The best tours and activities in Berlin

If you want to escape from everyday life, you don’t have to travel far. How about a weekend trip to Berlin, for example?

Germany’s capital not only attracts with numerous sights, but also with exciting tours and activities.

The 8 best tours and activities in Berlin

Boat tours on the Spree

If you don’t want to explore Berlin by bus, car or on foot, you can also discover the city from the water. On a one-hour boat tour on the Spree, for example, you can see important sights such as the Reichstag, Berlin Cathedral and the City Palace. By the way: You can also book the tour in winter, when the heating is switched on in the ship.

Tickets for the boat tours cost from 17 euros per person.

Street Art Tours

Anyone with a weakness for street art is in the right place in Berlin. Walls with impressive works of art can be found in many places in the city. The best way to discover them is on a three-hour street art tour. Or you can try your hand at a spray can at a graffiti workshop.

Tickets for the tours cost from 18 euros per person, participation in the graffiti workshop costs from 19 euros.

Panoramic view from Berlin’s TV tower

What would Berlin be without its television tower? The elevator takes you up to Berlin’s highest vantage point. From there you have a magnificent 360-degree view of the capital. No less impressive is the view from the windows of the panorama restaurant “Sphere” in the Berlin TV tower. You should reserve a window seat well in advance, because everyone wants to sit there!

Admission to the television tower costs from 21.50 euros.

Skating on the Tempelhofer Feld

One of the most exciting things about Berlin is the many abandoned buildings. This also includes the former Tempelhof Airport. If you want to take a look inside the airport building and learn more about the history of the former Berlin airport, you can take part in one of the guided tours.

By the way: Many Berliners use the former landing and take-off strips of today’s Tempelhofer Feld for sporting activities. If you want, you can really get started there with your skateboards, inline skates or by bike – and then take a break on one of the large meadows.

Admission to Tempelhofer Feld is free. Tours through the airport building are expected to be possible again from mid-April.

Crime tours in Berlin

400 years of city criminal history, unsolved cases and gruesome stories – on a crime tour in Berlin you can discover creepy crime scenes and listen to murder stories. Nothing for weak nerves!

Tickets for crime tours in Berlin cost from 19.50 euros.

Wall tours by bike

Anyone who has ever been to Berlin knows that sightseeing tours on foot can be quite exhausting due to the sometimes long distances. So why not get on your bike and take a bike tour through Berlin? On a so-called Wall bike tour, for example, you can learn a lot of interesting facts about the former division of Germany.

Participation in the guided bike tours costs from 24 euros per person.

Always follow Lucki’s Berlin snout

Berlin visitors who want to discover the most iconic to the dingiest corners of the capital should follow Lucki. “Come with me, I’ll show you that” – Lucki is a real Berlin bus and taxi driver and presents the capital either by bus or car. Here you can learn a lot about Berlin that you probably never heard of before.

Audio tours through Berlin

If you would like to find out interesting things about Berlin but are not interested in guided group tours, you can use the audio tours from “Stadt im Ohr”. With “Hörspaziergang Friedrichshain” or “Wege nach Queertopia”, for example, you can follow different routes through Berlin. The audio files can be downloaded via the City in Ear app.

The price for an audio tour is from 9 euros.

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