Best Time To Visit Jamaica

Best time to travel to Jamaica. Which months are suitable for a holiday on the Caribbean island? / Best Time To Visit Jamaica

Bombastic weather with pure sunshine and a cloudless sky are the main ingredients for a successful beach holiday. If you are planning a vacation in Jamaica, you should therefore arrive from December to April. This is the best time to travel to Jamaica. Read on to learn what Jamaica’s climate is like and when it’s hurricane season.

Weather and climate in Jamaica

Jamaica is located in the tropical climate zone. Hot summer temperatures and mild winter weather are typical of Jamaica. The temperatures remain constant over the course of the year, so you can expect temperatures between 21 and 33°C all year round.

Now you’re wondering why I’m even introducing you to the best time to travel to Jamaica when it’s wonderfully warm all year round? Well, even in the Caribbean it rains every now and then. Sometimes for days and like out of buckets. A danger for your Jamaica vacation could also be hurricanes, which occur in Jamaica from time to time.

Month Temperature (°C) Hours of sunshine Rainy days
January 21 – 30 7 5
February 21 – 30 8 5
March 22 – 31 8 5
April 23 – 31 8 7
May 24 – 32 7 8
June 24 – 32 8 7
July 24 – 33 9 6
August 24 – 33 8 9
September 24 – 32 8 11
October 24 – 32 8 14
November 23 – 31 8 10
December 22 – 31 7 6

Best travel time for a beach holiday in Jamaica

Sun-seekers and beach mermaids dream of chilling under the Caribbean sun. On Jamaica’s beaches you can bury your feet in the soft sand, treat yourself to one or the other exotic cocktail and splash around in the turquoise blue sea. More Caribbean feeling is not possible!

The best time to travel to Jamaica for a beach holiday is between December and February. Super summer temperatures and tons of sunshine make the rainiest periods perfect for a beach holiday in winter. The water temperatures rise to a cozy 27°C, so that even the biggest frostbite can jump into the sea without any worries.

Hurricane season in Jamaica

Hurricane season in Jamaica runs from June to November. At this time, you should study the weather forecast carefully to avoid tropical storms. Theoretically, you can travel to Jamaica all year round. Storms and rain showers usually only occur for a few hours in the afternoon. The rest of the time, as usual, the sun shines over Jamaica.

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