Didim Travel Guide

Didim, a charming town of Aydın province in the Aegean Region, is one of the most important tourism centers of our country. / Didim Travel Guide

Didim, which is a frequent destination for thousands of holiday lovers in the summer months with its long beaches, glassy sea, and plenty of oxygen, hosts countless guests from abroad.

In recent years, the British settled in Didim are quite a lot. Thanks to the Mediterranean climate, traveling to Didim is quite enjoyable not only in summer but also in spring and winter. According to the 2016 data of TUIK, approximately 77,164 people live in Didim, which has a surface area of ​​402 square kilometers.

Didim is a very old settlement. The first settlement traces in the town date back to 8000 BC. After Didim, which was ruled by Mycenaeans, Cretans and Akalis, it was conquered by the Persians, Romans and Byzantines. After the Battle of Manzikert in 1071, this region, which is located within the borders of “Karia”, was dominated by the Turks. Although it was captured by Byzantium again during the I. Crusades, Didim joined this principality with the establishment of the Menteşe Principality in the Karia region in 1261. The Didim region, which came under the rule of the Ottoman Empire in 1413, was greatly damaged by an earthquake in the 14th century and continued its existence as a Greek village for many years.

The region, which was named Yoran – Yeronda in the Ottoman Period, became the settlement of the exchanged people from the Greek villages after the 1924 Treaty of Lausanne. After the earthquake disaster in 1955, the settlement in Yoran, which was called Hisar, was moved to Yenihisar together with the disaster houses. The region, which was a village until 1967, became a district in 1991 with the name Yenihisar, with the increase in tourism potential in the 1980s. In 1999, the name of Yenihisar district, which originally came from Didymaion, was changed to Didim. Due to its location, the town has hosted important civilizations.

Where is Didim?

Didim is a district of Aydın province, located in the Aegean Region. Didim, which is adjacent to the Aegean Sea in the west and south, has Bafa Lake in the north and Muğla province border in the east. Didim, which is 614 kilometers from Istanbul, is 688 kilometers from Ankara and 100 kilometers from Aydın. Didim, one of the peninsulas surrounding Güllük Bay, is one of the most preferred holiday resorts in summer.

How to go to Didim? / Didim Travel Guide

It is possible to easily reach Didim, which is one of the most popular holiday resorts of the Aegean, by land. You can see the Didim sign before coming to Bafa Lake after proceeding south from İzmir and passing Söke. Click for detailed information.

When to go to Didim?

A temperate and hot climate prevails in Didim. In the district where the Mediterranean climate prevails, the winter months are warm and rainy, and the summer months are hot and dry. July is the driest month of the year in Didim, with an annual average temperature of 18 degrees, while December is the month with the highest precipitation. With an average temperature of 27 degrees, the hottest month in Didim is July, and the coldest month with an average temperature of 10 degrees is January. Due to the north winds, Didim has a cooler weather compared to the provinces in the Mediterranean region. In addition to the famous Altınkum Beach, Didim welcomes thousands of holiday lovers, especially in the summer months, with its virgin bays, lush forests, historical and cultural riches. In recent years, there has been a significant increase in the number of people who settled in Didim, not only from Turkey but also from abroad. Thanks to its climatic features, the summer season opens early and closes late in the district. In this way, it is possible to have a sea, sand and sun holiday in the region from April to November. It is one of the most preferred districts by those suffering from respiratory diseases and asthma patients due to its high oxygen rate as well as low humidity. If you come to Didim during the summer, you can sunbathe on the golden sands, enjoy swimming in the clear sea and recharge your energy. However, we recommend that you visit Didim not only in summer but also in spring and winter, and to see the natural beauties of the district in these months.

