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Best travel time Argentina. When is a trip to the South American country most worthwhile? / Best Time To Visit Argentina

The months from December to March are the best time to travel to Argentina. However, since Argentina stretches 3,700 kilometers in length, this recommendation varies by region. Because there are too many climate zones in Argentina for that. That’s why it’s all the more important that you get detailed information about the weather and climate in Argentina before your trip. I have put together all the information you need to know in this article.

What is the climate of Argentina?

As just explained, Argentina is huge and there are several climate zones. These range from oceanically cool to subtropically hot and promise a lot of scenic variety. In order to be able to prepare yourself optimally for your trip, you should look at the best travel time for the respective climate zone. Argentina can be roughly divided into four climate zones, which I would like to explain to you in more detail below. Are you in?

Month Temperature (°C) Hours of sunshine Rainy days Water temperature
January 20 – 30 9 9 23
February 19 – 29 9 9 23
March 17 – 26 7 9 22
Apr 14 – 23 7 9 19
May 10 – 19 6 8 16
June 8 – 16 4 6 13
July 7 – 15 5 7 11
August 9 – 17 6 ​​8 10
September 10 – 19 6 7 11
October 13 – 23 7 10 14
November 16 – 25 8 10 18
December 18 – 28 9 9 21

Best time to visit Patagonia

In the south of Argentina lies the unique region of Patagonia. Part of the region belongs to Chile, the other part to Argentina. The Argentinian part lies in the rain shadow of the Andes, which is why the landscape in this region is quite dry. In addition, there is a constant, strong wind. Popular destinations in the region are the two national parks of Patagonia, one in Chile and the other in Argentina. Argentina’s Los Glaciares National Park amazes its visitors with three large glaciers and lots of small ones.

If you dream of seeing this unique region in the deep south of Argentina with your own eyes, you should prick up your ears now. The best travel time for Patagonia is from November to February, i.e. the summer months in the southern hemisphere of our earth. This is when the probability of great weather is highest and the sun shines the longest. However, you should not expect more than 14°C, which is why you should wrap up warm.

The best time to travel to the Valdés Peninsula

Have any of you heard of Valdés? We’re talking about the peninsula on the east coast of Argentina, directly on the South Atlantic. The island is especially popular with animal lovers and families with children. The reason for this is the countless animal species on this piece of land. Seals, sea lions, elephant seals and tons of bird species such as penguins live all year round on the Valdés peninsula.

But that’s not all: Sperm whales, humpback whales and oraks can be seen off the island’s waters. The best time to travel to the Valdés peninsula is from September to November. This is the best time to see migrating whales, penguins and other wildlife.

Best time to visit Argentina (Northern)

Let’s move on to slightly warmer climates in Argentina. The north for example. The climate there is tropical, meaning great temperatures all year round and relatively constant, high humidity. In short: it is warm and humid all year round. In the far north of the country, on the border with Brazil, there are unique sights such as the Iguazú Falls. We are talking about 250 small and larger waterfalls on a width of 2.7 kilometers.

If you don’t want to miss this natural spectacle, the best time to travel is in southern winter, i.e. from April to September. This is the best time to travel to northern Argentina. This is when it rains the least. At the same time, the temperatures are also lower. They’re between 15 and 25°C, so still super comfortable and perfect for exploring some of Argentina’s scenic highlights, don’t you think?

Best time to visit central Argentina

So, now we’ve checked out almost all regions of the country. Only the center of the country is missing. There is a Mediterranean climate, which is why the area is suitable as a wonderful wine-growing region. The temperatures are wonderfully warm all year round, so you can basically travel here all year round. However, the months of February and March have proven to be the best travel times for central Argentina. At this time you can be part of the grape harvest.

Important information about climate and weather in Argentina

When is the best time to visit Patagonia?

The best time to travel to Patagonia is from November to February.

When is the best time to visit Peninsula Valdés?

The best time to travel to Peninsula Valdés is from September to November. This is the best time to see migrating whales, penguins and other wildlife.

When is the best time to visit Northern Argentina?

The best time to travel to northern Argentina is from April to September.

When is the best time to visit Central Argentina?

The best travel time for central Argentina are the months of February and March.

Your vacation in Argentina in the best travel time

That was all the important information about the best travel time in Argentina. Now you can pack your bags like professionals, get on the next plane and explore this fascinating country. You haven’t found the right offer yet? Don’t worry, in my travel search engine you will find cheap vacation packages to Argentina, according to your taste and budget. It’s worth stopping by!

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