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Best travel time Honduras. Which months are best for a vacation? / Best Time To Visit Honduras

The best travel time for Honduras is generally from November to April, because these months are the dry season. However, its location between the Pacific and Caribbean Seas means there are some regional differences that you should be aware of before you travel. And if you don’t want to ruin your vacation, you should know when it’s rainy season.

Honduras is an entirely country and apparent and undiscovered country in Central America. Completely wrong, because Honduras is not only home to the largest jungle in Central America, but also the second largest reef in the world. This should put Honduras at the top of your bucket list travel destinations. So that you know what clothes to fill your suitcase with before you travel, I will show you the best travel time for Honduras in detail.

How is the climate in Honduras?

Honduras generally has a tropical climate. In principle, this means consistently warm temperatures all year round, lots of sunshine, but also relatively high humidity. There is also a dry season and a rainy season that you should know before you travel to Central America. The location between the two oceans and the different climate zones of Honduras make it not so easy to assess the weather at any time. So that you can do this better, I will show you the individual climate zones in detail.

Month Temperature (°C) Hours of sunshine Rainy days Water temperature
January 21 – 28 6 16 27
February 21 – 28 7 11 27
March 23 – 30 7 8 27
April 24 – 31 8 6 28
May 24 – 31 7 9 28
June 25 – 31 6 16 28
July 24 – 31 6 19 29
August 25 – 32 7 20 29
September 25 – 32 6 18 29
October 24 – 30 5 20 29
November 22 – 29 5 19 29
December 22 – 28 5 17 28

Best time to visit Honduras Pacific coast

In the west, Honduras borders the Pacific and impresses with wonderful beaches and, of course, summer temperatures all year round. In this region, the seasons are divided into dry season (el verano) and rainy season (el invierno). The dry season runs from November to April and is the best time to travel to Honduras Pacific coast. At this time you can enjoy your beach vacation to the fullest on the beaches of the Pacific coast. The remaining months from May to October is the rainy season and therefore not quite as ideal for a holiday by the sea.

Best time to visit Honduras Caribbean coast

A humid tropical climate prevails on Honduras Caribbean coast and also on the islands in the Caribbean Sea Roatán, Útila and Guanaja. Temperatures are about the same all year round and there is no real dry season in this region of Honduras. No matter what time of year, you always have to expect rain. However, I can reassure you, because the showers are usually strong but only briefly in the afternoon.

The rest of the day you can enjoy wonderful sunshine and the finest weather. The best travel time for Honduras Caribbean coast is basically the whole year, because you can hardly prepare for the random and spontaneous rain showers. If it starts to pour, you can seek shelter in a restaurant or café for a few minutes.

Hurricane season in Honduras

The months from June to November make up the hurricane season in Honduras. However, the highest probability is in the months from August to October. In addition, the danger is higher on the Caribbean coast, but the Pacific coast is also affected. In general, I would advise against a holiday during this time. However, if you are still in Honduras at this time, you should definitely follow the weather forecast carefully.

So, now that you know the best time to travel to Honduras, nothing stands in the way of an unforgettable vacation. If you haven’t found the right offer yet, please take a look at my travel search engine. There you will regularly find holiday bargains for Honduras, according to your taste and budget. Enjoy browsing!

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