Where to Stay in Didim? / Didim Travel Guide

Didim, the charming district of Aydın with its beautiful beaches, ancient cities waiting to be discovered and clean air; It is one of the most popular tourist destinations in Turkey. There are many accommodation options in Didim, which is flooded by guests from both the country and abroad during the summer months. Those who want a luxurious accommodation experience prefer four and five-star hotels in the district, while boutique hotels and hostels are at the service of those who do not want to exceed their budget with affordable prices. For those who come with families or large groups, apart hotels can be a good option. You can have a comfortable holiday in Didim hotels by choosing from all inclusive or bed and breakfast options. While most of the holiday hotels have an outdoor pool, you can enjoy the beach all day long in Didim hotels, which serve by the sea. The first region you can choose to stay in Didim is Altınkum. The blue flag Altunkum Beach is two kilometers away from the center and is a favorite of holiday lovers. In Altunkum, you can sunbathe and swim, and have fun with water sports. There are many accommodation options in Altinkum. Seahorse Deluxe Hotel is a four-star hotel located in Altunkum, within walking distance to the beach. Offering friendly service, the facility is also very close to the center. Zeynur Apart Hotel, which is open all year, is an affordable facility that you can choose to stay in Altinkum. The rooms of the hotel, which is very close to the sea, are also very comfortable. If you are looking for a holiday away from the crowd, you can choose Akbuk. Akbuk will more than meet your expectations with its beautiful beach and lush nature that will not look like Altinkum. Aurum Moon Resort is one of the most preferred five-star hotels in Akbuk. The hotel, which has a private beach, also stands out with its delicious food.

Didim Hotels

Didim; It is one of the places where nature acts generously with its 55 km coastline, 13 km golden sandy beach, numerous coves of various sizes, and warm and shallow sea. The ancient cities, clean sea and warm sands of Didim invite thousands of holidaymakers to the Aegean every year. Didim, one of the important tourism destinations of Aydın, is located 123 km from the city center. The town, which has the characteristics of a warm and temperate climate, is home to many luxury hotels. The region where Didim hotels are most concentrated is the blue flag Altinkum Beach, which attracts a lot of attention. Altınkum is one of the favorite beaches of the Aegean with its shallow and clear waters. This beach is one of the most visited places in Didim and is located 2 km from the center. Due to the influx of tourists in the summer months, accommodation alternatives in the region also vary. Didim hotels, most of which are located in Altınkum and in the district center, appeal to all budgets and tastes.

Places to Visit in Didim / Didim Travel Guide

Didim, which attracts the attention of travelers with its fascinating natural beauty, is flooded by those who dream of summer vacation. Although it is a small holiday town, Didim, whose population quadruples in summer, is such a beautiful town that anyone would want to come once again, with its famous beaches, clear sea, historical and cultural places. You should take at least 3 days and discover the dazzling nature of Didim.

In Didim, one of the important tourism resorts of Aydın, you can go on an unforgettable cultural tour by visiting ancient cities as well as a holiday where you can be alone with nature and the sea. You can visit the ancient cities around Didim in winter and spring, and enjoy the unique sea in summer. The Temple of Apollo, located in the Ancient City of Didyma, is among the historical monuments to be seen in the town, while the Miletus Theater is a valuable heritage from ancient times. We also recommend you to visit the Miletus Museum, where valuable artifacts from the excavation sites are exhibited. Priene Ancient City; It is one of the places worth seeing around Didim. With its long sandy beach and clean sea, Altınkum, which welcomes thousands of holiday lovers from both the country and abroad, is one of the most famous beaches not only of Didim but also of the Aegean Region. Akbuk is an idyllic place covered with dense forests where you can swim in Didim. Saplı Ada, Akköy, Tavşanburnu Nature Park and Bafa Lake are among the important places you can stop by during your trip to Didim.

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Apollon temple
Miletus Theater
Miletus Museum
Priene Ancient City
Altinkum Beach
Saplı Ada
Tavşanburnu (Rabbit Nose) Nature Park
Lake Bafa

Transportation in Didim

Transportation in Didim, which is one of the holiday resorts that attracts attention not only in summer but also in winter and spring, is provided by minibuses. Altinkum, Akbuk and ancient cities are not far from each other, so you can easily reach them both by minibuses and taxis. Since there is a busy line between Altınkum and Yalıköy, transportation here continues until midnight. You can reach Akbük from Didim bus station in 30 minutes by taking the minibuses that depart frequently. You can see many car rental companies in Didim. If you want to travel as you wish, you can rent a car daily and explore every part of the town. You can swim in the beautiful bays of Didim and have a fun day by getting on the excursion boats that depart from Altınkum every day during the summer period. You can also rent a bicycle to explore the beaches of Didim. In Didim, which is one of the towns suitable for cycling, you can wander freely with the wind at your back, and swim in the sea from a different place every day.

