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The best travel time for Madagascar falls in the European spring and autumn months. However, since Madagascar is the second largest island nation in the world after Indonesia, it is not possible to make a general statement about the best travel time. That’s why we divide the country into its four climate zones and take a look at the climate in Madagascar in detail. Are you in?

Weather and climate in Madagascar

Madagascar is an island off the east coast of Mozambique. Madagascar is located in the tropical climate zone. Tropical climate is characterized by hot summers and mild winters. If you compare the temperatures over the course of the year, you will immediately notice that there are only small temperature fluctuations. This is also a typical feature of a tropical climate.

There are no classic seasons in Madagascar. The seasons in Madagascar are limited to southern summer and southern winter. Because the African island is in the southern hemisphere, the seasons are reversed.

The southern summer runs from November to April and is hot and rainy. Southern winter in Madagascar falls between May and October and is typically warm and dry.

The climate is influenced by the different altitudes and the orientation of the south trade winds. There are basically four climate zones in Madagascar.

In order to be able to explain the weather and climate in Madagascar to you a little better, we have to dissect the island in all directions.

Month Temperature (°C) Hours of sunshine Rainy days
January 17 – 28 7 18
February 17 – 26 6 17
March 16 – 25 7 17
April 15 – 25 7 9
May 13 – 23 7 6
June 11 – 21 7 6
July 10 – 20 7 8
August 10 – 21 8 9
September 11 – 23 8 4
October 13 – 25 8 8
November 15 – 26 8 14
December 16 – 26 6 20

Climate in northern Madagascar

The climate in northern Madagascar belongs to the tropical savanna climate column. In plain language, this means: Super hot temperatures all year round and pronounced dry and rainy seasons.

It rains most often between November and April due to the northwest monsoon. In the dry season from May to October, on the other hand, there is hardly any rain. Therefore, this is also the optimal travel time for the north of Madagascar.

Climate on the east coast of Madagascar

In the east of the island, the trade winds influence the climate all year round. Now you’re wondering exactly what that means? Well, in summer the wind brings a lot of hot air with it, making the thermometers soar. These level off at an average of 30°C.

In addition, it rains much more frequently in this part of the island than in the rest. In general, the climate on the east coast of Madagascar is extremely hot with high humidity, which can make it very humid at times. The best travel time for the east coast of Madagascar is from July to September, i.e. in the southern winter.

Climate in southern Madagascar

The rain-shy among you should definitely set up camp in Madagascar’s south. The climate in the south of Madagascar is great all year round, almost utopian. It is pleasantly warm, but not extremely hot, and there is hardly any rain. The best travel time for the south of Madagascar is therefore easily all year round.

Climate on the west coast of Madagascar

The west coast of Madagascar is the driest region on the island. Dry and rainy seasons alternate throughout the year. The dry season takes more than half the year, which is why the fauna in the west of the island consists mainly of savannas. The best travel time for the west coast of Madagascar, similar to the south side, is almost all year round. During the rainy season, there are increased showers, which is why you may want to avoid the months from December to February.

Cyclones in Madagascar

Weather phenomena that occasionally occur in Madagascar are cyclones. We’re talking about rainy, tropical cyclones that sweep across the country from time to time. There is a risk of cyclones, especially on the east coast of Madagascar. From January to early March you should therefore be on your guard. However, if you diligently follow the weather forecast, you can plan your vacation in Madagascar around it.

So, now that you are well informed about the best time to travel to Madagascar, you can start planning your vacation right away. Find a bungalow near the beach or an exclusive hotel and have a really good time. With a package tour to Madagascar, you save yourself the hassle of planning your vacation and can put your feet up before departure.

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