops. But the months from July to August are also conceivable to travel to the Colombian Andes. This period also falls in the dry season, so you can leave your umbrella & Co. at home.

The best time to travel to Colombia’s Amazon region

In the southeast of the country lies the Amazon region of Colombia, which occupies almost a third of the country’s area. Incidentally, the three-country triangle of Colombia, Peru and Brazil is located in this area. Two major rivers, the Putumayo and the Amazon, flow through the Colombian rainforest and contribute to its lush green and lush vegetation.

If you have always wanted to discover the exotic animal and plant world in the Amazon rainforest, the best time to come is from July to September. These months are the best travel time for Colombia’s Amazon region. This is the time when the sun shines the longest, it rains the least and the temperatures are constant between 21 and 30°C.

Best time to visit Colombia’s Caribbean coast

Besides the Andes and the Amazon, Colombia has tons of beautiful coastlines. Among other things, a long stretch of coast on the Caribbean Sea. Long, white sandy beaches and a turquoise sea are reason enough to spend a beach holiday in Colombia, don’t you agree? Super hip coastal cities on the Caribbean Sea include Barranquilla, Cartagena and Santa Marta.

Since there is almost always fantastic weather in this region of the country, the best time to travel to Colombia’s Caribbean coast is basically all year round. The temperatures are constantly around 30°C and the sun shines tirelessly. Lounge on one of the paradisiacal Caribbean beaches and relax under the Colombian sun whenever you like.

The best time to travel to Colombia’s Pacific coast

And as if a dreamy coast weren’t enough, Colombia not only boasts the Caribbean coast but also a wonderful stretch of coast on the Pacific. Admittedly, the Pacific coast of Colombia, especially the north, is one of the rainiest regions in the country. Nevertheless, the Pacific coast is one of the most beautiful regions in the entire country.

The months of July and August are the best time to visit Colombia’s Pacific coast. In principle, you can also arrive in June and September, because it rains comparatively little at this time. Anyone who has always wanted to watch whales can cross this off their bucket list in Colombia. Because on the Pacific coast of Colombia you can see impressive humpback whales from July to November.

Now that you know the best travel time for Colombia for the individual regions, you can plan your next Colombia vacation like experienced travel experts. Speaking of holiday planning: In my travel search engine you will regularly find cheap Colombia offers. And you can also find cheap Colombia trips on my site, so keep your eyes open!

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