Didim Cuisine / Didim Travel Guide

When you stop by Didim, one of the oldest settlements in the Aegean, you can taste delicious dishes and have pleasant lunch and dinner with your loved ones. Didim, where you can try delicious Aegean cuisine besides its clear waters, clean air and natural beauties, promises you much more than a holiday. Increasing its tourism potential, Didim has become one of the most preferred towns by the British in recent years. Didim restaurants welcome their guests not only in summer but also in spring and winter.

You can try local delicacies in Didim cuisine, which is a combination of both Aydın cuisine and Aegean cuisine. Olive oil dishes are indispensable for Didim tables. Leaf wrap, cowpea with olive oil, radish herb, sea cowpea, şevketi bostan, purslane salad are among the delicious olive oil dishes you can taste when you come to Didim. The most famous taste of Didim is tarhana. We recommend that you try the delicious tarhana soup in Didim. Stuffed zucchini flowers is another delicacy you can try in Didim restaurants. Stuffed stuffing, which is prepared by stuffing zucchini flowers with rice, onion, pepper, tomato and garlic, is one of the finger-biting flavors. It is possible to count Kasopita as one of the local flavors of Didim. The practical and satisfying flavor, which the local people call Çaykama, is prepared by frying the dough mixture obtained from corn flour, yogurt, eggs, spring onions and nettle in the oven. Kasopita, which can be eaten with garlic yogurt or plain, is a delicious snack that should be tried in Didim. Ear soup prepared with cubed meat, ravioli, chickpeas and tomato paste is frequently cooked in Didim kitchens during winter months. Chickpea stew with meat, hot casserole, sautéed liver are among the meat dishes you can eat in Didim. You can eat fish, which is one of the indispensables of Aegean cuisine, in its freshest form in Didim restaurants, and you can order appetizers that bite you. You can turn your route to Kamacı Restaurant to eat fish accompanied by the sea view. You can spend a pleasant evening with your loved ones in the place that stands out with its stylish decoration and fast service. Kumbalı Fish and Bread is one of the places that always attracts attention in Akbük. DidimŞehir Lokantası is one of the best places in the Bazaar, offering a wide menu from soup to pita, from grilled to vegetable dishes. You can choose Olio Apollon Restaurant for the pleasure of dining against the Temple of Apollo, and you can enjoy the raki-fish duo at the Mavi Balık Restaurant. We recommend that you do not end your trip without tasting the figs, strawberries and olives of Didim, depending on the season.

Shopping in Didim

During your trip to Didim, you can buy delicious local products for both yourself and your loved ones. The first flavor that comes to mind when Didim is mentioned is undoubtedly tarhana. You can find tarhana prepared for the winter months with a lot of effort in the markets as well as you can buy it from shops selling local products. Another region-specific product that you can buy from Didim markets is tarhana. Tarhana grass, which is grown only around Aydın, İzmir and Manisa, has a strong aroma. You can use tarhana grass, which is also very useful for the digestive system, to add flavor to meals. Lop fig, which the people of Didim call nut, is another of the most famous foods of the region. We strongly recommend that you buy the jam made from lop figs. Didim Akköy is among the places where the best quality grapes are grown. You can buy grapes and village wine for your loved ones from Didim. By visiting the markets set up on certain days of the week in Didim, you can taste local products and shop for fresh vegetables, fruits and cheese. You can support them a little by buying tomato paste, village bread, jam and dried herbs made by the housewives from the neighborhood markets. You can find beautiful souvenirs for your loved ones by visiting the bazaars both in the center of Didim and in Altinkum. Jewelry, accessories, magnets, trinkets and handcrafted items are among the items you can buy from Didim shops. Didyma, located in Altunkum, is one of the addresses where you can shop. Most of the shopping stores in Didim are open until midnight during the summer period. You can enjoy shopping in the evening while spending time at the beach during the day.

Nightlife in Didim / Didim Travel Guide

Nightlife in Didim, which is one of the most admired holiday resorts of the Aegean Region, begins with the closure of schools and the arrival of holidaymakers, as it mostly appeals to local tourists. Although there are not as many nightclubs as Bodrum, Çeşme and Antalya, bars, pubs and discos exceed the expectations of those who want to have fun. Click here for more information.

Festivals in Didim

When you go to Didim, we recommend you to participate in these activities to try local flavors, get to know the local people better and breathe the Aegean air. You can read detailed information about festivals and festivities in our article. Click for details.

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